This Month's Picks

Door Girl (CD)

Shilpa Ray
Shilpa Ray's Door Girl is a New York punk record in the grand tradition of New York punk records. Ray's latest raucous, lively collection of songs traffics in the grit and glamour of the Velvet Underground, the raw energy of the New York Dolls, and the infectious melodies of Blondie. It's a no-holds barred, take-no-prisoners account of living in the city as a woman in these strange days. When so much punk has been toned down into melodic sing-alongs and radio-friendly teen hits, it's a blessing to have Shilpa Ray still at it, making rough-and-tumble rock 'n' roll music with fire in her heart. More
Genre: Rock

Roll With The Punches (CD)

Van Morrison
First, it has to be mentioned that Van Morrison is 72 and still cranking out albums with workhorse consistency. Roll With The Punches follows last year’s Keep Me Singing and is the 37th studio album in the legendary Irish troubadour’s career. On this love letter to the blues, Morrison blends original compositions with covers of blues classics by T-Bone Walker, Mose Allison, and Sam Cooke, among others. As can be ascertained by the choice of source material, the album is very much a homecoming, stylistically speaking. Minus the sleek production, “Transformation” would easily slot onto M oondance or Tupelo Honey . “Ordinary People” would also fit neatly within that same era…because that’s when it was written. A solid collection of tunes that fit Morrison’s voice like a glove, as well as a worthy album in an absolutely legendary career. More
Genre: Rock

(V) (CD)

The Bronx
Along with Weezer, The Bronx has got to be one of the few bands to have released at least 3 self-titled albums. For their fifth, they follow in Led Zeppelin’s footsteps and go the classic Roman numeral route. Punk rock stalwarts for years, V proves The Bronx is just as aggressive as ever with tunes like “Sore Throat,” which earns its title on a two-and-a-half minute blast of hardcore fury. However, these boys still know how to write a hook, and following in the footsteps of their previous two self-titled releases (which found the group embracing more midtempo, melodic pastures), songs like “Two Birds” exemplify The Bronx’s proficiency in creating rowdy, inebriated, and catchy rock ‘n roll in the vein of KISS or New York Dolls. Matt Caughthran screams his way through these tunes, seemingly challenging any younger punk rock upstarts to try and outdo them. Sore throat, indeed. More
Genre: Rock

The Amulet (CD)

Circa Survive
Is that emotional prog you’ve got there? Proggy-emo? On Circa Survive’s 6th studio LP, the strangled angst and boisterous volume that has been the hallmark of their sound for the past decade is mostly intact. Delayed, distorted guitars along with impassioned, wailing vocals are still at the heart of The Amulet ’s 10 tracks. However, this time around the mood is a bit more contemplative and conceptual, with softer instrumental passages and far more singing than outright screaming. The progressive rock element is heavily felt with shifting tempos, flashy guitar heroics, and songs with titles like “Premonition of the Hex,” “Rites of Investiture” or, hell, the  title track. Long a staple of the post-hardcore/emo scene along with contemporaries Thrice and Saosin, Circa Survive prove they don’t lack for ambition on a release that nudges them away from their aforementioned peers and is closer in approach to that of technical prog wizards such as Mew or Coheed and Cambria. An adventurous exercise in space age rock. More
Genre: Rock

Dead Again in Tombstone (BLU)

Danny Trejo is our current master of grindhouse, starring in another sick horror-Western hybrid that is the sequel to 2013’s Dead in Tombstone . Trejo plays a literal outlaw from hell — stay out of his way! More

Belong (CD)

San Fermin
Brooklyn-based seven-piece San Fermin’s third studio album, Belong , unfolds in warm, intoxicating textures that both contrast and intensify a sense of unrest. The album’s hypnotic sound is embodied in “No Promises,” a shimmering pop opus about the fear of disappointing those who’ve placed their trust in you. More
Genre: Rock

War Machine [OST] (CD)

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis
Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds co-member Warren Ellis score this Brad Pitt-starrer with a self-described “spiritual electronics.” It’s a statelier soundtrack than you might expect from the prince of gloom, full of wondrous and meditative pieces, though Cave and Ellis still drum up plenty of anxious dread on tracks like “Thousands of Parades, All Over America” — perfectly mirroring our current state.More
Genre: Soundtracks

Slowheart (CD)

Kip Moore
Kip Moore has hit his stride with his third studio album, Slowheart . His evolution as a songwriter, producer, and performing artists is apparent as he mixes up the country vibe with Motown and classic ‘70s rock. More
Genre: Country

The Mummy [2017] (BLU)

Tom Cruise is back in full movie star mode but with a twist, as he gets possessed by the mummy’s ghost and has a lot of fun going back and forth between good and evil. A criminally underseen blast of popcorn-movie fun!More

Megan Leavey (BLU)

The rare “based on real life events” war story that gets it right, Megan Leavey tells the true story of a U.S. Marine and her bomb-sniffing military dog who both are injured in battle. A tearjerker for sure, but also a great film. More