This Month's Picks

Mettavolution (CD)

Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Rodrigo y Gabriela's first album in five years finds the Mexican neoclassical rock guitar duo in their finest form. Fusing metal-like aggression with flamenco style romanticism, Rodrigo y Gabriela's music transcends the trappings of their genre influences to create an emotionally engaged, soaring instrumental sound, as in "Terracentric," a furiously funky journey that suddenly finds itself flying to the heavens with ethereal grace, before landing back frantically on Earth. "Cumbe" has a distinctly Latin groove that builds with intensity and psychedelic textures, while the title track, "Mettavolution," shreds with percussive leads. The highlight of the album is the duo's 19-minute cover of Pink Floyd's "Echoes," paying tribute to the psychedelic masterpiece, while still making it their own.More
Genre: World

South Of Reality (CD)

The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Les Claypool and Sean Lennon's second studio album together sounds as if they haven't missed a beat since their 2016 debut. In fact, “Cricket Chronicles Revisited” references “Cricket and The Genie” from the previous album, continuing the cautionary tale of a medicated cricket, but with added sitar suitable for the strong '60s flavor of this project. But elements of both these artists' backgrounds are present throughout and complement each other in exciting ways. The smooth and swirly “Blood and Rockets” may sound like pure, updated Beatles psychedelia, but “Toady Man's Hour” is rooted in Primus's slap-bass sound and topped with Claypool's deep, playful vocals. More
Genre: Rock

Amyl & The Sniffers (CD)

Amyl & The Sniffers
On their self-titled album, Amyl & The Sniffers come bursting out of the stereo speakers in all their blistering classic-punk-style glory. Fronted by the surely-soon-to-be-icon Amy Taylor, the Melbourne rockers have crafted a blistering, electrifying record filled with short but sweet screamers sure to scratch any punk itch. It’s raw. It’s take-no-prisoners. It makes you yearn to see the mayhem that surely occurs when Amyl & the Sniffers take the stage in some basement dive. Punk sounds as vital, as fresh, and as scarily seductive on the Amyl & the Sniffers album as it must’ve when it first lit the world on fire four decades ago. More
Genre: Rock

Gece (CD)

Altin Gün
Altin Gün are a Turkish-by-way-of-Amsterdam six piece that creates what they deem traditional folk music, but what can only truly be described as a polyrhythmic, kaleidoscopic funk-rock ritual. Belied by their relatively newness, Altin Gün sound like a band that have been playing together for years, as these songs unfold in a completely organic and intuitive way; all interlocking grooves coming together to create something utterly hypnotic. Mixing traditional Western pop/rock instrumentation such as guitars, bass, and drums (along with plenty of space-age Juno synths) with the electric saz and Turkish modes and scales, Gece is an exotic, psychedelic dance party. Inhabits the same celestial sphere as Yellow Magic Orchestra, Dungen, Flower Travelin’ Band, and Tame Impala. More
Genre: Rock, World

Burn (DVD)

Melinda (Tilda Cobham-Hervey), a lonely and unstable gas station attendant, is tired of being overshadowed by her more confident, outgoing co-worker Sheila (Suki Waterhouse). But after the gas station is held at gunpoint by Billy (Josh Hutcherson), Melinda takes the opportunity to take matters into her own hands, regardless of who gets hurt. More

Inside Man: Most Wanted (BLU)

An NYPD hostage negotiator forms an unlikely team with an FBI agent to save hostages in a skillfully orchestrated copycat crime at the Federal Reserve Bank, led by a ruthlessly cunning bank robber. With time working against them and innocent lives on the line, they must put their professional differences aside before they get trapped in a twisted web of lies. More

Yesterday (BLU)

Jack Malik was just another struggling songwriter... but that was yesterday. After a mysterious blackout, Jack (Himesh Patel) discovers he is the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles! As he rockets to fame by passing off the Fab Four's songs as his own, Jack risks losing Ellie (Lily James) – the one person who has loved him and believed in him from the start. Before the door to his old life closes forever, Jack must decide if all he needs is love, after all. Kate McKinnon and Ed Sheeran also star in this romantic rock 'n' roll comedy from Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Richard Curtis. More

Crowing Ignites (CD)

Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn returns with an intriguing collection of all new tracks on his 34th studio album, Crowing Ignites . This time, they’re all instrumental, weaving a rich tapestry of sound as Cockburn delves into folk, jazz, blues, and Celtic influences. As producer/frequent collaborator Colin Linden says, “It’s amazing how much Bruce can say without saying anything.” On Crowing Ignites , Cockburn connects to the heart of his listeners in new, surprising, and gratifying ways. This is the sort of album that makes it quite clear why Bruce Cockburn is a legend. More
Genre: Rock

Karaoke Angel (CD)

Molly Sarlé
Some albums just seem like the story behind their creation must surely be as tantalizing as the stories their songs tell. Molly Sarlé’s Karaoke Angel is one such album. The Mountain Man vocalist began working on these exquisitely observed Americana-infused slices of life in a trailer perched on a cliff in Big Sur, CA before taking the show on the road to Los Angeles, Durham, NC, and Woodstock, NY. Album opener “Human” starts the show firing on all cylinders: a gorgeous love song that manages to be wistful and joyous at the same time. The intensity doesn’t abate over the course of the record; it’ll put a smile on your face when you're not blinking away a sneaky tear. More
Genre: Rock

The Brighter The Light (CD)

The Juan MacLean
The Juan Maclean has another banger on their hands with the release of The Brighter the Light . It’s a compilation of the group’s 12” singles as you’ve never heard them before: re-edited, remastered, and ready to get the party rockin’. The tunes run the gamut from deep house to disco to freestyle, the mix blending seamlessly without skipping a beat. It’s a good reminder of the scale of the band’s talent and their staying power in the ever-evolving NYC dance scene. The perfect soundtrack to the type of night you never want to end. More