All The Good Times (CD)
Gillian Welch and David Rawlings deliver a set of impeccable covers to comfort everyone in lockdown, covering traditional folk tunes as well as songs by Bob Dylan, Norman Blake and John Prine. The duo's harmonies are the star here, but Rawlings does justice to Dylan with his reedy voice in the lead on "Señor" and "Abandoned Love." "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss" is an enjoyable classic gem, while Prine's "Hello In There" is elegantly melancholy. Then there's Johnny Cash's "Jackson" to shake things up a bit. Read more
Skeletons (CD)

Country rock duo Brothers Osborne have released their third studio album, Skeletons, named after the bluesy, boot-stomping single. That track and the lively "Dead Man's Curve" show the band leaning more heavily on the rock side this time, highlighting TJ Osborne's deep voice and John Osborne's strong lead guitar. But there is pop-country here too, co-written by genre veterans, like the Shania Twain-ready "All The Good Ones Are," and the feel-good, straight-to-the-radio tune, "I'm Not For Everyone."

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Cuttin' Grass - Vol. 1 (The Butcher Shoppe Sessions) (CD)

Sturgill Simpson's Cuttin' Grass Vol. 1 is an album of over 20 previously recorded tracks from this wild card country artist rearranged as bluegrass numbers. Performed with artists like Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan, and Tim O’Brien, these tracks from Metamodern Sounds in Country, A Sailor's Guide to Earth and more thrive in their new setting with exquisite, intricate picking, lively fiddle and lush backing vocals. The already lovely "Breakers Roar" is sped-up here without losing its sense of melancholy, and lifted into euphoric folk. "I Don't Mind," a straightforward country-rock number from Simpson's previous band Sunday Valley, is softer and sweeter here with its sorrowful fiddle, but there are plenty of danceable tracks like "Life Ain't Fair and the World is Mean." For fans of Simpson's ever-fluctuating sound as well as lovers of folk and bluegrass.

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Southern Symphony (CD)

Pop-country's Russell Dickerson delivers his sophomore release, Southern Symphony, complete with a guest appearance from Florida Georgia Line on the rollickin' party single, "It's About Time." Dickerson unabashedly embraces the standard themes of cold beers and women in his smooth, twangy voice, especially on the solid, singalong-friendly track, "Never Get Old." But there's always room for a goodhearted ballad with a little boyband flair, and "Love You Like I Used To" doesn't disappoint.

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Recollections (CD)

The legendary Wynonna Judd has recorded a stripped-down covers EP during quarantine with her husband and music partner Cactus Moser on their farm. Recollections features songs by John Prine, The Grateful Dead, Nina Simone, Slim Harpo and Fats Domino, giving fans a chance to see a playful, less polished side of the platinum-selling artist. "I Hear You Knocking," for example, shows the couple having a good time on the lively Fats number.

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