Ol' Wheeler (CD)

Are the usual heroes of outlaw country too tame for you? Want a rollickin’ dose of honky-tonk tunes that'll make you sit up and say “WTF” then spin in your seat to make sure none of your coworkers heard anything? If so, then you might be ready for Wheeler Walker Jr.’s Ol’ Wheeler. Walker Jr., (who is actually the alter ego of comedian Ben Hoffman), is a hard-livin’, skirt-chasin’, ultra vulgar and often hilarious raconteur whose songs tell tales of wild nights and wilder women. And the thing is, the music is really good. It’s a funny record, but there’s more to recommend Ol’ Wheeler than just comedy. (“Summers in Kentucky” actually borders on romantic and sort of touching…before the R-rated lyrics start interjecting themselves.) The album is definitely NSFW, but if you’re a fan of traditional country with a high threshold for crude content, you’ll find yourself reaching to turn up the volume — as long as no one easily offended is around.

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