Denim & Diamonds (CD)

One of the finest voices in modern country returns with Denim & Diamonds! Strutting her rock stuff on tracks like “First High” and the Wanda Jackson-esque foot stomper “Black Widow,” Nikki Lane has brought along a team of heavy hitters with Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) producing, and members of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Autolux lending their musical talents.

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Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute To John Anderson (CD)
Album producer Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) has assembled an all-star roster of country music stars to pay tribute to renowned singer-songwriter John Anderson. Sturgill Simpson, Eric Church, the late John Prine, and more pay homage to Anderson’s hits like “Seminole Wind” and “Straight Tequila Night.” Read more
The Man From Waco (CD)

Charley Crockett’s The Man from Waco might as well be from 1972 as 2022; that’s how deeply rooted in the timeless sounds of the genre the Texan singer is. Ahh, but what genre? The title track finds the multi-talented artist steeped in classic country that’s good enough to make even the most road-hardened cowboy cry tears of delight. On “I’m Just a Clown,” he favors Motown melodies and classic R&B rhythms to convey the down-and-out bad times of his narrator in a manner that feels oh-so-good to the listener. Recorded live-to-tape with his backing band The Blue Drifters, The Man from Waco proves Charley Crockett is one of the most fascinating artists working today.

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Paint This Town (CD)

Old Crow Medicine Show's Paint This Town celebrates the panoply of rootsy American genres, colorful history, and backwoods weirdness. The title track starts with rousing fiddle and southern-fried harmonies, setting the stage for the journey listeners are about to take. Over the course of the album, OCMS traverses the thin line between the simple joys and all-American optimism of country life and the darker undercurrents of our history as well as our present. It's a rollicking good time, filled to the rim with heart, soul, and passion. An atmospheric, ebullient must-hear.

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The Girl From Chickasaw County [Highlights] (CD)

The Girl From Chickasaw County [Highlights] is the new, more digestible version of 2018’s epic 8-disc box set documenting Bobbie Gentry’s entire Capitol Records oeuvre. These highlights do an excellent job capturing the musical magic of Gentry’s genre-spanning career. Her voice is silky smooth, languid, and evocative on the country, soul, and folk numbers. When the tracks move into psychedelic and funk territory, her voice drips with the grit and heat of the Mississippi Delta. Gentry’s obviously a legend but for many of us, she deserved a reassessment and a stunning, fresh reintroduction. The Girl from Chickasaw County [Highlights] does so with aplomb.

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