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Darkadelic (LP)

The Damned
We really have to thank these legends for so much. They were key figures in launching the punk movement (the first UK band to put out a punk single!) and then elevated the genre with their style, wit, humor, and class. While Sid was bleeding on stage, Dave Vanian was taking fashion tips from Bela Lagosi movies. In their 46+ years as a band, they've continued to release quality albums that reflect their growth and varied influences. The latest album, "Darkadelic," is well-named in that it acknowledges their ability to produce dark, gothicy punk tinged with frenetic garage rock and a sense of psychedelic fun. It was a complete honor to host them at Amoeba SF for a signing of "Darkadelic." See these guys live if you can. Read more

Project: ALF (BLU)

Yes, a Blu-ray reissue of the 1996 made-for-TV movie that picks up where the ALF series left off. Read more

The Night of the Hunter

A 4K restoration of the eerie 1955 classic. Robert Mitchum has never been creepier or more charismatic. Shelley Winters is truly a gift. "Salvation is a last-minute business, boy." Read more

Renfield (BLU)

Sometimes you just want to see something fun and sometimes you just want to see something fun in which Nicolas Cage freaking plays Dracula!!! Read more
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Baroque Hoedown (Expanded Edition) (LP)

The Three O'Clock

A great reissue of this EP that now includes extra tracks that were only on the original French release. Terrific melodic psych-pop from the originators of the Paisley Underground and a nice prelude to their "Sixteen Tambourines" LP. (Available on CD/LP/Cassette)

Read more

Infinity (Tone Poet Series) (LP)

Lee Morgan
This long out-of-print album is finally released again and given the Blue Note Tone Poet treatment - a super high quality LP issue! Lee Morgan with Jackie McLean, Larry Willis, Reggie Workman and Billy Higgins performing excellent intricate hard bop. Recommended indeed! Read more

Polarity (LP)

Hoff Ensemble
Featuring pianist Jan Gunnar Hoff, bassist Anders Jormin & drummer Audun Kleive. Accessible introspective modern trio pieces done with an ECM aesthetic and recorded in Immersive Sound for truly superb audio quality! (Available on LP or Hybrid CD/SACD + Blu-ray Audio) Read more

Deified (Other)

National Brass Ensemble / Eun
A top brass ensemble featuring some of the finest U.S. orchestral brass players performing compositions by Richard Wagner, R. Strauss, Arturo Sandoval and San Franciscan Jonathan Bingham. A wonderful showcase for brass music lovers! (Available on Hybrid CD/SACD) Read more
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Dust Harvester

Eleki Bushi 1966-74 (LP)

Takeshi Terauchi
Must have era for Japanese Guitar. Surf Rock mixed with traditional Japanese folk melodies and the distinct element of pentatonic scales. Solid Far-out (east) jams. Read more

Since Time is Gravity (LP)

Natural Information Society
Spiritual jazz ensemble. Heavy influence of Gnawan music and traditional North African Sufism. At it's heart is the guembri leading the group through looping-patterns and rhythmic cycles creating an almost trance-like state. Read more

The Rubaiyat Of (LP)

Dorothy Ashby
This LP has always been hard to find in the wild, get it while it's in print! Jazz harp melodies, Asian and Latin influences. Her mastery of the harp and exploration of diverse genres are endlessly rewarding. Read more

Muslim Highlife (LP)

Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Luaka Bop somehow puts together collections by artists like no one else. This, as the title suggests, is a unique blend of Nigerian Highlife and Muslim spiritual devotion. A distinct style that grows on you especially with the longer pieces. Read more

Journey to the Moon and Beyond (LP)

Mort Garson
Some more unearthed Mort moog. The otherworldly tones and timbres of pure moog. Unlike most moog used in the 60's and 70's, Mort is not re-imagining classical compositions or adding psychedelic flourishes. Just playful, creative easy-listening ear adventures. Read more
Amoeba San Francisco

Melusine (LP)

Cecile McLorin Savant
A recital of songs, sung mostly in French, in a variety of settings, for basking in wonderment. Read more

Seven Psalms (CD)

Paul Simon

The Sound of Listening (LP)

Mark Guiliana
Great playing, surprisingly intriguing writing. Guiliana plainly has a lot of musical ideas he wants to flesh out. Read more

Quantum Criminals: Ramblers, Wild Gamblers, and Other Sole Survivors from the Songs of Steely Dan (Book)

Alex Pappademas/Joan LeMay
There are books that can tell you what Steely Dan did; this is the first book to tell you what Steely Dan means. It talks about the Giant Girlfriend and "The Second Arrangement" and the crucial role Walter Becker played as Donald Fagen's songwriting partner. Joan LeMay's paintings shed a light on what a squonk's tears could look like, and Alex Pappademas leaves no stone unturned as he explores their working methods and unique worldview. It's all conjecture and supposition, given that Becker and Fagen were loathe to explain themselves, but most of the analysis seems spot on to me. If you've ever caught yourself humming a Steely Dan tune and wondered what the hell you were singing about, wonder no more. Read more

The Winds of Change (CD)

Billy Childs

The Glass Hours (Other)

Linda May Han Oh
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Good Living Is Coming For You (LP)

Sweeping Promises
No-fi 80's punk for the modern era with vocals that sound like Kate Pierson singing from the beyond. Read more