This Month's Picks

Exister (CD)

The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon never shies away from the darkness but on his latest, Exister , Luis Vasquez lets in a bit of the light. The album is still packed with the intense, edge-of-control industrial numbers fans expect, but amongst the lowest of the lows, this time Vasquez also give us a glimpse of some of the highs. It’s the agony and ecstasy of the human experience, portrayed by driving guitars, brutal percussion, and haunted vocals. The sounds spreads out at times, moving into ambient and metal dimensions, even as the compass points back to relentless gothic stomp of The Soft Moon’s signature sound. Exister hits all the right notes while taking Vasquez’s artistry into evolutionary new directions. More
Genre: Rock

The Cage EP (CD)

Billy Idol
The legendary Billy Idol comes barreling back onto centerstage with his fired up new 4-song EP, The Cage . There’s plenty of punk energy and ‘80s arena rock bombast over the course of this short-but-sweet collection of songs dedicated to lives spent on the edge. The title track has an infectious, sing-a-long chorus that makes it the ideal anthem for anyone who’s feeling a little worse for the wear, but ready to break through and break free. It’s a fine introduction to an album that feels like a true force of nature, animated by Idol’s impressive ability to craft tracks that gleefully play with the boundaries of the underground and the big-time. More
Genre: Rock

Vengeance (BLU)

A radio host from New York City attempts to solve the murder of a girl he hooked up with and travels down South to investigate the circumstances of her death. More

Do You Need A Release? (CD)

De Lux
The post-disco electronic grooves of LA’s De Lux would be fitting on the dance floor of a nightclub or in an ‘80s crime thriller. This is no retro rehash - the duo of Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco have taken those elements of the past, woven in complex melodies and vocal harmonies and stylishly reassembled it into a new New Wave of contemporary music. More

Their Satanic Majesties Request [180 Gram Vinyl] (LP)

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones celebrate their 1967 psychedelic rock classic with a 180 gram vinyl reissue! This is the Stones at their experimental weirdest, dabbling with a variety of styles and sounds before stripping things back down for Beggar’s Banquet . Freshly remastered by Bob Ludwig, songs like “2000 Man” and “She’s A Rainbow” have never sounded better. More
Genre: Rock

Weather Alive (CD)

Beth Orton
UK singer-songwriter Beth Orton 8th album is the self-produced, home-recorded Weather Alive . The hauntingly restrained vocals of Orton resonate throughout, pulling the listener into an intimately close embrace, while melding Nick Cave darkness with Portishead trip-hoppiness. More
Genre: Rock

Denim & Diamonds (CD)

Nikki Lane
One of the finest voices in modern country returns with Denim & Diamonds ! Strutting her rock stuff on tracks like “First High” and the Wanda Jackson-esque foot stomper “Black Widow,” Nikki Lane has brought along a team of heavy hitters with Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) producing, and members of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Autolux lending their musical talents. More
Genre: Country

The 4th Album '2 Baddies' [Photobook Version] (CD)

NCT 127
K-Pop sensations NCT 127 are back with their fourth album 2 Baddies ! From synthpop to hip-hop with a heavy dose of dance and R&B, the South Korean crew revels in coloring outside the sonic lines. Featuring the smash hit title track “2 Baddies,” and other body-movers like “Tasty” and “LOL (Laugh Out Loud).” More
Genre: World

Solidaritine (CD)

Gogol Bordello
Gogol Bordello’s Solidaritine showcases the band at their genre-crossing best. Whether they’re importing ska rhythms on “Focus Coin” or fusing folkloric fiddle with gritty punk rock “Forces of Victory,” the band creates effective odes to human survival and possibility. It’s an album informed by frontman Eugene Hut’s background as a native Ukrainian, and with award-winning Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan and electro-folk band Kazka appearing on the aforementioned new version of “Forces,” the war the European nation found itself in earlier this year is never far from mind. Produced by Walter Schreifels (Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits) and with another awe-inspiring guest appearance from H.R. of Bad Brains, this is one of Gogol Bordello’s most raucous, righteous albums in years. More
Genre: Rock

Wilderness Of Mirrors (CD)

The Black Angels
Perpetual psych rock favorites The Black Angels deliver a deliciously hypnotic new album in the form of Wilderness of Mirrors . “Without a Trace” opens the album with a primal, darkly discordant mood that sets the overall tone effectively. “Empires Falling” is your go-to for mesmerizing percussion, gritty guitars, and fuzzed out melodies. “Firefly” starts off as a low-key groove before turning into a masochistic ode to romance, with entrancing female vocals. Wilderness of Mirrors  feels innovative and intoxicating in all the best ways. More
Genre: Rock