This Month's Picks

Something To Look Forward To (CD)

John P. Strohm
Something To Look Forward To , the latest album from Blake Babies founding member John P. Strohm, is a beatific tribute to musician, collaborator, and friend Ed Ackerson. Expounding upon the music and ideas they had begun together before Ackerson tragically succumbed to pancreatic cancer, Strohm has forged an uplifting, heartfelt musical memorial to an esteemed friend. More
Genre: Rock

Empire Electric (CD)

No-No Boy
In an exploration of his Vietnamese heritage, No-No Boy – the alias of Julian Saporiti of The Young Republic – paints a musically diverse and vivid portrait of family struggles, identity, and spirituality on Empire Electric . Confronting deeply personal issues like generational trauma in the fallout of the Vietnam war, the gentle, introspective folk is balanced with the interspersing of field recordings, a variety of instrumentation, and exquisite harmonies with Saporiti's wife and co-producer, Emilia. More
Genre: Folk

Switched-On (LP)

Pachyman's Switched-On feels like a lost classic. This is no obscure collectors' delight, however: LA's Pachy Garcia pays homage to reggae, Boricua, and woozy dub on this record, emblazoning the tracks with his own contemporary, urgent feel. "Sale el Sol" is dreamy and languid. "Goldline" has the feel of '70s future-pop. "Trago Conqueto," with its sharp yet shuffling rhythms exerts a strong, beckoning call. Switched-On is atmospheric, exciting, and just straight up awesome. Don't sleep on Pachyman's latest! More
Genre: Reggae

Yard (CD)

Slow Pulp
Slow Pulp's Yard hits hard. Jam-packed with excellent grunge and punk-influenced indie rock tracks, the songs are sweetly melancholic and totally addictive. "Doubt" displays the band's pop sensibilities, with a '90s alterna vibe and an irresistible earworm chorus. "Slugs" is a slow burn, simmering with repressed feelings and scorching riffs. "Broadview" brings in the country twang and the blues guitar to create a yearning melody for vocalist Emily Massey's voice to float wispily and wearily over. Yard is the real deal...and it just might become one of your favorites this year. More
Genre: Rock

falling or flying (CD)

Jorja Smith
British singer-songwriter Jorja Smith's falling or flying is a smooth, seductive, triumphant sophomore album that fuses R&B, house, jazz, and soul. The lyrical concerns are relationships: with yourself, with your friends, with your love interest. The title track is a languid, late night love ballad. "Little Things" amps things up, with a funky electronic rhythm that'll compel you to the dancefloor. "Try Me" is a grooved out, percussive stomper that gradually builds to a haunting, soulful chorus. falling or flying is exceptional and irresistible. More
Genre: Soul

Sit Down For Dinner (CD)

Blonde Redhead
After nine years away, Blonde Redhead are back with the lovely and moving Sit Down for Dinner . The songs are understated yet effective, tales of loss and rediscovery, breakdowns and perseverance. The titular two parter finds power in the quiet, with a gentle emotional crescendo that builds with such sweet melancholy it'll hook its way into your heart. "Snowman" opens the album with a bristling tension that feels magnetic. "Before" is beseeching and bittersweet, the type of Blonde Redhead track that'll lodge in your psyche. A beautiful, entrancing album. More
Genre: Rock

Southeastern [10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (CD)

Jason Isbell
Ten years ago, Jason Isbell released the timeless and twangy Southeastern album. Restlessness and longing serve as the beating heart of these tracks, with numbers like "Traveling Alone," "Stockholm," and "Cover Me Up" seemingly soundtracking all the different twists and turns a love affair can take. Isbell's voice is inviting and authentic, with a bit of grit beneath the warmth of his melodies: these songs feel just as incredible as they did a decade ago. This special tenth anniversary edition of Southeastern is a celebration of a now iconic alt-country album and a reminder of the power of Isbell's songwriting. More
Genre: Rock

Love Lines (CD)

The extraordinary vocals singer-songwriter LP takes their multi-faceted uplifting power pop to new heights on Love Lines . Like the deft hand of a fusion chef, LP fuses the flavors of electronic, folk, classical, and more into a wonderfully unique musical feast. More
Genre: Rock

The Sinner Rides Again (CD)

KK's Priest
Founding Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing returns with his band KK’s Priest for their second outing, The Sinner Rides Again . With fellow ex-Priest members Les Binks on drums and Tim “Ripper” Owens on vocals, KK is tapping the vein of Painkiller -era Priest and unleashing his own brand of hard-hitting heavy metal. More
Genre: Rock

Daydreamer (CD)

Molly Burch
For her fifth album, Daydreamer , singer Molly Burch returned to the city of origin, Los Angeles, to create an intensely personal selection of songs. The singer delved into her teenage journals after a visit home, inspiring the emotional outpouring on the new album. Burch pulls back the curtain of her life and bares her soul on songs dealing with topics like friendship, body issues, love, and death. More
Genre: Rock

Silver (CD)

Say She She
The spirit of the disco era is alive and well in the talented hands of Say She She, a powerhouse trio by way of NY, DC and London. Fans of Gorgio Moroder, Grace Jones, and ESG will rejoice in the insanely funky grooves and sublime vocals, and the phenomenal analog direct-to-tape production make Silver a can’t-miss. More
Genre: Soul

Southern Star (CD)

Brent Cobb
Georgia-bred songwriter Brent Cobb returns with his sixth album, Southern Star . Staying closer to home, Cobb recorded the album at the infamous home of the Allman Brothers, Capricorn Studios. Cobb’s charming brand of laid-back country is perfect for a warm Second Summer afternoon. More
Genre: Country

Toward A Never Ending New Beginning (CD)

Yoke Lore
Adrian Galvin, formerly of the pop group Walk the Moon, makes his solo debut with a sublime new album, Toward A Never Ending New Beginning . Performing under the moniker Yoke Lore, Galvin has crafted a vibrant, uplifting work of passionate power pop, and songs like “Hallucinate” and “Holy Havoc” oscillate between high-energy bangers and lofi mood setters. More
Genre: Rock

Will Butler + Sister Squares (CD)

Will Butler
Stepping out with his new band, Sister Squares, former Arcade Fire member Will Butler has crafted a high-energy slice of synthpop on their self-titled debut. Keeping things in the family, half of the Sister Squares are Butler’s wife Jenny Shore and her sister Julie. Lavish production, sincere emotion, and electrifying grooves make this one a can’t-miss. More
Genre: Rock

Last Splash [30th Anniversary] (LP)

The Breeders
Celebrate three decades of the Deal sisters’ alternative classic with the 30th Anniversary of Last Splash ! Remastered from the newly discovered original analog masters, hear this album like never before, along with a bonus LP with unreleased tracks and etching on side B. More
Genre: Rock

Nothing Lasts Forever (CD)

Teenage Fanclub
Scottish alt-rockers Teenage Fanclub have returned with their 12th studio album, Nothing Lasts Forever. Walking a unique path somewhere in between the poppy folk of America and the cosmic country rock of the Byrds, Nothing Lasts Forever is replete with lush harmonies, psychedelic guitar solos, and good vibes through and through. More
Genre: Rock

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (BLU)

DreamWorks Animation's heartfelt comedy about a shy teenager named Ruby who discovers that she is a direct descendant of the warrior Kraken queens and is destined to inherit the throne from her grandmother (Jane Fonda). Learning to be an all-powerful sea creature while hiding among humans is hard enough for Ruby, but then she finds out that her new best friend Chelsea (Annie Murphy) is secretly a mermaid! Mermaids have been battling the krakens for eons over oceanic rule. Ruby will ultimately need to embrace who she is to protect those she loves most. More

Air (BLU)

Directed by Ben Affleck, AIR tells the story of how sneaker salesman Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) led Nike in its pursuit of a then-undiscovered Michael Jordan (Damian Young), and how the game-changing partnership revolutionized the world of sports and culture with the Air Jordan brand. Also stars Affleck, Jason Bateman, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker, and Viola Davis. More

Tension [Deluxe Edition] (CD)

Kylie Minogue
There's no stopping Kylie Minogue. Her sixteenth studio album, Tension , is jam-packed with irresistible dancefloor fillers. These glossy bops pull in elements of disco, funk, electropop, house, and synthpop; the lyrics are sexy, sing-a-long-ready, and just fun as hell. If you needed to soundtrack the best night of your life, you couldn't do better than Tension . Intoxicating and euphoric, these technicolor tracks prove why Kylie's still at the top of her game. More
Genre: Rock

Palms [10th Anniversary Pink Glass Vinyl] (LP)

Ten years after the original release of Palms' self-titled debut, the band sounds as hard-hitting as it did back in 2013. Featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones/Crosses plus members of the band Isis, Palms is moody magic, an emotionally devastating, cathartic, and deeply moving LP. On this special 10th anniversary edition, you'll get two previously unreleased tracks that bookend the original six songs: the aptly named "Opening Titles" and "End Credits" are haunting and harrowing and make this new edition essential for fans. Yep, they're that good. More
Genre: Rock