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War Machine [OST] (CD)

Warren Ellis

Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds co-member Warren Ellis score this Brad Pitt-starrer with a self-described “spiritual electronics.” It’s a statelier soundtrack than you might expect from the prince of gloom, full of wondrous and meditative pieces, though Cave and Ellis still drum up plenty of anxious dread on tracks like “Thousands of Parades, All Over America” — perfectly mirroring our current state.

Age Of (CD)

Oneohtrix Point Never

It was only a matter of time before Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never decided to make his byzantine compositions into tightly honed electro-soul nuggets. Though he has consistently pushed the envelope in terms of how music can be experienced — and still does so on Age Of — this is the first time Lopatin has created some of his music with widespread listenability in mind. The autotuned vocals on smooth tracks like “Babylon” and “Black Snow” make them palpable for fans of Frank Ocean and James Blake, even while trouble burbles beneath the surface, in the form of disintegrating harpsichords, sudden flutes, and digital noise. “The Station” fuses a mechanical guitar riff to digitized vocals in a thoughtful way that makes the track feel like a robot gaining sentience, akin to one of Daft Punk’s more cerebral tracks. Other tracks are less friendly, like “We’ll Take It,” piecing together sped-up samples, foreboding synths, and clanging beats that fire with the intensity and precision of assembly-line machinery. While by no means an easy listen, Age Of ’s vague sense of New Age utopia keeps things in line and unified. It’s like a soundtrack to the future, both beautiful and terrifying.

War Machine [OST] (CD)

Nick Cave

Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds co-member Warren Ellis score this Brad Pitt-starrer with a self-described “spiritual electronics.” It’s a statelier soundtrack than you might expect from the prince of gloom, full of wondrous and meditative pieces, though Cave and Ellis still drum up plenty of anxious dread on tracks like “Thousands of Parades, All Over America” — perfectly mirroring our current state.

Tomorrow's Daughter (CD)

Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet’s latest, Tomorrow’s Daughter , came from the same fruitful sessions that yielded last year’s excellent Tomorrow Forever . Opener “I Belong to You” sets the tone for the album; it’s upbeat, jangly, and pure, unadulterated power pop. Of course, the course of true love never did run smooth. Thus, a strain of melancholy does run through this jubilant, thoroughly enjoyable album, one of Sweet’s most well-rounded, finely tailored releases. You want love songs, you’ve come to the right place!

Resistance Is Futile (CD)

Manic Street Preachers

From the title Resistance Is Futile to their cover art based on a photograph by Franz von Stillfried-Ratenicz titled “Samurai Warrior 1881,” Manic Street Preachers have a lot to say on their thirteenth album. This is an album about not giving up, about persevering in the face of trials, and the band’s sound echoes that, crescendoing in big, bold, arena rock ready choruses. In fact, the songs on Resistance Is Futile seem tailor-made to be sung by large groups, down at the pub, in the cheap seats at the stadium, anywhere people come together to fight for a better future. Sometimes melancholy but usually buoyantly hopeful, on their latest LP, the beloved Welsh rockers have served up anthems aplenty for our trying times.

Please Don't Be Dead (CD)

Fantastic Negrito

Lots of music — generic, radio-sanitized, dull — gets too generously called “soul.” On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Fantastic Negrito’s Please Don’t Let Me Be Dead . Now this is soul: urgent, passionate, feverish, intoxicatingly good ol’ fashioned message-driven, possessed-by-a-higher-power soul. The Grammy-winning artist takes on despair-inducing themes like addiction, gun violence, and censorship and spits out a vibrant plea to take on our cultural challenges together, to join hands and work towards change. It’s a forceful, astonishing rallying cry.

Living Proof (CD)

State Champs

State Champs have what might be the most pop-punk band name of all time, fitting with the genre’s winking obsession with high school athletics and sports. Fortunately, they live up to it, as they display full command of the cathartic, sugar-rush ecstasy that makes pop-punk so uniquely addictive. Living Proof is full of shout-along choruses and arena rockin’ guitar heroics; a giant high five of a record. Listening to this record should entice you to grab some Vans slip-ons, flip up your hat brim, and do a backflip off of the stage. State Champs have earned it.

Scout (CD)


Calpurnia’s Scout LP is jam-packed with classic California garage rock tunes, six tightly-crafted songs bathed in nostalgia and coastal sunshine. The band also happens to feature Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard as frontman. Wolfhard may be young, but he certainly knows his stuff, creating smart, catchy indie tracks that would fit in well amongst the Diiv, Real Estate, and Mac DeMarco on your record shelf. Produced by Cadien Lake James of indie fellow travelers Twin Peaks, standout tracks include the melancholy “Greyhound,” instant ear worm “City Boy,” and dreamy “Louie.”

Bon Voyage (CD)

Melody's Echo Chamber

After a six year hiatus, Melody’s Echo Chamber returns with the lovely Bon Voyage . Clocking in at a tantalizingly brief thirty-three minutes that’ll have fans immediately hitting the “repeat” button, the tracks are lush, layered, and hypnotic, occasionally melancholy, sometimes strange. The production of the album was a collaborative effort between some of the most cosmically-inclined, genre-bending indie artists working today; members of Pond and Dungen join songstress Melody Prochet in piloting this spaceship. Bon Voyage is a dream you won’t want to end.

Soul Side Of Town (CD)

Tower Of Power

Perennial Oakland horn section/funk collective Tower of Power celebrates their 50th anniversary the only way they know how: with an epic, all night long rhythm & soul blowout. In production since 2012, the songs that comprise Soul Side of Town were pulled from four separate sessions in order to “make the best record of (their) career.” Whether or not it hits that lofty goal is up for debate, but rest assured that Soul Side is a worthy entry in ToP’s storied career and epitomizes the energetic, upbeat funk that they do best.

Lost & Found (CD)

Jorja Smith

Lost & Found is the debut album by silky-voiced UK singer Jorja Smith, previously heard on the Black Panther soundtrack and on Stormzy and Drake collaborations. The album features well-produced R&B/soul tracks with distinctive lyrics and traces of trip-hop in their skittering beats. “February 3rd” has a pretty melody with a slinky groove, while “Blue Lights” addresses racial profiling by the police with a lilting vocal and an affecting chorus. “Where Did I Go” is another highlight, laidback but danceable with a sleepy melody.

No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds (CD)

The Orb

Pioneering English outfit The Orb return with the eclectic, exciting No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds , a fitting title for this joyfully genre-bending album. “Rush Hill Road” is an instant classic, featuring the vocal talents of Hollie Cook while “Wolfbane" is soulful and sultry. Also along for the ride: Jah Wobble, Youth, Guy Pratt, Gaudi, and Roger Eno. These tracks were meant to be turned up loud and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see these songs in their proper context: at a summer music festival somewhere in the British countryside, the audience with their hands in the air, singing along to every word, loving life.

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