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Life In Your Glass World (CD)


Citizen's new album, Life In Your Glass World , is energetic indie rock interspered with elements of both pop/rock and their early emo/post-hardcore style. Double kick pedal and driving rhythms go hand-in-hand with dance-y guitar lines and soaring vocals. The strong single "I Want to Kill You" is an example of this composite sound on its poppier side - despite a subtle, angsty scream in the chorus - while "Black and Red" shows off the edgier spectrum, with a guitar riff that sounds like The Hives.

Smith/Kotzen (CD)


Two guitar heroes, Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr. Big), have teamed up for a new project. Smith/Kotzen blends classic rock, blues and '90s alternative - especially since Kotzen's vocals sometimes sound like Chris Cornell's - with melodic hooks and guitar solos. The two artists trade off vocals as effectively as they jam together on guitar. "Taking My Chances" and "Scars" are solid grunge-inspired tracks, but "Running" doubles down on the subtle catchiness of the former and adds an anthemic '80s vibe. Elsewhere "Solar Fire," featuring Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain on drums, digs into '70s rock and "Glory Road" revels in the blues.

Shore (CD)

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes' new album offers gentle indie rock with soaring melodies like "Can I Believe You," as well as quiet folk tunes like "Wading in Waist-High Water." Overall, the arrangements on Shore are intricate and cinematic. "Jara" is rhythmic and engaging with a lovely, jangling energy; "Featherweight" offers a darker melody and steady strumming. Then there is the dynamic, epic track "Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman," which calls to mind Illinois -era Sufjan Stevens.

The American Negro (CD)

Adrian Younge

Producer Adrian Younge has released a timely multimedia project consisting of a short film, podcast and the album The American Negro . The latter is ambitious and fiercely intelligent, pairing intense spoken word with chorused vocals to address racism in America. Younge performed all the instruments and vocals himself, except for the orchestra/chorus, and the music is exuberant soul and jazz with a vintage flair. Both "Revolutionize" and the title track feature syncopated, mesmerizing beats with solid bass grooves and soaring strings and voices.

Roped In (LP)

North Americans

Roped In is an atmospheric, intimate, and often spare album anchored by Patrick McDermott’s intricate guitar and the haunting pedal steel work of Barry Walker. Harpist Mary Lattimore and guitarist William Tyler also make delicate appearances throughout. Across the album’s nine tracks, McDermott and Walker use simplicity and the directness of communicating emotions through music as both a jumping off point and a parameter. It’s about the clarity that can come from quiet moments, and how those moments are worth sticking with for as long as we possibly can.

Believer (CD)


Norwegian electronic duo Smerz follow up two EPs with their full-length debut Believer . The album is eclectic and absorbing, centered around their soft, intense vocals. There are some style similarities to The Knife and Fever Ray, the latter especially in the murky, repetitive title track. Songs like "The favourite" are unexpectedly elegant and orchestral, while "I don't talk about that much" is swirling and intricate techno. The instrumental closing track, "Hva hvis" feels like one long, haunting exhalation, from somewhere out in the elements.

Amperland, NY (CD)


Pinegrove's new album features reimagined versions of tracks from over the band's career -- a treat to their longtime fans. It's also the soundtrack to a film by the band about their home in upstate New York, affectionately dubbed Amperland. The 20+ tracklist is a deep dive into the band's wistfully angsty sound, expressed through indie rock and emo guitar, with alt-country banjos and pedal steel. There are swelling melodies and strong dynamics to spare, drenched in a dreamy atmosphere. Opening track "Moment" encapsulates the overall feel for new fans -- shimmering, propulsive and dramatic.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The inimitable GYBE returns with another soundtrack for our times. As the heretical anarcho-punk spirit of the title implies, Godspeed harnesses some particularly raw power, spittle and grit across two riveting 20-minute side-length trajectories of noise-drenched widescreen post-rock: inexorable chug blossoms into blown-out twang, as some of the band’s most soaring, searing melodies ricochet and converge amidst violin and bassline counterpoint. Field recordings and roiling semi-improvised passages frame these fervent epics, and two shorter self-contained 6-minute pieces find the band at its most devastatingly beautiful, haunting and elegiac. Poignant atmospherics, noise-drenched orchestration, drone, hypnotic swingtime crescendos, inexorably-layered towers of distorted clarion sound: STATE’S END encapsulates every beloved facet of the band. Twenty-five years on, this new album is as vital, stirring, timely and implacable as any in Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s storied discography. Recorded and mixed by Jace Lasek, the veteran award-winning indie producer (and co-founder of The Besnard Lakes) who works with Godspeed for the first time on this recording.

120,000 Stories (CD)

Nobuko Miyamoto

Nobuko Miyamoto, singer/songwriter, theatre actress and activist, releases her first new album since 1997, 120,000 Stories . In addition to new songs, the album includes reimagined versions of older ones and tracks from her 1973 debut with Chris Kando Iijima and William “Charlie” Chin, A Grain of Sand: Music for the Struggle by Asians in America . Songs like the folky "Not Yo' Butterfly" - which shares a name with her upcoming memoir - directly address exoticism and sexism in punchy, singsong vocals. "What Time is It On the Clock of the World" is more theatrical and features some bluesy harmonica, but it's just as up front about its message: the dangers of climate change. There's no doubt that Miyamoto's activist spirit remains earnest and strong.

1975 (CD)

No-No Boy

1975 is songwriter/scholar Julian Saporiti's new album for his multi-media No-No Boy project. Saporiti tackles the complex issues of immigration and the Asian American experience with impeccably arranged folk/rock songs that include clips from field recordings. "Imperial Twist" leans toward garage rock with lyrics about rock n' roll and the Vietnam war, while "The Best God Damn Band in Wyoming" is a freewheeling folk tune about "a bunch of 'Japs' playing jazz." The elegant "Close Your Eyes and Dream of Flowers," with its delicate percussion and warm cello, talks about people stuck waiting at the Mexican/U.S. border. This is a strong set for fans of both indie rock and American history.

Clouds (The Mixtape) (CD)


Rapper NF follows up October 2020's emotional single "CHASING_(DEMO)" with CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) , featuring guest turns from Hopsin and Tech N9ne. The slow-building title track's lyrics reflect a highly relatable frustration with the pandemic: "Hanging onto songs this long is daunting...You doing all right? / Your year really sucked / Yeah that's what I figured." Wryly introspective, rapid-fire lyrics - deliberately void of expletives - are accompanied here by restrained beats and dramatic pulses of synths or strings. CLOUDS is a strong set of tightly constructed, accessible rap with a pop flair.

Lost Themes III: Alive After Death (CD)

John Carpenter

Created with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, John Carpenter's Lost Themes III: Alive After Death is his first album of non-soundtrack music in nearly five years. The 2016 release of  Lost Themes II was a comeback for the beloved director/composer, but since then he scored the acclaimed 2018 version of Halloween and has continued to delight music lovers and movie fans with his creepy, ominous, synth-heavy creations à la "Alive After Death." But these tracks conjure dramatic movie scenes as well as that kind of sinister crawl: "Weeping Ghost," for example, has an exciting forward motion to it and "Skeleton" is pulsing and dynamic.

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