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A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg (CD)

Various Artists

The late folk/rock songwriter Dan Fogelberg gets a loving tribute album with contributions from artists like The Eagles, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett and Train. A project that was long in the making, A Tribute to Dan Fogelberg includes as highlights, "Longer," a duet by Vince Gill and Amy Grant, and "Nether Lands" by Donna Summer. The Zac Brown Band also excels with a live version of “Leader of the Band.”

Soul Of A Woman (CD)

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Sharon Jones' final album is lush, vibrant, and very alive — a lasting monument to the singer and her amazing career. Flying high on classic soul and powerful gospel vibes, Soul of a Woman practically bursts with hope, joy, and love. Destined to be a classic, this album shows us exactly how much we’ve lost with the passing of the incredible Ms. Jones. She truly was the real deal and this album proves it.


St. Vincent

Masseduction is endlessly fascinating, a dark gem of an album with neon-streaked pop tendencies. The melodies are gorgeous and polished, while Annie Clark’s lyrics are bold and biting. Clark takes us on a journey through the glittering world of the coasts, trafficking in tales of high rollers and fame hounds, showcasing the moments of pleasure and the dark nights of the soul. An intelligent, sneakily upbeat collection of songs from an artist who proves herself once again to be one of our finest chroniclers of romance and despair.

Native Invader (CD)

Tori Amos

Tori Amos is in fine form on Native Invader , a cohesive, darkly dreamy vision of our current political and environmental turmoil. Passionate, lush, and alive, this collection of songs is both urgent and reassuring. Amos’ voice seems to whisper in the listener’s ear, “I know what you’re feeling. I understand.” The world may be a frightening place, Native Invader seems to say, but there’s beauty in the darkness, if you can find it, and hope, if you keep fighting.

Unleash The Love (CD)

Mike Love

At 76 years old, Mike Love shows no signs of slowing down. Unleash the Love , surprisingly only his second ever solo release, just so happens to be a double LP, which means 12 reworked Beach Boys classics along with 13 brand new songs. Good vibrations abound on this sprawling collection, from the gospel-tinged title track to the George Harrison buddy film that is “Pisces Brothers.” Steely Dan gets environmentally conscious on Love’s “10,000 Years Ago,” while the '70s soft rock of “All the Love in Paris” might boast the best melodies of the whole album. Love’s nasally, boyish voice is scarily intact; if not for the modern production, these songs could date from practically any era of the Beach Boys timeline. Also featuring contributions from AJR, Mark McGrath, and the seventh most important Beach Boy on drums: John Stamos! A triumphant latter-day release from the former Beach Boy that boasts a whole lotta love, to be sure.

Southern Gothic (CD)

Dan Tyminski

Tymenski’s Southern Gothic doesn’t sound like it should work but it does and it does so in spades. The Vermont-born artist combines indie electronica with Americana melodies and (of course) Southern Gothic themes, weaving a world that feels closer than ever and as strange as it has always been. You won’t hear anything else like this…but you’ll definitely want to. One of the most intriguing, atmospheric records of the year.

Who Built The Moon? (CD)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher probably generates more buzz with his weird quotes and rivalry with Oasis bandmate and brother, Liam Gallagher, than he does for his music. (He recently combined both of these things by referring to his brother as the "village idiot" in the press.) But his latest album, Who Built The Moon , is intriguing in that it's more of a post-modern take on The Beatles, rather than blatantly soaked in their influence like Oasis (don't tell him that). This one mines Phil Spector's lavish productions on albums like George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and John Lennon's Imagine , where pop songs and ballads are transformed into miniature symphonies with his famous "wall of sound." Instead of creating a barrage of sounds, however, Who Built The Moon relies on heavy drums and horns to make these songs really sound big. From the moment the hard psych groove of opening track "Fort Knox" starts to melt your brain, you'll be won over. It's a total trip, complete with banging drums, spinning voices, alarm clocks and some genuine craziness. The following track, "Holy Mountain," represents the rest of the album's direction - instantly catchy, with blaring sax and sardonic lyrics. It feels more seventies that sixties with its pure power-pop energy. This may easily be Noel Gallagher's best album since his time in Oasis, as he crafts a beautifully weird pop album that totally stands out in 2017.

Lovely Creatures: The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1984-2014) (LP)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Lovely Creatures does the seemingly impossible: distilling Nick Cave’s three-decades-long solo career into a representative, moving “best of” collection. Covering territory from the early ‘80s to 2013’s Push the Sky Away , the collection showcases Cave’s constant evolution as an artist and proves exactly why he is a legend. What’s great about Lovely Creatures is that it works for longtime die-hard fans as well as those who may be looking for an introduction to his oeuvre. Depending on which version you pick up, not only will you find the expected excellent songwriting, but also some very cool bonus material in the form of a hardcover book filled with essays and personal photos, plus a DVD with live performances, interviews, and rare footage. A fitting tribute to one of the most pioneering, distinctive artists of our time.

Utopia (CD)


Bjork’s latest, Utopia , is the logical follow-up to her previous work on Vulnicura , another collaboration with producer Arca. This ethereal, abstract, intriguing album was written to (not surprisingly) explore the concept of utopias, but also to process the current political, environmental, and personal challenges the singer was facing. There’s an airiness to the album’s heady, otherworldly tracks, an interesting effect conjured up by the incorporation of a 12-piece Icelandic flute section into the melodies. Utopia is Bjork at her best: boundary-pushing, challenging, and emotionally connected.

Colors (CD)


Much has been made of Beck’s Grammy win for Album of the Year with 2014’s Morning Phase , his downcast collection of folk-rock slow burners and spiritual successor to Sea Change . Yes, it can be agreed upon that the award seemed ludicrously overdue for one of the most creative and influential forces in all of pop music from the '90s onward. But did that album truly merit the distinction, over Beyonce no less? Did Kanye West have a point after all? Do you even care about the Grammys? Beck is nothing if not consistently (re)inventive, and true to chameleonic form, abandons both the style and substance of that wildly successful album completely. You won’t find any ruminative folk dirges or melancholy Americana here. With a sound that matches its title, Colors is a collection largely made up of upbeat, party-minded pop music, produced with a 21st century sheen that would easily slot any of these tunes between radio favorites such as Maroon 5 or Foals. Even the song titles reflect Beck’s unselfconscious sense of jubilance: “Up All Night,” “I’m So Free,” and, quite simply, “Wow.” Yet this isn’t some spur of the moment sugar rush by the 47-year old songwriter. Colors has been gestating for quite some time now, with sessions beginning as far back as 2013; lead-off single “Dreams” was released in June of 2015, just a few months removed from that would-be contentious Grammy win. “Dreams” serves as the album’s clearest sense of purpose, with sharp electric guitar stabs, a propulsive dance beat, and an almost millennial whoop-y wordless refrain. Beck glides between his natural register and capable falsetto over an unabashedly crowd-pleasing melody, yet at five minutes long, incorporates plenty of sonic quirks and studio wizardry into the mix. The neon dance floor-ready exuberance hinted at here is increased on “Up All Night,” elsewhere the Beatles-by-Britpop bounce of “Dear Life” is contrasted to the downright goofiness of “Wow,” which melds nonsensical slack-rap to sunny Coachella-rock choruses, and functions as the most audacious Beck song since “Hell Yes.” Colors is a complete left turn from Morning Light , sounding a little like previous releases while simultaneously sounding like nothing he’s ever put out before. In short, it’s the most Beck-like Beck album you could expect.

The Iceberg (CD)


Washington, D.C. based rapper Oddisee has been prolifically releasing material since 2008, and The Iceberg  marks his 11th album in that span. Explicitly political and topical, Oddisee shies away from any frivolous hip-hop clichés to rail against heavy topics like racism, sexism, and hypocrisy in this ultra-contentious day and age. This is the ugly reflection of 2017 America, with Oddisee more than happy to hold the mirror. An accomplished producer as well, Oddisee crafts a sound that seamlessly combines programmed beats with live band instrumentation, creating a dynamic atmosphere that brings a sense of buoyancy to the often weighty subject matter at hand. Forget the tired “conscious rap” tag; The Iceberg  is the sound of a gifted MC simply telling it like it is.

Glasshouse (CD)

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware’s Glasshouse is perfectly polished UK pop with a firm, beating heart beneath the glossy production and diva choruses. At one moment, Ware speaks in intimate tones. She’s vulnerable, lovelorn, exposed. At the next, she’s strong, unbreakable, bold. The melodies soar, her vocals punch with serious emotional impact. It’s a strong, cohesive entry on the singer’s road to pop stardom across the pond.

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