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Both Ways (CD)

Donovan Woods

Singer/songwriter Donovan Woods' new album, Both Ways , is a study in contrasts, as one would expect from its name. Woods shows the rare ability to distill complicated situations and emotions into songs that are intriguing and relatable.

Pinkus Abortion Technician (CD)


Pinkus Abortion Technician features both bass players Steven McDonald and Jeff Pinkus. The album includes fun concoctions like “Stop Moving To Florida” (a medley of the James Gang’s “Stop” and Butthole Surfers’ “Moving To Florida”), The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” and Butthole Surfers’ “Graveyard.”

Golden (CD)

Kylie Minogue

Much has been made of Kylie Minogue going country. Yes, Golden has some noticeably rootsy moments polished up with a gleaming country-pop sheen but never fear, this is pure Minogue. There’s disco. There’s glitter. There’s even a disco song called “Raining Glitter.” It’s an interesting artistic evolution for Minogue, who has reigned effortlessly over the pop music landscape for several ultra stylish and seductive decades, and strong proof that this hardworking glam girl can do no wrong.

The Other (CD)

King Tuff

King Tuff’s The Other opens with a moment of surprising vulnerability. The title track finds the one-man psych/garage band in introspective territory, experiencing rock bottom and looking for signs of hope. It’s an interesting start to the voyage, which finds King Tuff journeying into the great unknown, dabbling in the cosmic and the esoteric, eventually returning to the rambunctious, raw rock ’n’ roll synonymous with his name. Salvation can spring from the most unexpected places, the songs seem to say. The Other is the rare album that transcends its status as a collection of songs and truly delivers an experience.

America (CD)

30 Seconds To Mars

Yeah, so maybe Jared Leto is a bit of a weirdo. As of this writing, he can be currently found hitchhiking across America to promote Thirty Seconds To Mars’ latest album, the aptly named…um, America . Don’t let any of that noise distract from the fact that Thirty Seconds have truly gone for broke this time around, aiming for the Billboard stratosphere. This thing has hooks, people. Seemingly every song starts with a dramatic intro, fraught with impeccably crafted tension, before exploding into a dramatic spectacle of stadium-sized sing-a-long choruses and a bombardment of synthesized instruments that’s downright orchestral in scope. Sure, there are plenty of popular groups who are privy to this formula, your Imagine Dragons and Chainsmokers and what have you. Yet Leto excels at what many other lack: a genuine and dynamic vocal presence. Influenced by the Michael Hutchence school of deploying both a sultry, low-pitched croon and the ability to belt with the best of them when necessary, Thirty Seconds throw some vintage INXS moves into their millennial whooping. On an album of big moments, the devil is in the details.

Sex & Food (CD)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Sex & Food takes Hendrix-heavy riffs and Prince’s dapper, sexy soul sounds and puts that singular UMO lo-fi gloss over the whole show. The result is vibrant, funky, and urgent. Project mastermind Ruban Nielson is unabashed in drawing from the annals of recent music history but still puts his own spin on the proceedings — maybe that’s why so many of the songs already have that “classic” feel to them. Sex & Food is a fully-realized toe-tapper with heart and soul to spare. Destined to stay on your record player for weeks at a time.

Let's Make Love (CD)

Brazilian Girls

It has been ten years since we last heard from Brazilian Girls but fortunately, their latest, Let’s Make Love , was well worth the wait. Who else can deliver this caliber of languid, sun-kissed hybrid indie/electro/tropicalia? The effortlessly cool not-at-all-Brazilian group cranks up the sultry factor on synth-driven indie numbers like “Go Out More Often” and weaves hypnotic samba rhythms into the lovely “Salve.” It’s an eclectic album, with the band borrowing from several genres to create lounge-influenced cross-cultural modern pop. Perfect summer listening.

Pookie Baby (CD)


While Prof is best known for his show-stopping live performances, this album pulls back the curtain, inviting the listener to join him for private moments, all with a sleek touch of sophistication. Paired with a multitude of styles, this album showcases a spectrum of moods ranging from infectious absurdity to earnestly introspective.

The Deconstruction (CD)


The long running Mark Oliver Everett vehicle Eels enters its 23rd year as he releases his 14th studio album overall with The Deconstruction . Initially introduced through a presser that begins with “The world is a mess” and ends with the postulation that “there are times you have to tear something apart to find something beautiful inside,” you might expect the music on The Deconstruction to be true to the more chaotic connotation of its title. But one listen to single “Today Is The Day” proves this is not the case with a bubbly, infectious pop rock groove and ebullient, life-affirming lyrics. Sure, the entire album isn’t solely cut from that same sunshine-y cloth. The title track delivers on that promised experimentation, but it's rooted in the Beach Boys/Beatles pop template, up through and including the mold set by modern indie rock studio tinkerers like Wilco, Spoon, and, well, Eels.

44 / 876 (CD)


Sometimes a collaboration comes across on paper as so absolutely bonkers that the natural response travels from “why?” to “why not?” and 44/876 fits this description as good as any. Before today, a musical pairing between Sting and Shaggy suggests two distinctly different Spotify playlists were involved in a freak accident, but the result is much more of a no brainer than that eye-popping billing would present. Do not expect the worldbeat waiting room stylings of “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” mashed together with the slow-jams-meets-reggae-rap of peak Shaggy. Instead, expect an album of low-stakes, effortless catchy Caribbean pop. Ghosts of The Police appear in Sting’s melodies over these reggae grooves, but his vocals are largely relaxed and take a backseat to the more energetic verses of Shaggy. And…well, let’s face it, literally no one on earth sounds like Shaggy except for Shaggy.

Treasures From The Temple (CD)

Thievery Corporation

The reliably cool Thievery Corporation return with (yes) a treasure trove of original recordings and remixes from last year’s Temple of I & I LP on their latest, fittingly titled Treasures from the Temple . Listening to the album is a transportive experience, a voyage for the senses. Racquel Jones provides reggae-inspired rhythms and LouLou Ghelichkhani serves up sophisticated French pop while a whole host of other skilled collaborators work together with the electronic duo to create hypnotic, infectious tunes. A lovely, languid feast for the ears.

Geography (CD)

Tom Misch

Multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer Tom Misch scratches that sweet spot between confessional John Mayer-style singer-songwriter and funky, underground hip-hop beat maker on his debut full-length, Geography . This one comes with a lot of buzz and fortunately Misch delivers; that man’s passion for the music of idols like J. Dilla and Stevie Wonder is clear. As always, the talented Londoner has brought some of his equally talented friends along for the ride: expect ear worms featuring Poppy Ajudha, Loyle Carner, GoldLink, and the ever-amazing De La Soul. An early contender for feel-good album of the year.

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On April 21st, vinyl collectors and music enthusiasts celebrated the eleventh annual Record Store Day at Amoeba.