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Soul Of A Woman (CD)

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Sharon Jones' final album is lush, vibrant, and very alive — a lasting monument to the singer and her amazing career. Flying high on classic soul and powerful gospel vibes, Soul of a Woman practically bursts with hope, joy, and love. Destined to be a classic, this album shows us exactly how much we’ve lost with the passing of the incredible Ms. Jones. She truly was the real deal and this album proves it.

Glasshouse (CD)

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware’s Glasshouse is perfectly polished UK pop with a firm, beating heart beneath the glossy production and diva choruses. At one moment, Ware speaks in intimate tones. She’s vulnerable, lovelorn, exposed. At the next, she’s strong, unbreakable, bold. The melodies soar, her vocals punch with serious emotional impact. It’s a strong, cohesive entry on the singer’s road to pop stardom across the pond.

The Tragically Hip: Long Time Running (DVD)

The Tragically Hip

It's hard not to get heavy when discussing this documentary due to the untimely passing of lead singer Gord Downie. This last hurrah to one of Canada's greatest rock bands of all time has taken on an increasingly somber tone since his death in October. But as a testament to the band's unique style and passionate fanbase, Long Time Running is a hell of a high note to end it on. The documentary takes you through Tragically Hip's Man Machine Poem tour that was announced following Downie's sudden brain cancer diagnosis. Though that sad element does linger throughout the documentary, the film is more of a celebration of their relationships and creative fellowship during the 30+ years they've been around. But don't let this scare you away if you are new to the band and know nothing about them. The documentary functions on so many levels, exploring all the different facets of working together and their creative output while also being a pretty solid primer on the band's history. Even if you're not necessarily interested in their music, it's a powerful cinematic document of a particular and specific end to an era. How could you not be moved by the gripping moments where Downie and the band discuss the possible future for the band after his passing? This does not take into account the concert footage that is some of the most exciting and documented live band footage since the heyday of the '70s rock doc. Seeing Downie openly condemn Justin Trudeau's treatment of Canada's native people on stage during "Grace, Too" is a perfectly delivered political diatribe at the end of this epic track. Long Time Running is a living testament to one of the greats of contemporary rock while never wallowing in its all pity and sadness. It's a celebratory farewell that captures life better than most films do.

Songs Of Experience (CD)


On Songs Of Experience , U2 channels the power of music to heal political divisions and find hope in the struggle. It’s a strong, cohesive album with Bono delivering his message with impassioned sincerity while stadium-ready riffs ring throughout the air. Basically, it’s classic U2 sounding more timely than ever. This earnest, adroit album will have listeners believing love, music, and compassion can change the world, too.

Re-Covered. (CD)

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson isn’t exactly a household name, but he’s behind a lot more songs than most are probably aware of. Following his late '90s breakthrough hit “Closing Time” with his band Semisonic, Wilson has spent much of his subsequent career working as a professional songwriter for other artists, including penning hits for Adele (“Someone Like You”), the Dixie Chicks (“Not Ready To Make Nice”), and Taylor Swift (“Treacherous”), among many, many others. On Re-Covered , he takes those songs back. An album of reinterpretations, Re-Covered features Wilson’s tunes played and sung by the man himself. These renditions are largely stripped down, acoustic-heavy affairs, evoking what one would imagine as the rough drafts of some of these eventual blockbusters. And yes, there is even a version of “Closing Time” here.

The Defiant Ones (BLU)

Allen Hughes

This HBO documentary chronicles the unlikely partnership between producer and Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine and rapper/producer Dr. Dre. Filmed over three years, the absorbing four-part documentary includes extensive interviews with Iovine and Dre, behind-the-scenes studio footage and testimony from stars like Bono, Eminem, Ice Cube, Gwen Stefani and Tom Petty.

Baby Driver [OST] (CD)

Various Artists

The soundtrack for Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is packed with 30 carefully curated tracks drawn from the worlds of indie, punk, hip-hop, funk, power pop, soul, R&B, and jazz. Pretty much every track is a classic, ranging from the ubiquitous “Radar Love” to the (perhaps) lesser known “Egyptian Reggae.” The collection is upbeat and rhythm-driven, showcasing some of the strongest songwriters in recent musical history. A strong contender for the coolest soundtrack of the year.

Ella At Zardi's (CD)

Ella Fitzgerald

Here’s a secret: old, never-before released live recordings don’t come around every day. Especially not of old jazz legends in their prime. In 2017, when blown-out cell phone footage of any Ed Sheeran concert known to man is readily available online, this point might get lost a bit. So when a rare concert of Ella Fitzgerald performing at the short-lived Hollywood nightclub Zardi’s Jazzland in 1956 surfaces, you better bet you’ve got something special on your hands. Ella at Zardi’s presents this context entirely: there’s crowd noise, back and forth between audience and performer, clicking cocktails, and all the assorted ambiance of a dusky jazz nightclub to be found in this mix. But, most of all, it’s Ella herself. From the moment she begins to sing until the moment she stops, she owns all the air in the room. Norman Granz, founder of Verve records, makes the opening introduction to the Zardi’s congregation: “This is for real, for me she’s the greatest there is – Miss Ella Fitzgerald!” Can you really argue with that?

Utopia (CD)


Bjork’s latest, Utopia , is the logical follow-up to her previous work on Vulnicura , another collaboration with producer Arca. This ethereal, abstract, intriguing album was written to (not surprisingly) explore the concept of utopias, but also to process the current political, environmental, and personal challenges the singer was facing. There’s an airiness to the album’s heady, otherworldly tracks, an interesting effect conjured up by the incorporation of a 12-piece Icelandic flute section into the melodies. Utopia is Bjork at her best: boundary-pushing, challenging, and emotionally connected.

What Makes You Country (CD)

Luke Bryan

Don’t say Luke Bryan ain’t country enough. Yeah, there’s a legitimate hip-hop beat on the R&B-inspired hit single “Light Up.” Yes, his subject matter may venture beyond the topic of drinking and women every now and again. But whatever you do, don’t say Luke Bryan ain’t country enough, because he’s got words for you, buster, courtesy of the title track. “I got my dirt road cred when I was twelve, on a no cab trailer hauling them bales.” Darn right. Now here’s a thought we can all get behind: “It might not have been you, but I can’t judge, just be proud of what makes you country.” There’s room for everyone on What Makes You Country . Even you city slickers can dig that.

Some Loud Thunder [10th Anniversary Edition] (CD)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

It's weird to think 2007 was ten years ago. It feels like recent memory, because the last decade seems to have flown by in a blur. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's second album, Some Loud Thunder , pinpoints where music was at the time, and might sound relatively quaint today. Yet Some Loud Thunder has the right amount of spaciness and freeform freakouts to make it age well in the digital age, with personal lyrics and a sense of spiritual disassociation that is relatable in these unsettling times. It was released during the brief crest where indie rock started to slowly steep into the mainstream through commercials, word-of-mouth and internet buzz in the pre-streaming era. It captures that infatuation rock bands had with The Velvet Underground in the mid-2000s, without relying on it as a crutch the way some other bands did. It uses that influence to make songs that broke the mold and defied expectations in that scene, rattling cages just a bit. The album is abrasive enough to dip into avant-garde territory, but planted firmly in the world of rock n' roll by its rhythm and attitude. Sometimes when you revisit albums from your youth, there can be a degree of embarrassment, but the first two Clap Yours Hands Say Yeah albums (especially this one) have aged so wonderfully. This is the kind of music we can use more of in our lives.

Who Built The Moon? (CD)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher probably generates more buzz with his weird quotes and rivalry with Oasis bandmate and brother, Liam Gallagher, than he does for his music. (He recently combined both of these things by referring to his brother as the "village idiot" in the press.) But his latest album, Who Built The Moon , is intriguing in that it's more of a post-modern take on The Beatles, rather than blatantly soaked in their influence like Oasis (don't tell him that). This one mines Phil Spector's lavish productions on albums like George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and John Lennon's Imagine , where pop songs and ballads are transformed into miniature symphonies with his famous "wall of sound." Instead of creating a barrage of sounds, however, Who Built The Moon relies on heavy drums and horns to make these songs really sound big. From the moment the hard psych groove of opening track "Fort Knox" starts to melt your brain, you'll be won over. It's a total trip, complete with banging drums, spinning voices, alarm clocks and some genuine craziness. The following track, "Holy Mountain," represents the rest of the album's direction - instantly catchy, with blaring sax and sardonic lyrics. It feels more seventies that sixties with its pure power-pop energy. This may easily be Noel Gallagher's best album since his time in Oasis, as he crafts a beautifully weird pop album that totally stands out in 2017.

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