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What We Drew [Transparent Yellow Vinyl] (LP)


Inspired by both Korean indie rock and electronica that she listened to as a teenager in Seoul, as well as late '90s and early 2000s hip-hop and R&B, Brooklyn-based Korean American producer Yaeji’s self-produced debut is full of lush beat-filled electro that speaks of the loneliness and mental turmoil behind the good-times usually associated with this genre. Guests featured include Brooklyn-via-Oakland rapper Nappy Nina, London performance artist Victoria Sin, London producer Shy One, Tokyo DJ and producer YonYon, and others.

KiCk I (CD)


As a Latinx nonbinary trans woman who’s work draws on club music, experimental noise, performance art, and the ballad tradition of her native Venezuela, Arca has redefined the role of the diva for a new generation. KiCk i  is the first in a series of works, each with its own sonic theme. For this first installment, Arca pursues pleasure, dignity, and dance floor liberation by refracting club music, reggaeton, and pop through her radical vision.

Species (CD)

Bing & Ruth

New York composer David Moore’s project Bing & Ruth presents an exploration of the sonic possibilities of the Farfisa organ, aided only by a clarinet and double bass. Beyond that, Species  is a study of suspended time and trance; not just a steady movement from A to B, but as something that flows, meanders, and eddies like water. This is minimalism with a filmic sensitivity, one that prioritized grace and texture over the style’s once-radical subtraction.

Beyond The Pale (CD)


This is the first original music from Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker since 2009. The "JARV IS" band was originally formed to play at the Sigur Ros "Norður og Niður" festival in Iceland in 2017. As they continued to play shows, they recorded their live sets so that they could monitor how the songs were developing, and eventually used these recordings as the basis for Beyond the Pale . Overdubs and vocals were later added at Narcissus Studios in Neasden, London. Cocker’s lyrics are as witty as ever, perhaps turbo-charged to meet current hard times, and the arrangements and hooks are just as strong as in the Pulp days, if not more inventive for hybridizing live with digital production.

Sun Piano (LP)


This first instalment in a planned trilogy of piano-focused albums from the mystical musician Laraaji contains 12 improvisations recorded in a Brooklyn church. Sun Piano  finds Laraaji fulfilling a lifelong ambition to return to his first instrument. It’s a departure from his FX-soaked cosmic zither jams, but these elegant miniatures nevertheless reveal enough personality and inner light to be identifiable as 100% Laraaji. It’s not New Age; it’s “Laraaji Music.”

Song For Our Daughter (CD)

Laura Marling

In the midst of uncharted global chaos, Laura Marling offers a sense of purpose, clarity, and calm with her seventh album, Song for Our Daughter . Her richest collection to date, Marling has layered up lush string arrangements and a grand sense of pop scale to these songs, but without losing any of the intimacy or reverence she’s known for in her previous work.

Ultimate Success Today [Translucent Blue Vinyl] (LP)


Protomartyr's fifth album, Ultimate Success Today , continues to expand on the Detroit band’s own special brand of Midwestern post-punk emo angst. Ambient drones, industrial riffs, and electric buzzing sift into alt-pop of shimmering beauty. Just like their city of origin, Protomartyr's sound resilient, raw, and surprising.


The Jayhawks

In classic Jayhawks fashion, the songs on XOXO  mix the influence of American roots music with British invasion and jangly power-pop. There's also a newfound vitality at play, an invigoration of confidence and energy. The result is an album that, just like the band's lush harmonies, brings multiple distinctive voices together into a singular whole. This is a collection that finds unity in individuality and identity in reinvention.

Live At Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970 (CD)

The Stooges

Released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the performance,  Live at Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970 , is the rare release that rewrites history. The apocryphal tale of The Stooges performance at the Goose Lake festival has been told many times over the past five decades: bassist Dave Alexander spaces out in front of 200,000 attendees; he does not play a single note on stage. He is fired by Iggy Pop immediately following the gig and thus starts the beginning of the end of the seminal proto-punk band. But what if that wasn’t true? Found buried in the basement of a Michigan farmhouse, the 1/4” stereo two-track tape of The Stooges complete performance at Goose Lake on August 8th, 1970 has been found and you can now own it. Not only is this the last performance of the original Stooges line-up, but it is the only known soundboard recording of said line-up. Playing the entirety of their 1970 masterpiece  Fun House , everything about this record is revelatory. And guess what? Alexander actually did play bass during this performance and, despite failures on some songs, he was damn solid on others.

Purple Noon (CD)

Washed Out

Washed Out, the Atlanta-based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene, delivers his most accessible creation to date with his fourth album,  Purple Noon . With each release, Greene has approached his evolving project with meticulous detail and a steadfast vision. Greene wrote, recorded, and produced  Purple Noon  following a brief stint of writing for other artists (most notably Sudan Archives). His time writing for others enabled Greene to explore genres like R&B and modern pop. These brighter, more robust sounds made their way into the songs of  Purple Noon  and mark a new chapter for Greene. The vocals are front and center, tempos are slower, beats bolder…you can hear the luxuriousness of Sade, the sonic bombast of Phil Collins, and the lush atmosphere of the Balearic beat classics. Mediterranean coastlines inspired  Purple Noon , and Greene pays tribute to the region’s distinct island culture using it as a backdrop to tell stories of passion, love, and loss.  Purple Noon ’s title comes from the 1960 film based on the novel  The Talented Mister Ripley  by Patricia Highsmith, and much like romantic Hollywood epics, the melodrama throughout this album is strong.  Purple Noon  adds a layer of emotional intensity to the escapism of Washed Out’s oeuvre, taking the music to dazzling new heights.

Pure X (CD)

Pure X

Pure X is back after six years with their fourth album, a shimmering and swirling self-titled work of vintage sounds recorded live in single takes. It’s their most focused work to date, with vocals clear and smooth as a summer day, and a rhythm section like a night train chugging through the desert. Pure X  weaves together their old sound, all the delays and distortion, and mixes it with a new optimism of straight-ahead melody.

Flower Of Devotion (CD)


Chicago-based indie rock trio Dehd’s Flower of Devotion  ups the ante from the raucous garage sound and lyrical sparring of their 2019 debut, Water , with more polished and sometimes sunnier tunes. The attitude remains, but the results feel more well-rounded, seeing the band come into their own on their sophomore album. Singer/songwriter Emily Kempf sang about the necessity of love, compassion, and companionship on Water ; here she extols the virtues of being a loner while showing off her incredibly expressive range. Balla's guitar lines flirt from cosmic country to the dark sounds of Broadcast. It’s clear that Dehd is making meaningful markers on their way into the journey of the soul.


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