Plunge (CD)

It’s always good to return to Fever Ray’s weird, dark, seductive world. Karin Dreijer teams up once again with producer Peder Mannerfelt to create a frenetic, fascinating sound that takes her work with The Knife and twists it into an even more unconventional sonic shape. Yet this synth-heavy, techno-tinged, in-your-face LP also beats with a throbbing humanity. Plunge is just that — a deep dive into what it means to live and love in violent times.

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Silver Eye (LP)

Goldfrapp’s Silver Eye is a refreshing return to the icy cool, ‘80s inspired synth pop sound the duo perfected on Supernature and Black Cherry. The record is cinematic, glamorous, and darkly romantic — in short, it’s everything you want a Goldfrapp record to be. “Anymore” is a propulsive paean to love and lust, “Systemagic” fits right into the currently ultra cool industrial scene, and “Ocean” is a sweeping, introspective, and haunting closer. Listeners will want to get lost in this moody disco dream.

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Iteration (CD)

After a six year wait, Com Truise is back with Iteration, a lush, funk-inflected odyssey into electro. Cinematic in scope, the album draws inspiration from the synth-filled soundtracks of the 1980s; listening is a transportive experience to a world of city nights, black leather, and neon lights. Make no mistake — Iteration is a toe-tapper, a definite dancefloor-filler, but this smart, emotive album is also pretty moving. Atmosphere is all here, and there’s a real sense of feeling beneath the hypnotic rhythms, technicolor melodies, and pulsating synths. If you dig evocative, dark dance music, this moody LP sets the scene.

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