This Month's Picks

Jerry Garcia Band [30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (LP)

Jerry Garcia Band
The Jerry Garcia Band’s self-titled live album gets the 30th anniversary reissue treatment with this comprehensive 5-LP box set, out courtesy of the good people at ATO Records. Available in a limited edition pressing of 10,000, each LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl—all the better to savor the sweet sounds of the band’s appearance at The Warfield in San Francisco, coming to us all the way from 1990. Featuring the unbeatable lineup of Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Melvin Seals, David Kemper, Gloria Jones, and Jacklyn LaBranch, this Deluxe Edition is really something to celebrate. A landmark album, now available in an equally solid reissue format. More
Genre: Rock

Teenage Heartbreak (CD)

On Teenage Heartbreak , LILHUDDY arrives as a pop-punk prince for the TikTok era. On this collection of high-energy, high-rebellion glossy rockers, LILHUDDY comes off as a self-assured bad boy with a gorgeous tenor voice guaranteed to break hearts. It’s no wonder that blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is a fan (and a collaborator, on “Don’t Freak Out”). Rapper iann dior and All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter also make compelling appearances but make no mistake, LILHUDDY’s in the spotlight here and from the sound of things, he’s right where he belongs. More
Genre: Rock

The French Dispatch [OST] (CD)

Various Artists
Eclectic and evocative, it’s perhaps no surprise that The French Dispatch Original Soundtrack is every bit as carefully-crafted as Wes Anderson’s latest film. Just as the director builds aesthetically dazzling worlds in each of his films, this enticing collection of songs also casts its own singular little spell. Featuring an original score by Oscar-winner Alexandre Desplat, a cover of Christophe’s French pop hit “Aline” by Jarvis Cocker, and tracks from the likes of Gene Austin, Grace Jones, and Ennio Morricone, listening to this album will transport listeners to the charming, bustling streets of a fictional French city that stands outside of time, a place of imagination and dreams. Here everything is rich in effortless glamour and swooning romance. It’s a place listeners will want to return to again and again. More
Genre: Soundtracks

The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads (CD)

Beach Fossils
On their latest, The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads , Beach Fossils take inspiration from Dustin Payseur’s love for jazz greats like Chet Baker, Bill Evans, Vince Gauraldi, and Lester Young. Payseur enlisted Tommy Gardner and Henry Kwapis to help give his Beach Fossils back catalogue a smoky, dreamy new sound through the use of saxophone, upright bass, brushed drums, and piano. It’s a compelling experiment…and it works. Elegant, effective, and coolly downbeat, The Other Side of Life is well worth a listen. More
Genre: Rock

30 (CD)

Adele is back with another emotional powerhouse of an album. 30 chronicles the British singer’s divorce from her husband and her ensuing disappointment and heartbreak. Adele tackles the topic in her usual unflinching style, her voice soaring and keening, her lyrics immediate and emotionally effective. Expect bigger-than-life vocals, northern soul cool, and vibrant strings—the type of impactful flourishes that give Adele’s silky ‘60s sound such an immediate grip on the hearts of listeners. It’s a showstopper of an album featuring tales of love and loss that sound like timeless classics. More
Genre: Rock

A Time For Love: Live In Helsinki, 1987 (CD)

Oscar Peterson Quartet
Recorded at Oscar Peterson’s final date of a long international tour, the magic of consistent performing gives this gig a mind-blowing quality. The legendary Canadian pianist performs alongside guitarist Joe Pass, bassist Dave Young, and drummer Martin Drew. This previously unreleased concert is a stunning addition to the continuing legacy of this beloved master of music. More
Genre: Jazz

Live At The Village Vanguard (CD)

Christian McBride, Inside Straight
Versatile double-bassist Christian McBride is joined by Inside Straight (saxophonist Steve Wilson, vibraphonist Warren Wolf, pianist Peter Martin, and drummer Carl Allen) for this swinging, no-holds-barred live album. This recording works as a companion of sorts to the 2015 GRAMMY® Award-winning Christian McBride Trio Live at the Village Vanguard . More
Genre: Jazz

One In A Million (CD)

The second studio album by Aaliyah, One in a Million was first released in 1996 and features production from Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and many others. This laid-back epic remains one of the most influential albums in Hip-Hop and R&B, and proved to be a major breakthrough in Aaliyah's career. More
Genre: Soul

Aaliyah (CD)

The self-titled third and final studio album by the "Queen of Urban Pop" was originally released in 2001. Cited by critics as one of the best R&B records of its time, the album is a reflection of herself as both a young adult and matured vocalist. More
Genre: Soul

Mercurial World (CD)

Magdalena Bay
Magdalena Bay set a hazy, dreamy, romantic tone on the excellent Mercurial World . The duo of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin traffic in alt-pop transported to 2021 from some kind of hyper color, Myst the game-informed ‘90s-era time machine. The result is slick, smart left-of-center indie pop with a distinct vaporwave sheen. Taken together, the songs combine into a pastel-hued otherworldly outing with some really compelling twists and turns listeners will enjoy exploring, spin after spin. More
Genre: Rock