The 4th Album '2 Baddies' [Photobook Version] (CD)

K-Pop sensations NCT 127 are back with their fourth album 2 Baddies! From synthpop to hip-hop with a heavy dose of dance and R&B, the South Korean crew revels in coloring outside the sonic lines. Featuring the smash hit title track “2 Baddies,” and other body-movers like “Tasty” and “LOL (Laugh Out Loud).”

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Mi Herencia / My Heritage (CD)

Caribbean heat meets New York cool! On Rebolú’s latest, they keep a foot firmly planted in their Afro-Colombian roots, honoring their musical traditions within a contemporary sound. Intricate percussion and vibrant vocal harmonies on tracks like “Mi Mulata (My Mulatta) and “La Sorpresa?(The Surprise)” are sure to stir the soul and get your body moving.

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El Bueno Y El Malo (CD)

Inspired by old western film scores and vintage Latin American sounds, Hermanos Gutierrez's new Dan Auerbach-produced album, El Bueno Y El Malo, takes listeners on a hypnotic and sensual instrumental journey through a haunted landscape, where the haze of the desert meets the blue of a Kodachrome ocean.

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