The 2nd Album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone' [C Version] (CD)

K-pop stars NCT 127 follow up their successful debut with Neo Zone or The 2nd Album ‘NCT #127 Neo Zone.’ Earlier singles like “Dreams Come True” embrace the group's slick R&B-inspired pop with shades of autotune, but elsewhere hip-hop rules the day, for example on the infectious “Kick It” and “Sit Down!” Then there's the fierce and over-the-top trap number, “Mad Dog,” which reveals the group's versatility and fun mash-up of genres.

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In The Key Of Joy (CD)

Brazilian music legend Sergio Mendes is known for collaboration: from humble beginnings and playing piano on bossa nova albums by Herbie Mann and Cannonball Adderley, to Herb Albert introducing Brasil 66 to the pop world, to later life endeavors with John Legend and the Black Eyed Peas. Yet the man’s rich musical legacy cannot be adequately summed up by memories of rapping over “Mas Que Nada,” and In The Key of Joy recognizes this possibly more than any other release that Mendes has done yet, which is quite impressive for an artist whose work spans over 6 decades. His newest album functions as both a collection of new material as well as a soundtrack to the concurrently released documentary that shares its name. True to the artist’s omnivorous musical stylings, Joy features a cornucopia of sounds and collaborators. That includes melding hip-hop to samba on songs such as “Sabor Do Rio” and the title track, featuring Common and Compton-based rapper Buddy, respectively, as well as tapping reggaeton duo Cali y El Dandee for the dance pop of “La Noche Entera.” Both retrospective and forward-looking, In The Key of Joy achieves what few records can, and is a fitting celebration of Sergio Mendes’ illustrious career.

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