Mettavolution (CD)
Rodrigo y Gabriela's first album in five years finds the Mexican neoclassical rock guitar duo in their finest form. Fusing metal-like aggression with flamenco style romanticism, Rodrigo y Gabriela's music transcends the trappings of their genre influences to create an emotionally engaged, soaring instrumental sound, as in "Terracentric," a furiously funky journey that suddenly finds itself flying to the heavens with ethereal grace, before landing back frantically on Earth. "Cumbe" has a distinctly Latin groove that builds with intensity and psychedelic textures, while the title track, "Mettavolution," shreds with percussive leads. The highlight of the album is the duo's 19-minute cover of Pink Floyd's "Echoes," paying tribute to the psychedelic masterpiece, while still making it their own. Read more
Gece (CD)

Altin Gün are a Turkish-by-way-of-Amsterdam six piece that creates what they deem traditional folk music, but what can only truly be described as a polyrhythmic, kaleidoscopic funk-rock ritual. Belied by their relatively newness, Altin Gün sound like a band that have been playing together for years, as these songs unfold in a completely organic and intuitive way; all interlocking grooves coming together to create something utterly hypnotic. Mixing traditional Western pop/rock instrumentation such as guitars, bass, and drums (along with plenty of space-age Juno synths) with the electric saz and Turkish modes and scales, Gece is an exotic, psychedelic dance party. Inhabits the same celestial sphere as Yellow Magic Orchestra, Dungen, Flower Travelin’ Band, and Tame Impala.

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Trane's Delight (CD)

On his first album in seven years, Latin Jazz legend Poncho Sanchez pays tribute to the legendary John Coltrane. Trane’s Delight features new tracks inspired by Coltrane as well as Latin-infused takes on classic works by the revered saxophonist. It’s a vibrant showcase of all the ways Coltrane influenced Sanchez, from boyhood to his now storied status as a GRAMMY-winning force to be reckoned with. Trane’s Delight effortlessly draws connections between classic tracks, new Sanchez originals, and the works of Coltrane and his collaborators. The album features Pancho Sanchez’s longtime band, Francisco Torres ( trombone/musical director), Ron Blake (trumpet/flugelhorn), Robert Hardt (saxophone), Andy Langham (piano), Rene Camacho and Ross Schodek (bass), and Joey DeLeon and Giancarlo Anderson (percussion).

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This Is How You Smile (CD)

Helado Negro draws inspiration from the sun-drenched, tropical vibes of his Miami upbringing on his latest, This Is How You Smile. Main dude Roberto Carlos Lange layers hazy, pastel textures over intimate songwriting; the effect is both hauntingly lovely and richly, achingly alive. It’s a euphoria-inducing fusion of downtempo melodies with joyous harmonies. The songs seem more organic than ever, more able to balance the light and the dark. A dreamy, satisfying evolution from the high-vibing chill wave that first brought Helado Negro to our attention almost a decade ago.

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