NCT - The 2nd Album Resonance Pt. 1 [The Future Ver.] (CD)

The second album from 21-member K-pop project NCT ups the ante with the group's full line-up on board. That means dance-pop hits to spare from all four NCT sub-groups plus two new members, Shotaro and Sungchan. With its enthusiastic swings from melodic hooks to rap verses, Resonance Pt. 1 is big on positive energy and connection through music, themes that should be well-received in 2020.

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Superm The 1st Album Super One [One Version] (CD)

The "Avengers of K-pop," SuperM follow up a widely successful debut EP with their first full-length album, Super One. The banger single "100" is appropriately bombastic with strong dynamics and flawless juxtaposition of singing and rapping. "Tiger Inside" is slinkier and more groove-focused, with a chorus that still rises to the challenge of delivering that perfect pop hook. The group's international appeal is sure to get a boost from this highly accessible new record.

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