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All Of This Is Chance (CD)

Lisa O'Neill

Beautiful dark Irish folk. A heartbreaking album that you will want to keep returning to.

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Gizmo (CD)


Dreamy shoegaze pop from the bay area. I fell in love with this album instantly.

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Love Lines (LP)

Nuovo Testamento

Another great album from this 80s influenced synth pop band. Very addictive songs that will make you want to dance.

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Raven (CD)


Fantastic second from Kelela that gets better with each listen. She will take you back to the fun days of smooth 90s dance and r&b.

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Love As Projection (CD)

Frankie Rose

Always happy to have Frankie Rose back in my life. More catchy indie synth pop.

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Ciggy Bop!
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Every Loser (LP)

Iggy Pop

It's Iggy Pop!

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Words & Music: May 1965 (LP)

Lou Reed

It's Lou Reed! This sly guy mailed himself these recorded versions of these songs to "poor man's" copyright them. Wow!

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The Escapist Route (Cassette)

Songs By Thom

Escapist Route?? I never want to leave! Songs so tender you'll be looking for a way back!

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Islands In The Sky (LP)

Death Valley Girls


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Good Bad Not Evil (LP)

Black Lips

Deluxe Edition of the watershed album for this critical band! B-sides, bonus tracks and more, Oh My! Also check out their latest Apocalypse Love!

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