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My new album "Trash Town" is out now! For fans of Black Lips, Ramones, Iggy and MORE! Garage Punk, surf styled that will take you to the NEXT WAVE!

Eleki Bushi 1966-1974

Takeshi Terauchi

Superb collection from the King of the Japanese Surf Guitar!

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Rajan (LP)

Night Beats

Psych, soul, world and a tinge of acid flashbacks! From the spin to the brain, it's EVERYTHING!

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Brian Davis
Amoeba Hollywood

Cherry Stars Collide: Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Ethereal Rock 1986-1995 (CD)

Various Artists

Cazimi (CD)

Caitlin Rose

Every Day Like The Last (CD)

Wye Oak

Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming (CD)


A River Running To Your Heart (CD)

Fruit Bats

Say What You Like (CD)

Doug Paisley
Mark B
Amoeba Hollywood
Jazz/Classical/New Age buyer. 3 Rules to live by: Pottery Poetry Music

Evenings at the Village Gate with Eric Dolphy (LP)

John Coltrane
Recently unearthed recordings of live sessions reveal the particular edge that emerged when these two masters worked side-by-side. Catches Coltrane right in the transition from hard-bop to free expression. An important document. Read more

Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby (LP)

Dorothy Ashby
Jazz harpist Ashby has been enjoying a resurgence of interest in her body of work, and Rubaiyat is most worthy of the attention. Poetry, music and atmosphere combine seamlessly and without any awkward moments that spoken word and jazz can often produce. An ambitious and utterly successful vision. Read more

Journey To The Moon and Beyond (LP)

Mort Garson
Beautiful die-cut album art (in two choices of vinyl color) is the perfect setting for these rediscovered charming Moog-scapes from the late-60's. Trippy, funky, silly and sublime. Read more

Saturday Night Special (LP)

Lyman Woodard Organization
Mid-70's jazz/funk with a bit of space exploration comes off as the Blaxploitation soundtrack you've been waiting for. Read more

When The Poems Do What They Do (LP)

Aja Monet
In the tradition of Gil Scott-Heron and Nikki Giovanni, Monet sets her poems to deeply crafted jazz/funk. Themes of race, childhood wonder and urban survival fuse seamlessly with the music not for the length of an album, but for an experience. Read more

Elastic Rock (LP)

Ian Carr & Nucleus
Trumpeter/arranger IAN CARR was one of the UK's most forward-thinking players. his own BELLADONNA and NUCLEUS' WE'LL TALK BAOUT IT LATER, ELASTIC ROCK, and SOLAR PLEXUS prove it. About as great as the era's melding of Jazz,Rock and Funk ever achieved. All of the above are worth your time and money. Read more
Simone Siren
Amoeba Hollywood
Writing: Singing: Tip: One of my favorite artists only has digital releases. Listen at

The Bedlam Stacks (Book)

Natasha Pulley
This is a truly unique story about a journey to a fictional town in Peru during the 1800s, where natural glass in the ground can get so hot that trees will catch fire and ancient wooden statues move on their own. Folklore blends with history and science in this spellbinding book. Read more

The Way Out (Book)

Alan Gordon
I rarely read non-fiction, but this is an easy-to-read, fascinating book about how to self-treat chronic pain. Gordon breaks down how to un-train your brain from reading recurring physical symptoms as harmful, and he gives about a thousand examples of patient cases in which the process worked. It's pretty convincing, especially since he is upfront about it being a long process that doesn't come easily to most people. Read more
Amoeba Hollywood
I'm an indie soul pop singer-songwriter who feels most at home in a record store! Find me and my music @katacrossthestreet

The Age of Pleasure (LP)

Janelle Monae
Ohhh she did it again! Luscious and sensual R&B with a reggae/dancehall twist. Soundtrack of the Summer! Read more

Angels & Queens (LP)

Dynamic and groovy R&B. The title is fitting! Soul made in heaven! Read more

Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? (CD)

McKinley Dixon
A brilliant fusion of Jazz and Hip-Hop! Live instrumentation and powerful lyrics make for a progressive listen. Read more

Exodus the North Star (CD)

Yaya Bey
Smooth and supple R&B that incorporates sounds of Reggae and Electronic music. Flowy and hypnotic, refreshing like a sip of cool water on a hot day. Yaya Bey is an artist to look out for! Read more