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The Decline of Western Civilization Collection (DVD)

Penelope Spheeris

FINALLY! Just in time for The Decline Of Western Civilization. Penelope Spheeris’ unflinching look at L.A. hardcore punk culture. Fear, X, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Germs. 2K Scan/commentary/interviews/ never-before-seen original footage/two metal sequels.

Bahdeni Nami (CD)

Omar Souleyman

One of the most unexpected treats of the festival circuit, Omar Souleyman is back with another producer rich collaboration. With help from the likes of Four Tet, Black Lips, and Modeselektor, Souleyman’s traditional Syrian folk style lends itself to the allure of the 4/4 driven club banger. Traditionally meant for the Dabke (a line dance popular at weddings), Souleyman’s music is strictly danceable while maintaining a hypnotic undertow of synthesizer that after a time becomes otherworldly. One gets the feeling all would be lost if the Master of Ceremonies (Souleyman himself) weren’t there to bark the orders. For example at around the nine minute mark of Modeselektor’s “Leil El Bareh” gives over to the reedy synthesizer (traditionally the Mijwiz) allowing its presence to penetrate every inch of the subconscious. That is until Souleyman’s native tongue brings you back to reality. "Darb El Hawa," on the other hand, takes on a much more realist quality in which the heaviness of the musical style shines a bit of light on where politically and culturally this sound has come from. Each of the tracks, apart from the delightfully spacey Legowelt remix of "Bahdeni Nami," brings just the right amount of flavor to accentuate this truly (if only to the west) unique artist.

The Night Took Us In Like Family (CD)


Producer L’Orange worked with numerous emcees on last year’s  Orchid Days  and goes for a full-album collaboration with Brainfeeder rapper Jeremiah Jae. Noirish soul and warped jazz samples deliver the smoky atmosphere for Jae’s outsider tales. A concept album of sorts,  The Night  is great to savor like good whiskey, nice to have on either for a mellow listen or to pick apart its impressive sampling and storytelling.

The Documentary 2 (CD)

The Game

The Documentary  was one of the flat-out best hip hop albums of the mid-2000s, a West Coast rap classic with emotionally engaging lyrics and dazzling production from Timbaland, a pre-fame Kanye West and his mentor, Dr. Dre, among others. Tracks like “Hate It Or Love It” helped put The Game into the limelight and West Coast hip hop back on the map. So it makes sense he’d revisit his best work a decade later with this sequel of sorts. With Dr. Dre back at the production helm and Game sounding more energized than he has in years,  The Documentary 2  indeed lives up to its namesake. He reminds you of how good his slice-of-life lyrics can sound with the right production on tracks like “100,” with Game sailing on throwback vibes and Drake moving from a drunken chorus to spilling verbiage. And he raps circles around West Coast heir Kendrick Lamar over an Erykah Badu sample with “On Me,” showing ’em he still knows how it’s done. Disc One is out Oct. 9, with a double-disc edition hitting Oct. 16. And check out an  LP reissue  of the original  Documentary  Jan. 13!

Coming Home (CD)

Leon Bridges

From the first notes of his sweet, soulful viral hit, “Coming Home,” you can tell you’re listening to the emergence of a huge new talent. Leon Bridges calls to mind a young Sam Cooke with his heartfelt R&B, produced with analog grit for a timeless sound that feels like a huge breath of fresh air in these days of maximally produced radio pop. You can really here the warmth to Bridges’ voice on the waltzing “Brown Skin Girl,” letting his vocals pour over the guitars and saxes like syrup. But Bridges’ guitars and style are also raw enough for the garage kids, kicking up plenty of dust on tracks like “Flowers” while showing enough restraint to keep things classy. He doesn’t stray much from the template set by his influences, but he doesn’t need to when the resulting music feels so vital. Perhaps more than any other contemporary artist, Bridges makes what was old sound new again on his remarkable debut.

From Sleep (CD)

Max Richter

One of the longest-ever pieces of classical music,  Sleep  is "an eight-hour lullaby," in Richter’s words. The gorgeous strings and muted pianos on this collection of samples from the album are perfect for lounging, introspection or dozing off — don’t worry, Richter himself wants you to sleep to this!

Cheers To The Fall (CD)

Andra Day

Andra Day bares her soul over swinging vintage neo-soul on this dynamite debut, carrying the torch from the late Amy Winehouse.

Pageant Material (CD)

Kacey Musgraves

The bluegrass-inspired country pop star avoids the sophomore slump with an excellent second studio release that stays true to her roots. “Mind your own biscuits, and life will be gravy.” How can you resist?

Sirens (CD)

The Weepies

The Weepies are indie pop-folk duo of married singer-songwriters Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. Their harmonies and intoxicating pop melodies are in full effect on their latest and their live shows are NOT to be missed!

Chronovision (CD)


After 100+ demos and being carefully recorded in four different studios around the country, including Los Angeles' Sound City, New York's Electric Lady Studios and a makeshift home studio in their native Tacoma, Oberhofer has created one of the most fun New Wave albums since you took off your Members Only jacket. Taking a three year hiatus since his last album, Brad Oberhofer has been through the death of his roommate due to a heroin addiction, the death of his grandmother and the stress of endless touring to finally finish his second album. But the emotion blares out of each note as his theatrical vocals croon over endless fuzz guitar and staccato precision so sharp and precise that it almost feels like a drum machine. The music just feels like a warm, nostalgic look at beautiful times that have passed. But there's no time for tears when you're too busy dancing!

Survival Songs (CD)

Bob Forrest

When Bob Forrest uses the title Survival Songs for his latest album, there's not a single hint of irony to it. Having previously been in the legendary Los Angeles post-punk band, Thelonious Monster, and the more alternative The Bicycle Thief, Bob Forrest was the Los Angeles music scene, on top of his incredibly close relationship to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But in a moment of weakness, he succumbed to the horrors of heroin. After years of struggles, he finally kicked the habit and made a healthy full-circle by becoming a drug counselor. But the music still burned inside of him and nearly thirty years since starting his career, he's prepared to give us his new solo album. Stripping away any type of egotistical flourishes or rock showboating, Survival Songs is a solid singer-songwriter beauty that's as raw and intimate as sitting in the recording studio itself. Armed with just a guitar and his trademark scrowl, the lack of any superfluous sounds just makes this a bigger gut-punch of an album. This is an album about the complexities and realities of death, tragedy, love, celebration, terror, the past and present. In one word: emotions.

Amos Lee Live At Red Rocks With The Colorado Symphony (CD)

Amos Lee

Soulful folk singer Amos Lee teams with the Colorado Symphony for an exhilirating 16-song, career-spanning live set.

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