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Are You Real? (CD)

Beware Of Darkness

Fuzzy and full of attitude, Beware of Darkness' follow-up to their debut album, Orthodox , will have you chanting along to their catchy choruses and struttin' to their cocky rhythm. "Muthafucka" features Jack White-esque guitar riffs, while "Dope" has a disco-punk feel akin to early Franz Ferdinand. The title track, "Are You Real?," mixes indie pop with a Nine Inch Nails-like '90s alt/industrial sound.

Live At The Greek Theatre (CD)

Joe Bonamassa

On Live at the Greek Theatre , Joe Bonamassa celebrates his musical heroes Freddie, Albert, and B.B. King in style. Bonamassa gives the Kings' classic work his own contemporary spin, without losing the heart, vitality, and power of the originals. The band, who also backed Bonamassa for his Muddy Wolf tribute shows, is excellent as expected, with an ebullient horn section, soulful backing vocalists, and powerful percussion. The recording itself is crisp, clean, and lively; it does an excellent job of conveying the excitement and intensity of the blues rocker's stage shows. These uplifting, dynamic cover versions are a fitting nod to the lasting legacy of the blues.

Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea (CD)


The eighth studio album from Mike Rosenberg, the Brighton-born singer/songwriter better known as Passenger, is a panoramic album dealing with themes of relationships and the passing of time that are at once personal and universal.

Preoccupations (CD)


The Canadian post-punk band formerly known as Viet Cong are back with a less controversial name, Preoccupations, and a new album, which is also named Preoccupations . As can be expected for the genre, you’ll hear The Cure-style guitars, Echo and the Bunnymen-esque washes of sound, and Ian Curtis-inspired vocals. Which isn’t to say that the album is a mere retread; in fact, it’s full of surprises, from the cinematic orchestration of “Memory” to the delayed, suddenly abrasive intro to “Anxiety.” The album features moments of blistering, brutal beauty, hypnotic riffs, and melancholy melodies. It’s a familiar sound, veering successfully into an uneasy, new direction.

A Moon Shaped Pool (CD)


When first putting on "Burn The Witch," the beginning of the Radiohead's new album, you might feel you've mistakenly put on a new Belle and Sebastian single. The slightly twee and plucky string arrangements seem to harken back to a Kinks-y Village Green Preservation Society -era jaunt. But give it a minute and Thom Yorke's trademark silky-gloom fills the village with a hypnotizing sense of doom. "Daydreaming" starts with a minimalist piano line and vocals but slowly builds with mysterious layers to a vast soundscape. With A Moon Shaped Pool  Radiohead have proven they've fully transcended the trappings of a '90s guitar rock band and turned into something more akin to a collection of texture, emotions, and sounds; a sort of soundtrack to the 21st century.

Redemption & Ruin (CD)

The Devil Makes Three

The Santa Cruz, CA bred country/Americana trio The Devil Makes Three has been hard at work singin' and pluckin' since 2002, so don't mistake their been-there-done-that wisdom and world-worn sound as an unearned affectation. This, their fifth studio album, drips with boozy charisma and revelry in regretting the bad decisions in life. Whether it be their take on Robert Johnson's "Drunken Hearted Man" or their cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting Around To Die," the group mines the American musical landscape for sonic inspiration. "Champagne and Reefer" is a more rockin' track. With its electric lead guitar, the song sounds like something Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black might have cooked up, but a little nastier.

The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead (BLU)

The Damned

The first career-spanning documentary on the legendary band that released the first English punk LP as well as influencing goth and psychobilly. Interpersonal conflicts, financial chicanery, and the dreaded artistic differences abound, but so do the timeless songs and energy. A nice mix of the salty and the sweet from one of the defining ’77 punk godfathers.

False Readings On (CD)


Matthew Cooper's Eluvium project defies categorization. The Portland-based musician could easily fall into the post-rock category with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Tortoise, Sigur Ros, and Slint, but it's too strange to be called "rock." The diverse knowledge of musical history up to this point can be heard in the modular synth progressions, operatic samples, Lynchian drone, and the heaviest reverb this side of My Bloody Valentine. False Readings On is Eluvium's first album in three years and is needed more than ever in a world that surrounds you with media noise every second. The gentle wave formations he creates feel like the perfect antidote to tinny drum machine samples, over done vocals and generic anthem rock. Songs float in and out and disappear before you even expect it. The opening track, "Strangeworks," starts off with white noise that suddenly explodes into lush organ chords that wrap around you. The shoegazey guitars hum in the background while unknown strings are plucked delicately in ethereal fashion. "Drowning Tone" recalls some of Jim O'Rourke's experiments in the '90s by creating a dark, moody atmosphere and drawing light and new sounds from it. What starts off as being a drone piece that sounds sculpted from worn tape (a William Basinski type touch) suddenly goes into the more dramatic "Washer Logistics." And though it's calm and beautiful, the guitar feedback might have it closer to the electric guitar experiments of Loren Connors or Keiji Haino. When artists drop art rockers of the past as a lazy point of reference, Eluvium actually continues and refines on the early albums of Fripp and Eno. He takes the elements of rock and makes some of the most beautiful and haunting music you've ever heard.

Body Wash (CD)


Los Angeles producer Mndsgn creates beats that are so perfectly low-fi, fuzzy, stoned, and drippy it makes you wish hip hop was always this chill. It's the perfect blend of Zapp & Roger boogie beats and the chill, neo-funk vocals of Toro y Moi. Finally stepping away from the realm of pure instrumentals, Body Wash introduces Mndsgn's spacey vocals that are so smooth and relaxed, it can easily slip you into a trance. It's simultaneously nostalgic and modern, with digitized vocals, ancient drum samples, and bubbling synths. But it's also a total rejection of the computerized, ultra clear productions of today's hip hop. It's experimental, crazy, and beautiful and it will get you moving. From the opening bop of "Cosmic Productions" the sci-fi, anime weirdness pops up with music that gives images of neon colors, large glass windows covered in reflections, and old Toyota Celicas. "Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)" almost sounds like a deep soundtrack cut from the '80s or even a song from an ancient interactive CD-ROM. The smooth synths don't belong in this era and sound so jarring and refreshing, especially as they embrace all their electronic crunch. "Ya Own Way" plays like a track from a '90s Sega arcade racing game. The funky bass rhythms over the new agey, soft rhythms are simultaneously haunting, but feel perfect against imaginary imagery of low-polygon cars driving in the night. Light up a joint and sit in a soft chair: this album is a trip like no other.

Secret City Records 10th Anniversary Compilation (CD)

Various Artists

Quebec's Secret City Records has been one of the most exciting and revealing indie labels from Canada. Tapping deep into the indie and outsider music scene of Montreal, Secret City Records has proudly released albums by Patrick Watson, Thus Owls, Own Pallett, Suuns, Plants and Animals, and The Barr Brothers. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they're doing a series of commemorative concerts around the world and are releasing a behemoth of a compilation. Chronologically spanning 34 tracks over two CDs, it's a perfect sampler of a unique sound curated by a one-of-a-kind label. Opening with a bonus track from Patrick Watson's Close To Paradise , "Interference From The Sky" picks up from the avant pop world of Jim O'Rourke. Powered up noise guitars shred over a minimal piano piece and free drumming that recalls Michael Nyman. And it builds and builds until it just disintegrates into nothing. Plants and Animals' "Bye Bye Bye" takes a different route. Instead of going for dramatic grit, this feels closer in spirit to to The Kinks' power pop masterpieces that just exude good vibes. The rich arrangement has a mix of mandolins, pianos, and a loud chorus that sounds more like 1967 than 2016. Suuns is a whole other beast. "Infinity" starts off like a lost Suicide track as ugly drum-machine riffs trot along vocals that are perfectly unsettling. Without ever being sleazy or gross, there's something about the song that makes you feel like you need to take a shower after listening to it. Along with Merge Records and Drag City, Secret City Records' diverse artists are completely unique in the world of indie rock. After listening to this, you'll want to hear it all.

Sonderlust (CD)

Kishi Bashi

It's almost insane to think pop wunderkind Kishi Bashi has had the success he's had. His combination of polyrhythmic drums, minimal synths, tape loops, soft vocals, complex lyrics, and violin sounds could have been destined for a niche audience or avant garde weirdos, but under his control, it's total poetry. It's a heavenly mix of indie dream pop and experimental minimalism and the resulting album is much needed in this dark year. It's more closely tied to the symphonic sounds of mid-'60s Beach Boys than to any other contemporary artist. With the strange harp sample that starts up "m'lover" it seems like it'll step into baroque antiquity any second before sampled vocals pop up with all their digital glitchiness, eventually exploding into a beautiful cacophony of synths, drums, and layered vocals. It sounds like it could go off rails any second, but Kishi Bashi keeps it all carefully orchestrated and beautifully composed. "Hey Big Star," the first single released for the album, almost breaks into a freakout that is so sugary sweet and joyful it's impossible to not smile while listening. It shines with bright optimism and a type of joy that seems to be missing from music today. It's exciting and almost shocking to cynical ears, but by the time you get to the operatic "oooohhhs" at the end, your heart will have been won over. Sonderlust feels revolutionary, not by being grotesque and in your face, but by creating a glowing atmosphere that can change the vibe of a room. Clear proof that pop still has plenty of life in it!

This Is Acting (CD)


Sia’s perhaps best known for writing songs for other people. From Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” to Kelly Clarkson’s “Invincible,” her songwriting and production skills are in the highest demand in the pop world. But artists at this echelon are also combing through dozens of songs to include on an album, so some of these inevitably fall by the wayside — witness how a song once intended for Rihanna ended up as Sia’s own biggest hit, “Chandelier.” So she’s taken all those songs that didn’t end up making it on pop stars’ albums and reclaimed them on her own seventh studio album, the aptly titled This Is Acting . You can almost hear Adele’s belt powering through “Alive,” but Sia’s wiry, cracking voice suits the song even better. Power-ballad “Bird Set Free,” also written (along with Tobias Jesso Jr.) for Adele, gains more poignancy in Sia’s own voice, given her public struggles with performance anxiety (“I don't care if I sing off key/I found myself in my melodies”). Though none would deny Sia’s talents as a songwriter capable of writing hits, those looking for more intrigue to her songs are rewarded with tracks like “One Million Bullets,” which possesses both some of her most interesting vocal tics and a powerful chorus, making for one of her best songs yet. In the end, who cares about for whom these songs were intended? Ironically, This Is Acting finds Sia coming into her own as an artist more than ever.

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