Behind the Scenes: Photos of Amoeba Hollywood's New Location

Amoeba Hollywood Sneak Peek

Work is underway inside the new Amoeba Hollywood location! As you can see from the photos below, there is a lot to do before we can move in to 6200 Hollywood Blvd, but we are making good progress.


We've gotten lots of questions about the new space. Firstly, how big is it? It's a little bit smaller than the old space, but not a whole lot. And yes, there is parking! There's a parking structure attached to the El Centro complex and we will validate. The new location is also across the street from the Hollywood & Vine metro stop, so it's super accessible from public transportation. Another popular question is about bathrooms. There will be a bathroom in the new location. It'll be locked like the old store, but just ask an employee and we'll let you use it. And finally, we will still be pet friendly! It wouldn't be Amoeba without our furry friends.


We'll share more updates and sneak peeks and, of course, a reopening date when we have one. Until then, stay safe and healthy!


Amoeba Hollywood new location


Amoeba Hollywood new location buildout


Many of you have asked if we're going to have a stage at the new location. The answer is yes! Here's a sneak peek at the buildout. It's a little hard to get a sense of its depth from these photos. Never fear, the new stage is only a wee bit smaller than the old one.


Stage buildout at Amoeba Hollywood


Stage buildout at Amoeba Hollywood


Below you can see the entry ramp being constructed by the front door.


Amoeba Hollywood buildout


These are the not-very-exciting-to-look-at-but-very-essential air conditioning ducts being installed. We'll be nice and cool all year round!


Amoeba Hollywood buildout  Amoeba Hollywood buildout


We have also gotten lots of questions about whether we'll have a second floor at 6200 Hollywood Blvd like we did in the old building. The new space is one story, but it has several different levels inside. The staircase in the first photo leads up to the books section! The next 2 photos show steel beams being installed to support upstairs offices.


behind the scenes at the new amoeba hollywood location


behind the scenes at Amoeba Hollywood's new location  Steel going into the new Amoeba Hollywood location

Looking out at the main floor from the offices above.

Amoeba Hollywood new location

The columns on the main floor are being painted in multiple colors like a rainbow!

Amoeba Hollywood new location sneak peek  Amoeba Hollywood new location sneak peek

The Amoeba countertops are going in!

Amoeba Hollywood new location sneak peek


Counters are still going in and you can see the beginnings of a wall display of color vinyl near the front entrance.

Counters inside the new location at Amoeba Hollywood


More progress on the main floor and the book section. You can also see the foundation for what will become a very cool installation along the railing by the book section.


Sneak Peek inside the new Amoeba Hollywood location   Book secion inside the new Amoeba Hollywood location


The new space is one story, but there are multiple levels inside. We're still figuring out how to refer to each level, so for now we'll call them the upper level, which is nearest the front doors, and the lower level which is where the stage is. Below is a panorama of the lower level taken from the elevated books section.


Panorama of the new Amoeba Hollywood


The upper level sales floor. The info counter is on the left and the registers are on the right near the windows. The front doors are at the center back of the image.


Amoeba Hollywood interior


A preview of the railing installation along the books section. Mini Amoeba cutouts!!


Railing installation   Railing installation close up


The bins and fixtures are going in at 6200 Hollywood Blvd!


Amoeba Hollywood interior


bins inside Amoeba Hollywood   T-shirt fixtures at Amoeba Hollywood


inside Amoeba Hollywood


railing inside amoeba hollywood


When you walk in the front doors, you'll be greeted by this awesome color vinyl installation with our "Peace Through Music" message in neon. 

Peace Through Music Installation


Color Vinyl Installation   Color Vinyl Installation


CDs and DVDs are going in! It's starting to look a lot like Amoeba!


Amoeba Hollywood floor


Soul Section at Amoeba Hollywood


Blu-ray and DVDs going in at Amoeba Hollywood


A custom collage on a pillar in the book section

Book Section Pillar   closeup of the book section pillar


The book section is filling up!


Book Section


Looking over the floor from the top of the book section.

Panorama of Amoeba Hollywood


Soul CDs.


soul CDs


Hip hop vinyl.


Hip Hop vinyl


Electronic and rock vinyl.


Rock Vinyl


The Blu-ray section.



Part of our T-shirt section.






Overlooking the floor.



overlooking the floor


Country, folk, and jazz vinyl are near the front of the store, alongside the registers.




Soundtrack vinyl and 7" collectible vinyl on the walls.


Soundtrack vinyl


Posters and collectible vinyl went up on the walls!


DVDs and posters


Books, magazines, and poster racks are on the landing above the floor. 




Rock vinyl and the 7" sections are near the front of the store.


rock vinyl


7 inch vinyl