Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Find out everything you need to know about shopping at Amoeba Music stores right here.

Is Amoeba Hiring?

We are not currently hiring, but you can leave a resume with our information counter staff at your convenience. Please feel free to include a cover letter and highlight your customer service and/or record store experience. We will keep your resume on file for future consideration.

Where Is Amoeba Located?

Amoeba Berkeley 
2455 Telegraph Ave. (at Haste)
Berkeley, CA 94701

Amoeba San Francisco
1855 Haight St. (at Stanyan, just east of Golden Gate Park)
San Francisco, CA 94117

Amoeba Hollywood
6400 Sunset Blvd. (between Cahuenga and Ivar)
Los Angeles, CA 90028

What Are Your Store Hours?

Amoeba Berkeley
Monday – Thursday: 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Amoeba San Francisco
Monday – Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Amoeba Hollywood
Monday – Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Our used buying counter closes at 9 p.m. Mon - Sat and at 8pm on Sundays.

Where Can I Park? Does Amoeba Validate?

Amoeba Berkeley
We validate one hour free parking with purchase at the Sather Gate public parking garage (2450 Durant Ave). There is street parking available around the Berkeley store, but be careful to look for tow-away zones and other parking restrictions.

Amoeba San Francisco
We validate one hour free parking with purchase at the Kezar Stadium lot (at Stanyan St. & Beulah St). There is street parking available around the San Francisco store, but be careful to look for tow-away zones and other parking restrictions.

Amoeba Hollywood
We have two free parking lots – a larger lot underneath the store (entrance on Cahuenga St.) and a smaller lot behind the store (entrance on Ivar). Maximum parking time is 2 hours.

There is a giant public parking garage at the Arclight Cinemas complex across from Amoeba Hollywood. We offer discounted validated parking at the Arclight garage for two hours with purchase. There is street parking available around the Hollywood store, but be careful to look for tow-away zones and restrictions, and don't park at Jack In The Box.

Which Public Transportation Can I Take To Get To Amoeba?

Amoeba Berkeley
BART: From the Downtown Berkeley BART stop at Shattuck, walk four blocks east on Haste Street to Telegraph Ave.
Bus: The #1 AC Transit line comes up Telegraph Ave from Oakland and stops in front of our store.

Visit the Berkeley public transportation planner for assistance with your trip.

Amoeba San Francisco
Bus: The #7 and the #71 Muni bus lines go up Haight Street and stop directly in front of our store. Call us for other bus routes. The N Judah train, which is great for those taking BART, runs parallel to Haight Street. Get off at Carl & Stanyan and it’s just a short downhill walk to the store.

We have bike parking.

Visit the San Francisco public transportation planner for assistance with your trip.

Visit the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for information about parking, street closures, and general transit alerts.

Amoeba Hollywood
Metro: Take the Metro Rail Red Line to the Hollywood & Vine Station. We are three blocks from there on foot - one block west to Ivar and two blocks south to Sunset.

Bus: The #2 Sunset bus stops directly in front of the store.

We have bike parking.

Visit the Los Angeles public transportation planner for assistance with your trip.

Visit Navigate Hollywood for info about parking, street closures, public transportation and general transit information for the city of Hollywood.

What Types of Items Do You Sell In Your Stores?

We have thousands of new, used, and collectible CDs & vinyl, DVDs & Blu-rays, books, posters and merchandise including Amoeba t-shirts, canvas bags and other cool Amoeba swag available for sale in our stores.

What Is Your Hold Policy?

We can hold up to 6 items for 24 hours (until closing the next day). You can have items held for you over the phone or in person. We cannot hold wall item records or collectible items. Items that are not retrieved by the appropriate day go back onto the sales floor. On weekdays, if needed, you can extend your hold (one time only) for one day.

Which Forms of Payment Are Accepted at Amoeba Store Locations?

We accept cash, debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), and traveler's checks in US dollars. Credit cards must be accompanied by valid photo ID. We do NOT accept personal checks or American Express credit cards or gift cards (American Express traveler’s checks are OK).

What Is Your Return Policy for Items Purchased at Your Stores?

All returns are for store credit only and must be accompanied by a receipt within 7 days of purchase. If an item is defective, we will replace it when in stock. If we can’t replace it, you will receive full store credit (for items over $1). If you want to return/exchange an item that is still sealed you will receive full store credit (for items over $1). You can also return anything (non-clearance and over $2) for any other reason and get 75% store credit. This is our “insurance policy” which allows you to take a chance on an item and still get most of the value back if you don’t care for it. Our return policy is also written at the bottom of every receipt.

Can I Take My Return To Any Amoeba Store for Exchange or Store Credit?

Yes. Remember, all returns must be done within 7 days with your receipt, and are for store credit, not cash. Call the store to make arrangements if you need to extend the time for a return.

Where Do I Return Items Inside the Store?

All exchanges and returns are done at the Buy Counter (located directly to your right when you first enter Hollywood and San Francisco; in Berkeley the buy counter is directly inside the front door to your left). Remember, all returns must be done within 7 days with your receipt, and are for store credit, not cash.

What Kinds of Things Does Amoeba Buy?

We buy CDs, DVDs, LPs, 45s, 78s, Blu-rays, collectible music & movie posters and prints, books, box sets, music collectibles, laserdiscs, VHS and cassettes – just about any format or anything music-related. Occasionally there are genres or formats that we are overstocked in and we will stop buying them for a time. Call the buy counter first if you are hoping to sell a lot of something that is pretty easy to come by (like cassettes, VHS). Click here for Amoeba's General Buying Policies.

How Much Cash Will Amoeba Give Me for My Stuff?

An item’s worth depends on the artist, title, popularity, condition, and amount of stock we already have. You can opt for cash or get approximately 30% more in store credit. Click here for Amoeba's General Buying Policies. We cannot give price quotes over the phone without actually seeing the product. It's always best to just bring your items to the store’s buy counter.

Where and How Do I Sell My Stuff to Amoeba?

Bring your items to the Buy Counter. A qualified, knowledgeable buyer will assess your product and make you an offer. You will always get more money if you opt for store credit, rather than cash, but the choice is yours. You must have a current government issued ID to sell. The Hollywood buy counter closes at 9 p.m. Monday – Saturday and 8 p.m. on Sundays. The Bay Area buy counters close when the stores close.

How Do I Sell My Large Collection to Amoeba?

If you have over 500 CDs or over 1,000 LPs to sell, please call the store first and find out whether we can do the buy in the store and if so, when. If you are interested in having us come out to your house to buy your collection, please click here to fill out our Collection Form. We rarely do this except for large collections of excellent titles. If you can't access our online Collection Form, please call the store and leave a message for our Collections Buyer with a brief description of your collection.

I'm in a Band and I Have CDs to Sell. Will Amoeba Stores Buy My CDs?

Amoeba is always interested in carrying music by unsigned local artists. Of course, we have very tight space constraints, and we usually have to start by carrying 1 or 2 copies of a self-released title until we see whether it sells strongly enough for us to carry more. Most titles we consign – we carry them for three months and pay for the ones that sold at the end of that time. We can pay outright for titles with a strong proven sales record. Call the store to make an appointment with someone who does consignments, or just bring your CDs to the buy counter and we'll see what we can do.

How Can My Band Book an In-Store Performance?

Please keep in mind that Amoeba is NOT a regular music venue. We book a show or two a week, generally for label-supported artists in conjunction with a new release. If you are interested in playing at one of our stores, please email a press kit and digital file to [email protected]

Can I Hang My Band’s Flyers or Posters Up at Amoeba Stores?

Yes. We have a big flyer rack up front for all kinds of music and other event flyers, and there is designated wall space to put up posters. There is also a community bulletin board if you're looking for an apartment to rent or a bassist for your band.

Where Is the Calendar of Upcoming Shows & In-Store Events at Amoeba?

View the in-store schedule for all three Amoeba stores here.

Do I Need a Ticket for a Live Show or In-Store Event at Amoeba?

Generally, no. All our in-store performances are free and all-ages. If you want to get in the signing line after a show, please purchase the artist's latest release at Amoeba and keep your receipt. Occasionally in-store events (signings, mostly) are limited, usually based on the artist's schedule. Each in-store listing under Upcoming Shows will specify whether or not there is a limit for a particular event.

How Early Should I Arrive for a Live Show or In-Store Event?

It depends on each show and the expected size of the audience. Please feel free to call the store hosting the event or ask us on Twitter closer to the show date.

Can I Take Photos or Video at a Live Show or In-Store Event?

It depends on each artist. In general, fan photos are OK and video is not OK, but it is ultimately each artist's decision. Please feel free to call the store hosting the event or ask us on Twitter closer to the show date.


If you are a professional photographer and want to take photos at one of our events, please email [email protected] with your request.

How Can I Tell If My Item is Used or New?

Items with white price tags are new. Items with a yellow, green or red price tag are used. Items with white price tags that have a blue line across the top are in their original shrink-wrap (i.e. unplayed) but we were sold to us over the counter rather than from a distributor, so are part of our used inventory (and therefore cheaper than new).

Can I Listen to a CD in the Store Before I Buy It?

Chances are, yes. We have listening stations where you can scan the barcode of a CD, and if it's in the computer, you can preview it. Not every title in the store is in our listening station catalogue, but a huge number of them are. The more obscure a title is, the less likely it is to be in there, but it's definitely worth a try.

Can I Special Order Music or Movies That are Not in Stock?

If our stores do not stock a particular item you're looking for, you can place a special order at our Information Counter or front registers. If the item is available for ordering, we will ask for a $5 deposit to place the order. When your order arrives, we will call you directly and hold it for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to order out-of-print items, as well as most imports and vinyl, and we prefer not to order items that are easily available used.

Does Amoeba Sell Turntables?

We generally carry Nu-Mark, Pro-Ject Debut, Crosley, and Audio-Technica turntables, although each store has its own selection of turntables. See each store’s turntable display for current models.

Does Amoeba Sell Posters?

Yes. We have thousands of music posters, movie posters, limited-edition print posters, Fillmore posters and more. All the posters on our walls are for sale and most we sell new for $12-15. They can range much higher than that, particularly for rare, old, original edition posters (usually framed or in plastic sleeves). Tell the cashier which poster you’re interested in and they will get it from our back stock or pull it down from the wall when necessary. We also have racks of less expensive used posters that you can flip through. Browse our online poster inventory here.

Do Amoeba Stores Do Mail Order?

Yes. We take specific order requests in our store mail order section. Purchases made through store mail order do not qualify for free shipping.

What Are Those Records on The Wall?

Those records are collectible vinyl because they are limited edition, rare, out-of-print, or original pressings. They usually sell for over $20 (often much higher). We often refer to them as wall items. Ask any Amoeba floor staff if you want help with a wall item.

Do You Have a Public Restroom?

Sorry, none of our Amoeba stores have public restrooms. In Hollywood, the nearest ones are at the Arclight Cinemas (next door) and Groundwork coffee shop (on Cahuenga, kitty corner from Amoeba). In the Bay Area, there are plenty of cafes that line the streets. All of these fine establishments in each town would like you to buy something while you are there.

Does Amoeba Sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, we sell two different types: gift certificates for use in our stores and gift codes for Amoeba.com.

Store gift certificates can be purchased in-store or online, are available in any amount and do not expire until they're used. Store gift certificates can be redeemed at any Amoeba store location, but cannot be used on Amoeba.com.


If you are unable to redeem your gift certificate at one of our physical stores, you may exchange it for Amoeba.com credit. Please contact [email protected] with your 6-digit gift certificate number (upper right hand corner) and the Amoeba location at which it was purchased.

Amoeba.com gift codes can only be purchased online, are available in any amount up to $300 and do not expire until they’re used. Amoeba.com gift codes can only be redeemed online and are not redeemable at an Amoeba store.


If you would like to use your Amoeba.com E-code at any one of our physical stores, please bring your E-code number with you, and speak to a store manager.

I Have a Store Credit/Gift Certificate. Can It Be Used at Any Amoeba Store Location?

Yes. Amoeba credit slips and gift certificates are good at all three stores.

If I Don’t Use All of My Gift Certificate, What Happens to the Balance?

If you are using a store gift certificate, you will be issued a new credit slip for the remaining balance. This credit does not expire but we are not able to retrieve it if it’s lost. So make sure to hold onto it!

For Amoeba.com gift codes, your balance will stay connected to the original gift code (if you are not logged in/registered with Amoeba.com) OR if you are logged into your Amoeba.com account it will be applied to your account and will be available to you the next time you make a purchase using your account.

Can Store Credit Be Used For Purchases on Amoeba.com?

No. Store credits are for store redemption only, as they are "trade credits" and we do not offer trades via Amoeba.com.

Is Amoeba.com's Inventory the Same as Your Store Inventory?

No. Our new inventories for physical goods (CDs, vinyl, etc) are roughly the same, but used inventories are different across each store and Amoeba.com. Additionally, Amoeba.com sells digital downloads that are not available for purchase in the stores. The physical goods available for sale on Amoeba.com are a reflection of our stores' constantly changing inventories and many items are rare or one-of-a-kind. Some of the harder to find items listed are subject to availability. We will do our best to fill all orders placed, and will offer an immediate 100% refund for pieces that may have sold out prior to placed orders.

What is Your Return/Exchange Policy for Items Purchased on Amoeba.com?

All sales are final. However, if an item is defective we will do our best to replace it whenever possible. If we are unable to replace the item, we will issue a refund. See our full return policy for Amoeba.com. Please email us at [email protected] if an item you purchased on Amoeba.com is defective.

Can I Get Free Shipping on My Amoeba.com Purchases?

Yes, all music and movies (CD, LP, 7”, 10”, 12”, 78, DVD, Blu-ray, cassette) ship for free to US addresses with no minimum purchase required. T-shirts, posters, books, accessories, and international orders do not qualify for free shipping.

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