Our Stores: Buy, Sell, Trade

Because of different needs and flow of product, the Northern California and Hollywood stores have slightly different buying policies.

How We Price

Vinyl LPs: We pay TOP DOLLAR for strong-selling and collectible LPs!!!

If a record is truly collectible, in great condition, and we can get more for it, we might pay as much as 1/2 in cash or 2/3 in trade of what we’re going to sell it for.

A typical collection that contains mixed titles usually averages from 25 cents to $7.00 STORE CREDIT per LP (or up to 75% of the store credit value in cash), and some may be worth more. Recent releases in good condition might average $2.00 to $10.00 STORE CREDIT, with some being worth more.



For titles that do still sell strongly and are in very good condition, we typically offer between $2 and $4 STORE CREDIT (or 50% of the credit value in cash). Collectible titles, rarities, special versions can go significantly higher.

Common and/or slow-selling CD’s are likely to receive an offer in the 10 to 50 cent range.

We need CD’s to be in good condition, unscratched, with original front and back artwork. Please no home burn CD-R’s, Case Logic holders without cases, or excessively dirty or damaged CD’s or cases.


DVDs/Blu-ray: We pay TOP DOLLAR for strong-selling and uncommon titles!!!

Unfortunately, due to the widespread shift towards streaming, the majority of DVD and Blu-ray titles have lost significant value, most notably in TV show season box sets.

Our stores pay between 10 cents and 50 cents in STORE CREDIT for common and low-priority titles.

We may pay up to $4.00 STORE CREDIT (or 50% of the store credit value in cash) for full-priced and unusual Foreign films, Art films and Cult films, and some New Releases, 4K UHD discs, while Out-of-Print titles and special editions can go much higher.

We need discs to be in good condition, unscratched, with original front and back artwork. Please no home burn DVD-R’s, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION Academy promos or excessively dirty or damaged DVD’s or cases.


Videos: VHS is a format that is disappearing and becoming very difficult to sell. Most are donation only, and we are not accepting damaged or incomplete packaging, promos/screeners or former rentals.

If they ARE titles we can use, we most often pay nickels and dimes for VHS films in STORE CREDIT ONLY

Rare and valuable VHS tapes may certainly generate a higher cash or credit offer.


Cassette Tapes: Although there has been some resurgence of interest in this format, they are, by-and-large, difficult to sell. Sellers will generally get very little for these, though there are some high-priced rarities that will come with a Cash or Credit offer.


**NOTE: Currently our HOLLYWOOD store is not offering cash on VHS, Laserdisc, 8-Track or Reel-To-Reel formats unless it is a high value collectible. These obsolete formats can generate STORE CREDIT, but, in most cases, it will be in the range of nickels, dimes and quarters.

Please call our Berkeley and San Francisco stores for their policies regarding these formats.



Books: We are always looking for music and film books, art books, fiction and non-fiction, classics, poetry, comics, and graphic novels in good condition. We do not need/won't pay for cookbooks, sports books, history, political, and business books, and biographies that do not pertain to music, film or art.

Because the value of books varies widely, the range of what we pay does as well.


Classical Music

There is quite a glut of Classical Music on the market (both Vinyl LPs and CDs) and most of it, if in MINT condition, can be accepted only as Donation.

We are still seeking and paying for 20th Century/Avant-Garde titles (Stockhausen, Reich, Glass, Xenakis, etc.).



The first few years of ROCK’N’ROLL, small combo Bebop Jazz (Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie) and early FOLK BLUES (Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, etc.), as well as certain ‘ethnomusicology’-type field recordings are some of the few genres that could have significant value for resale.

The vast majority of 78 rpm records and shellacs, from other genres, have very little to no resale value. We are not seeking 78’s of CLASSICAL MUSIC, most Crooners (Crosby, Day, Astaire, etc.), or Big Band Jazz. In good, playable condition, this type of 78 would be acceptable as DONATION or for a very small amount of STORE CREDIT only.



We are only seeking framed or flat posters, either vintage film posters or silk-screened and signed Rock posters. Some vintage mass-produced posters may have significant value if rare and/or related to cult-status acts (Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Beatles, etc.)

We are not looking to buy most current quantity-production Rock and film posters.




Store Locations

Amoeba Berkeley

2455 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 549-1125 - Google Maps

Store Hours:
Open Wednesday - Sunday 11am-7pm [Closed Mon/Tues]

Amoeba San Francisco

1855 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 831-1200 - Google Maps

Store Hours:
Open 11am-7pm every day

Amoeba Hollywood

6200 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 245-6400 - Google Maps

Store Hours:
Monday - Thursday open 11am - 8pm | Friday - Sunday open 11am - 9pm (Trade counter closes at 7pm every day)