Important Update for Customers

Important Update

Dear Loyal Amoeba Customers,


On June 28, was the victim of a hacking attack. As a result, our website has been offline while we have been working hard to rebuild the site and take steps to ensure that this does not happen again. No credit card data was exposed or accessed in the attack. Additionally, all passwords were encrypted, but we still recommend changing your password as an extra precaution. However, some information, including shipping / billing addresses and email addresses, was compromised.


We understand not only the inconvenience that this attack has been for our customers, but also the importance of reestablishing your confidence. We have hired a third-party firm to investigate this hack, moved our servers to a new location, and increased our systems’ security to do our best to prevent a future attack.


We have relaunched with new product only and are working to add used inventory back to the site as soon as we can.


Thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we navigate this incredibly challenging year.


Customer FAQ


Was my credit card data exposed?


No. Amoeba does not store any financial information on our servers and none was accessed or compromised. All credit card data is stored on the servers (the third-party payment gateway provider we use for purchases), not on Amoeba servers.


Was my personal data like my address and email accessed?


Yes, unfortunately email addresses and shipping / billing addresses were exposed. But again, no financial data.


Do I need to create a new username and reset my password?


Yes. Your account is no longer accessible and a new username and password are necessary. Please know that all passwords were encrypted, but we still recommend resetting your password for an extra layer of security. You may create a new account or checkout as a guest when making a purchase.


I have an online gift code or a balance remaining from an online gift code. Will it still work or do I need a new code?


If you have an online gift code or credit balance, please email [email protected] with the purchaser’s name, purchaser’s email, and credit amount and we can help restore your online credit.


I pre-ordered a new release before June 28, 2020. Will it still ship on time?


Yes. Shipping was not affected by the site’s temporary shutdown and we will continue to ship pre-ordered items as usual.


What steps are you taking to ensure this doesn't happen again?


We hired a third-party firm to investigate this hack, moved our servers to a new location and have invested in additional layers of systems security to help combat against a future attack.