Amoeba Hollywood's Expanded Book Section

Books at Amoeba Hollywood

If you've been to Amoeba Hollywood before, you know we're so much more than a music store. One of the best sections (if we do say so ourselves) is our book department, which is filled with curated books about music, film & TV, manga, graphic novels, fiction & literature, art, poetry and so much more.

We recently expanded and rearranged our book section to make it a little easier to shop. The ever popular Manga and Graphic Novel sections have been expanded. Children's & Young Adult books and Poetry have moved next to Fiction & Literature. 


We also have a huge selection of posters upstairs in our book area. You can flip through them or just look up on the walls! We have hundreds of music and movie posters of all kinds, including collectible and framed pieces throughout the store. If you see a poster you like, you can ask a cashier to grab one for you from our back stock or, if it's a collectible, we'll help take it off the wall for you.


From new releases and used bargains to posters and collectibles, you're sure to find something interesting, colorful, and unexpected in our book section. Come dig our books and posters!


Books at Amoeba Hollywood


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