Live Streaming DJ Event in the STARL Arena with Dublab DJs Friday, May 6

STARL Arena Grand Reveal Party 5/6

Amoeba is teaming up with STARL and Subtractive Studios to bring you one-of-a-kind virtual events in STARL’s decentralized metaverse – kicking off with a launch party to reveal the STARL Arena. The virtual party happens Friday, May 6 from noon to 5pm PST and will feature live DJs from DublabDiskore, Space Master, and Baseck (synth set), plus appearances from STARL's team, interactive competitions, giveaways & more cool surprises.


This grand reveal party will be the first time people can interact with the STARL Hub, the central location of the STARL Metaverse, and experience the STARL Arena. When users enter the Arena, interactive lights, lasers, flying robotic speakers and screens fill the display while reflective surfaces - including a water-filled dancefloor create mind-warping visual effects and reflections surrounding the user.  Side rooms and inviting retro-themed lounges have been created to explore and enjoy.


Humans have explored new ways of communicating and interacting at an accelerated pace during the Covid-19 crisis, not only workwise but also while playing games or attending parties, exhibitions and live music events. It’s opened up many exciting and inclusive opportunities to allow more people around the world to experience shows that otherwise were unable to due to geography, economic status, accessibility issues or age limits. The idea that virtual music events can help bridge that gap and help more people access and connect is one that is very exciting to Amoeba and why we have joined the team in the STARL Metaverse as they trailblaze a unique and visually compelling path forward on their psychedelic spaceship!


STARL Grand Reveal Party


STARL Metaverse Installer, In-game Controls and Settings Guide


1. 8MB RAM

2. 4GB HD

3. NVIDIA 9 series or higher

4. Windows PC


Installing Guide

Step 1:  Download the installer (4GB) on (available starting Thursday, May 5th at 7am PST onwards)  



Step 2:  Run the installer.



Step 3:  Launch the game



Step 4:  Register Account.



Step 5: Login and Enjoy!


In-game Control Guide

Step 1: Press ESC button and select “CONTROLS”.




Step 2: Enjoy the party with the control guide!




In-game Settings

We offer settings to adjust for game – accessible via the ESC button:

1. Quality

2. Frame Per Second Limit

3. Music Volume

4. Sound FX Volume



** Lowering Quality will improve the frame rate.

** Lowering FPS Limit will stress your computer less (good for streaming or lower end laptops)


For users without a Windows PC – you can watch the event on Discord to see what it’s all about:

Step 1: Download Discord on your phone/mac via the link below


Step 2: Create an account when prompted.


Step 3: Join the STARL Metaverse server via the link below


Step 4: On the event day (May 6th at noon PST), join one of the voice channels shown below and you’ll be able to watch others’ streams via the channel. ENJOY!



Step 5: Watch others’ streams via the channel/enjoy!


One more technical note, the event will incorporate what's referred to in the gaming world as "instances," meaning that there will be a cap starting at 100 people per environment. The number is not permanent, but will be a starting point while the STARL team load-tests instances. When multiple instances are open, users will be able to move between them when they are not at max capacity. The STARL team is  planning to weigh traffic and volume and adjust settings however needed to ensure the best possible experience for every user and to  ensure you and your friends will get to party together while orbiting through space.


If you experience any issues with trying to connect/tech, you can reach out to the STARL tram tech support via their social channels below: