Baby DJ School Classes at Amoeba Hollywood March 11 - May 6

Baby DJ School Classes at Amoeba Hollywood

Baby DJ School classes at Amoeba Hollywood


We were excited when Brooklyn-based Baby DJ School asked Amoeba to be the first west coast location for their cool interactive singing and dancing class for little ones. The first series was so successful we're doing it again! Starting Saturday, March 11th, DJ Annie Wonder will kick off an eight week series of classes at Amoeba Hollywood.


Baby DJ School will run at Amoeba Hollywood every Saturday at 11am, beginning March 11th and running through May 6th (with no class on Record Store Day - April 22nd). Classes are 45 minutes long and are for kids ages 2 months to 5 years. They must be accompanied by an adult. Rolling admission and trial classes are available. Register to Baby DJ School classes here.





Baby DJ School is an interactive music program for ages 2 months-5 years that has taken the world by storm. Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, TimeOut NY Kids, NY Magazine, Red Tricycle, The BBC, The Guardian, Huffington Post and many more have raved about this fascinating new education series.


Baby DJ SchoolBy using original songs such as “Makin’ Our Favorite Beat Drop” and “That’s Why Daddy Loves Disco” Baby DJ School transforms the ordinary Mommy-and-me sing-along experience into an educational escapade into the wonderful worlds of electro, hip-hop, and house! Through singing, dancing, and interactive technology, little ones are introduced to handling records, mixing and matching beats, and creating fun and funky samples using modern DJ equipment. Why should children hear the same nursery songs underscored by the same instruments time and time again? Switch out a guitar for a sampler, a piano for a mixing board and a song about black sheep for a song about back beats, and you have an exciting new musical landscape that both young and old will enjoy. Best of all, electronic beats can be mixed by pushing buttons and moving sliders that are easy for little hands to manipulate. Baby DJ School increases gross and fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, language skills, and fosters a special bond between caretaker and baby because they are both learning a new skill!


“There are hundreds of music classes for babies, and they’re all nursery rhymes and the kids sit around and hit a little drum. This one is more interactive. It’s just like their toys at home, but they’re doing it in a group setting and hearing music at the same time, which I think is good anyway. It’s an amazing class.” – Samantha Al-Fayez, son age 13 months


“It’s not just the motor development that’s happening, but it’s also the social interaction with parents which is very valuable.” – Pediatric neurologist Celeste Kidd speaking about Baby DJ School on ABC TV


Anna Wallace (DJ Annie Wonder) will be leading the class. She is a DJ trained in the WEISS method, composer, performer, music historian, educator, and a classically trained mezzo soprano who has been teaching voice lessons since 2008 out of her home studio. She is extremely passionate about promoting songwriting and creativity to people of all ages. Anna is also a music historian, specializing in early roots music and early rock and roll.


Experience the music and fun at, and for an overdose of cuteness, watch Baby DJ School on Good Morning America and dive into their social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.