Mr. Isaacs (CD)

This re-mastered 1977 classic from Cool Ruler is an essential album for any true lover of reggae, featuring some of his most iconic hits such as “Smile,” “Slave Master,” and “Set The Captives Free, along with a treasure trove of rarities and DJ cuts.

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I Man A The Stal-A-Watt (CD)

I Man A The Stal-A-Watt is a rootical journey into sound, driven by the massive production skills of Bunny Lee and the smooth vocal prowess of Cornell Campbell, highlighting the singer’s prominence in the golden era of reggae from the early '70s to early '80s.

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Fight The Good Fight (CD)

Fight the Good Fight is a joyful throwback to the ska-punk of the late '90s and early 2000s, complete with a guest turn by Rancid on “Got Each Other.” The album was also produced by Rancid's Tim Armstrong. With lyrics that deal with gravel-voiced singer Aimee Interrupter's rough childhood and search for connection, the band's songs are triumphant and upbeat, with tight musicianship and radio-friendly choruses such as on “She's Kerosene.”

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