Songs Of Our Native Daughters (CD)
A supergroup of four black female banjo players (Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell and Amythyst Kiah) recording songs about racism, slavery, suffering in a breathtakingly beautiful way. Must hear! Read more
Lover (CD)

Singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen's new album, Lover, is a collection of heartfelt, sparse, and personal pop songs. The title track is a slinky number with a touch of R&B and a dynamic chorus, evidence that he's moved away from his previous indie folk stylings for this intimate set. There is, however, a moving ballad about depression titled “Robin Williams” that is dedicated to the late actor, a number that makes the most of Gundersen's expressive vocals. As his songwriting continues to show growth, this fourth studio album marks him as a mainstay in the indie pop scene.

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San Isabel (CD)

Austin-based Americana/country duo Jamestown Revival shine on their third album, San Isabel. Named after the rustic location where they recorded the album — a cabin, natch, in Colorado’s San Isabel National Forest — the exquisite harmonies and polished songwriting will certainly make listeners prick up their ears. The band are skilled artisans, their music trafficking in sunny Californian melodies with backwoods grit, verve, and soulfulness. In the hands of lots of other bands, this combination of traits would sound overly-produced and radio-ready but such is not the case for longtime pals Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. A tip of the hat to Jamestown Revival, not only for their obvious musical talents but for rooting themselves in an authenticity and passion that makes their music (pun not quite intended) really sing.

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