Beginners [Maroon Vinyl] (LP)

Christian Lee Hutson's debut album Beginners was produced by Phoebe Bridgers, with whom he worked on both Boygenius and Better Oblivion Community Center, and it shows in its sparse arrangements. Like Bridgers, Hutson has a penchant for clever or sardonic lyrics, but his melodies are lighter and more '60s-influenced, as evidenced on the album opener "Atheist." "Get The Old Band Back Together" is a fun, more ramshackle number, featuring harmonica and the unforgettable line, “You idiots in your leather jackets and glasses / you know I can still kick all your asses.”

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Roped In (LP)

Roped In is an atmospheric, intimate, and often spare album anchored by Patrick McDermott’s intricate guitar and the haunting pedal steel work of Barry Walker. Harpist Mary Lattimore and guitarist William Tyler also make delicate appearances throughout. Across the album’s nine tracks, McDermott and Walker use simplicity and the directness of communicating emotions through music as both a jumping off point and a parameter. It’s about the clarity that can come from quiet moments, and how those moments are worth sticking with for as long as we possibly can.

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