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Elliot Monka

My son loves music--has become quite the connoisseur--he lives up north in Sacramento, but, when he comes down to visit (even during those visitation times) it is not complete without the obligatory drive to Amoeba--we saw Michele Gondry live--but, it was the event of a lifetime getting in to see Sir Paul McCartney on my son's birthday (21)--just too amazing--Thank You Amoeba for great memories with my son.

Jason Torres
Jason Torres

About a year ago I went for a little event, the release of a certain Box Set put together by Alex Palao, and I thought it would be worth the drive from San Bernardino and it was. Got to see some good live performances, go through the dollar bins, talk with a guitarist from the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, and while digging the live music who should pop up as a fellow spectator? Why Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees. THE MONKEES! L.A.'s/Hollywood's very own Beatles, you know? Ok, you could make a case for the Buffalo Springfield but they didn't have the TV show. Anyhow, I approached Mickey and had my picture snapped with him not once, but twice, by Mrs. Dolenz, and got to tell him that HEAD was one of the greatest movies ever (it sounded good at the time). Not too shabby.

I've been coming to Amoeba for several years, my daughter has an Amoeba t-shirt in pretty much every color. But I haven't been there so regularly as I have been this year. I met this guy in early 2010. He's a musician from an 80s/90s rock band. I think before we even met, I found out that his favorite place in Los Angeles (maybe on Earth) is the Amoeba store in Hollywood. We go there a lot, and every time we go, we walk in, give each other a kiss and split up to do our own thing. I go straight for the used section first to see if any of his band's records are there. Sometimes they are, and I look at them - not that I couldn't just look at them in my own house. Sometimes there's nothing in the bin for his band, and I smile because I know that means someone bought them and is enjoying his music. Then I wander around. I go upstairs to look for movies for my little girl. I come back down the stairs, stopping mid-way to see if I can find my man. Usually, I spot him, but I don't walk over or disturb him. I like to let him get lost in the store. It makes him happy. After about an hour we find each other, buy our music or movies and leave. So, while I've been a fan of Amoeba for years, this past year has been a whole new experience for me in the store, seeing the place in a different light. Thanks for being there. 'Til next time . . .

Jeremy Pickett
Jeremy Pickett

Back in 1994, I took a cross country trip to SF from Chicago via Greyhound. Friends of mine were playing a show at Gilman St. w/MTX and I was not going to miss this. I was poor and had just dropped out of college, but that did not stop me from spending any available dollar I had on records. I had saved about $150 to buy on records that trip and I couldn't wait to go shopping at Amoeba before the show. I remember walking in the door and nearly fainting. I had not seen that many awesome, obscure, punk, country, soul, rock albums and 7"s in my life. I was shell shocked. I spent about three hours sitting on the floor going through all the 45s trying to decide what trophy records to buy. Panic eventually set in and I couldn't make a decision. I had been defeated! I almost cried as I couldn't make a decision. I ended up buying the current issue of fLIPSIDE and nothing else. But I vowed to return the next day, prepared for battle. And I did. I spent way more than I had budgeted, leaving me with $15 for food money to last the rest of week. I went very hungry that week but that trip to Amoeba was one of the highlights of my trip.

my best score at Amoeba (so far)? a first edition copy of Operation Ivy. i just love the atmosphere at Amoeba. i could browse for hours and be at peace. peace, love, music... what else is there?

Amy Little

Thank you Amoeba!! My stereo appliances tend to be slightly behind the most modern models, and you always come through for me! When I thought it no longer possible, I have found fantastic VHS and cassette tapes in your bins. For gifts for my "vinyl-only" brother-in-law, you are my family's go-to store. One of my happiest finds happened in 2008, when I wanted to celebrate Prince's 50th birthday on June 7th. There it was at your store . . . the film "Purple Rain" on DVD - now mine!! Happy Birthday Amoeba and best wishes!

erik seidenglanz
erik seidenglanz

ariel pink live. what ever happened to that video thou

Bud Stafford

Even before other record stores starting disappearing, Amoeba has been a favorite, for it's eclectic variety and for the option of buying new or used. We call our visits to Amoeba "pilgrimages" for they truly are enlightening experiences. I've taught my now-teenage daughters the joy of music, of CDs and of vinyl from taking them on many pilgrimages to all three Amoebas. When they were 8-9 years old and wanted a CD by the A-Teens, I took them to Amoeba. We found one new for $12.99 - they were thrilled. Then I took them to the used section (they were separate then) and found one for $7.99. And we found another for $5.99. We sat on the floor looking at all three and I asked them "which one should we buy?". They looked at me, looked at the CD covers, which of course all looked the same, looked at the price and quickly said "The $5.99 one - and since we're saving so much money, can we buy more?". I was so proud. Now, even as they are both on the verge of leaving for college, they still enjoy making a pilgrimage with their dad.

John Simko

You know there’s a God because Amoeba exists. There has never been a time I have visited Amoeba and left disappointed. As a matter of fact, there have been countless times I have walked in believing I would only be purchasing an album, but instead walked out an hour later with a hundred dollars worth of stuff. Sure my wallet may have been lighter, but I couldn’t have been happier each time. Each time I visit I feel like I am a kid in a candy store. There is just too much good stuff to handle. Whether it’s browsing through vinyl, music posters, soundtracks, used music, lasderdiscs, Blu-rays, or even the DVD section upstairs, I cherish each moment to know about the greatest store ever. It’s one of the friendliest and down-to-earth places you can ever visit. When I am there I feel like I am at home. My first exposure to Amoeba was when I visited the Arclight in March 2005 during Kevin Smith’s West Coast Vulgarathon. From that moment on I found my primary place to shop for mainstream movies and music along with all the obscure stuff in between. Whether it’s an Iggy Pop picture disc or a sealed vinyl copy of “The Apple” Soundtrack or the original and out of print “The Harder They Come” Criterion Collection DVD, Amoeba has had it. Since I have an eclectic taste in film and music I feel a list is necessary when visiting. Among my friends I have become notorious and infamous for these lists bringing them every time I visit Amoeba. About 80% of the time, Amoeba has exactly what I am looking for no matter what and I love how impressive their inventory is at all times. Sure I can talk about the times I have met Slash, Ace Frehley, Ozzy Osbourne, Elvis Costello or the dozens of others I have been fortunate to meet during in-store events, but it’s one aspect I have yet to mention about Amoeba I love most- The WALL. For the longest time I never paid any attention to the wall. Of course that was until a pink colored album caught my eye. About two years ago I was buying a birthday gift and checked out at my favorite register #7. Behind the register on the wall was one of my favorite albums of all time, “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols.” What was so special about this album? It wasn’t a special edition, a limited edition or even the British version, but an original U.S. 1st pressing SEALED almost NM copy of the album. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. After asking the cashier to take a closer look, she handed it to me and I examined it closer. There was a slight tear and it affected the binding on the left side of the record sleeve, otherwise the album was NM. I thought long and hard on buying that album, but decided against purchasing the $200 album. However, I couldn’t get it off my mind. For the next two weeks I conveniently came back five times to Amoeba to see if they still had it when I “happened to be in the neighborhood.” On the last visit I bought two CDs and was once again purchasing my two items at register #7. The record was still there. I asked the male clerk to take it down so I could get one last look. Once he placed it in my hands I immediately said, “I’ll take it,” which completely surprised him. Afterwards I had it immediately framed so I could display it in my office and whenever friends come over they are immediately drawn to it. The album now has a few friends keeping it company with a “Kiss” original blue label and 2nd pressing album, a signed “Appetite For Destruction” original U.K. pressing album with the controversial cover that was signed by Slash on Record Store day, Scott Walker’s “Scott” album, “Punk” Magazine #1, and my favorite item, “Rolling Stone” #1 to make my office the coolest office for any college student. With the exception of the two magazines, everything else was purchased at that awesome store on 6400 Sunset Blvd. There is no place better than Amoeba! Thanks for hiring the most awesome people and for always making it a blast to shop!

Eric Caidin

Attending the where the action is signing was a once in a lifetime experience because I ran into old concert cronies from the 60`s, many of whom I haven't seen in 30 or so years and might never see again. I was able to meet and reaquaint myself with many 60's house bands and musicians who made the local 60's LA music scene so memorable.