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Raul Morales

Some MAGA white boys must work at San Francisco location. Make Amoeba Great Again must be their goal, minorities not welcome, was my experience! HATE, RACISM, WHITE SUPREMACY, DISCRIMINATION, etc., does NOT sell! A year after, I bought dozens of records online elsewhere, not 1 penny spent at your stores! Dropped by LA location, found nothing I could not buy elsewhere: Amoeba has LOTS of competitors and usually higher prices. Amoeba will NEVER be great again, I guarantee you that..

Edward Pacheco

I was on an Anthrax video compilation on YouTube because i was gonna see them live in their 2018 tour. Upon watching these Anthrax videos, i saw the what’s in my bag edition of Anthrax, which i loved so much. The concept of artists describing the music they love is so interesting and it got me interested to the store. So me and my girlfriend went to the San Francisco show and I couldn’t believe what i was seeing!! It was any music lover’s dream. Now Amoeba is my number one music store

Walt Johnson

I\'m in a long-distance relationship, but whenever I come to LA to visit my boyfriend, an afternoon spent at Amoeba goes without saying. So many albums, CDs, DVDs, books and posters to browse through. Love this place! Are you guys hiring? I\'m tempted to quit my job and hope to work for you!

Elijah K.

Living in Dubai, where vinyl is extremely overpriced and independent record shops are nonexistent, Amoeba is truly a breath of fresh air. With the best selection of music I have ever seen and the coolest staff in the world, Amoeba really is something special. Peace through music!

christian sanchez

I attended king middle school which is a couple of miles away from Amoeba. I always heard the name but I never bothered to even take a single bus towards it, it was only a month ago that I finally decided to go over and check it out with a couple of my animal friends, mono and pigeon. When I walked in, I never expected anything as huge as this store. I saw nothing but cds movies and posters. It was love at first sight. Now I'm a huge fan of movies and when i saw how many dvd's Amoeba had it became my favorite store in the world. Have I mentioned the price and the wide selection they have??? :O!!!!!! God I love this store. I've gone 3 times this past month, once a week. Tonight I'm gonna make it my fourth. :D

Brian Mulhern
Brian Mulhern

Had a great time at the 20th Anniversary Party and I won this cool amp! Thank you, Amoeba (& ZT). You are one of my all-time favorite record stores!

Juan Pablo Martinez
Juan Pablo Martinez

Ahh, Amoeba Music. If there really is that certain something which you could say turned me into a music addict, it was Amoeba Music. I still recall the first time I went to Amoeba Music. I was 14 back then and I was on a trip to Los Angeles. I live in Mexico and record stores over here are either: a) Massive big-chain stores filled with bad pop records or expensive imports, or... b)dying indie record stores. Therefore, when I first heard of Amoeba Music in a flier I found in the hotel I was staying at, I WAS DYING to go and visit there. The next day, I woke up early and headed out there. I parked my rental car in the parking lot and then went upstairs. I would love to describe how my face was when I actually had my first gaze into Amoeba Music, but I think it's impossible to describe. It certainly was a mixture of shock and immense joy. I think I looked like a kid visiting a candy store for the first time in his life. I began browsing and browsing, putting CDs and LPs in a basket, looking at every bin. I don't know how to put this, but I TRULY BELIEVE my life was changed that day. Before that, I was a casual music fan, but just that day I started craving records like you have no idea. When I left the store, I think I probably cried a little on the inside, 'cause it just made me sad to know that I do not live in LA and can't visit the store at least once a week. Thus, that's the reason why I visit the store nearly once a year (which is definitely a lot of times considering the distance) and spend HUNDREDS of cash in there (leaves me broke for months, but I don't mind). And no, I do not care if it takes a lot of gas, toll booths and hotel rooms to get there, cause Amoeba Music is just beautiful. There's nothing else to it. Amoeba Music is a godly experience. (PS. I know I posted my testimonial twice, but that's because I hit the ENTER key accidentally before I was finished. Stupid buttery hands of mine. Sorry.)

Carlos Navarrette
Carlos Navarrette

I was a sixteen year old high school junior the first time I walked into the Amoeba Music Store in Hollywood, Ca. I was still in mourning of the recently debunked Tower Records that had gone out of business about a year before that. I walked inside the store on the day in September, and from that point on, I fell in love, with a store!! A little over the top? Maybe, but I don't care. I looked around the first floor, and was blown away. The great variety of music that featured rock, hip-hop, reggae and jazz just to name a few. Poster after poster. Bob Marley next to Neil Young. Nirvana next to Eazy-E, John Lennon next to Alicia Keys, where else can you find a place that puts artists of such differences backgrounds and genres so close together? Only in Amoeba. After walking around the first floor for about an hour, I soon realized that I still hadn't been on the second floor. DVD's!! What collection comedy, horror, action, science fiction, again, another great example of variety and options presented to me by this store. My first day in this store is a day I will never forget. My void for buying music and movies had been filled, and I couldn't wait to go back.

It was a sunday night back in 2006. I was in need of a fix for some new beats. I knew that I would soon be having withdrawls if I didn't get to AMOEBA (HOLLYWOOD). The only thing getting in my way was the 101 traffic, my girlfriend beggin' me to have dinner with her friends and the fact that I was 30min away an AMOEBA was closing in an 1 hour. Well a good excuse and some nifty driving got to me AMOEBA faster than Usain Bolt! I was able to satisfy my addiction of that funky store smell of old wax, other scents un-beknownst to me, the abundance of music and the vibe of the eclectic other addicts. Got my beats with minuets to spare as the store closed. AMOEBA ROCKS!

Ahhh Amoeba Music. Only once have I worshiped at your perfectly-formed vinyl altar. I live in Dublin Ireland. I was on holidays in April 2002 in San Francisco, visiting a couple of college friends for a week. Was enjoying a beer with the lads the first night I arrived, and I was telling them about this record store "Amoeba" I read about when researching record shops in San Fran. Was it far away? Could we go? "That record store is SO huge", said my friend Ken, pausing for effect, "that it used to be a bowling alley". I nearly fell off my stool. He took the next day off work to bring me to Amoeba. THAT's a friend. I entered the store, checked my bag in at the desk, and the first thing I saw was a boxset I had been looking for for 6 years. Grabbed it. Then I looked around at the sheer size of the place. You know that giddy feeling you got first time you heard "London Calling", "Abbey Road" or "Blood On The Tracks"? I had that feeling as I surveyed the shelves and shelves and shelves in front of me. Then I saw Depeche Mode's "Violator", on CD, for a dollar. One dollar. ONE DOLLAR to own one of the finest albums ever made. Yes, Sting is a bore, but "The Soul Cages" is a great album, and there it was for two dollars. What's this? Petty's "Damn The Torpedoes" for TWO BUCKS? Then I realized: This was no ordinary, two-a-penny "bottom line" retail outlet. Amoeba wanted you to shop there, sure. But they were interested in selling you music at a fair price. They made stuff available at a price that allowed you to take a chance on an album. There's a Funkadelic LP. Haven't heard much of their stuff, but the cover's cool, people rave about them, and it's only three dollars. I'll take it. THAT's what record shopping is. Not scouring the limited CD racks of a chain store that's also trying to sell you egg timers and towels. If anybody ever asked me (and nobody would, cos people don't talk like this) "what does music smell like?", I'd answer "Amoeba Records". I love that you believe tapes still matter. I love that when the record industry told us vinyl was dead, you disagreed. I love that I wasn't made to feel like a moron cos I brought a Neil Diamond album AND a Funkadelic album up to the till (in fairness it was Diamond's "Beautiful Noise" album, which nobody can deny). I love that the guy behind the till thanked me for my custom for a start, AND that he sounded like he meant it. I spent one hundred and twenty dollars on my only visit to Amoeba. If you spent that much on records here in Dublin, the staff member would say something like "musta had a birthday, huh?". At Amoeba, he didn't bat an eylid. He was used to large purchases. Of COURSE you'd spend loads of money there. It's Amoeba, fer chrissakes! Eight years later, I still check amoeba.com and amoeblog every day, just to see what you guys are raving about. My girlfriend knows that when we get married, San Fran is one place we have to go on our honeymoon. She can go clothes shopping. Just dump me at Amoeba and leave me there for the day. Can't wait to go back. Happy Birthday. John.