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Andre Almond

Im on holiday here from NZ and i have never ever seen a cd store like this! It is awesome... i walked out of the store with 7 cd's for only $40. Wow..what else can i really say?? Thanks again i will be back to buy some more!


At the Hollywood store, I bought a used NewOrder CD for $8.99. It is in mint condition. iTunes does not have this CD in their catalog. Also, there are 17 songs on it, so if iTunes ever did sell this CD in the future, I don't think they would beat the price at Amoeba.


I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an amazing job with the Paul McCartney gig. The entire staff was so friendly and professional. You did an incredible job of organizing the event and making it as comfortable and fun as possible for the fans on the street. Congratulations for being a part of history!

Cathy Krager

I have to say that I was there for the Paul McCartney show. What a wonderful experience not only for the show but for the caring people who work there that really helped us people waiting in line. You kept us informed and safe. Thank you!!

Ryan King

I saw Paul McCartney at Amoeba and it was an experience I will never forget. It is the best music store I have ever been in. Plus everyone who works there is really friendly and cares about the customers as well as the music. I will definatley be coming back for more.


I want to give a HUGE compliment to two employees at the Hollywood store for their service to me today on the phone when I called. Their names are Sam and Jen and they did a great job for me. I appreciate their courteous and patient and very helpful service! Thank you so much for them! Sincerely Debra

Kristian Caulder
Kristian Caulder

WOW! I am truly amazed every time I go there... from Art Bears to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum... if I want it, you guys have it. Amoeba is out of this world man...

Cat Galloway

You guys are one of the best music places in the world! Coming from Sydney Australia, Amoeba is always the highlight of a trip to the Bay Area. AWESOME STUFF!

Scott Coldren

I live on the East Coast & only get out to the Bay Area every few years when I can. One of the most important things to do when I'm out there is to go to Amoeba Music. It's **THE BEST** music store on the planet!

juan castillo
juan castillo

i moved out of los angeles about a year ago and just recently went back to visit family and for some much needed vacation time. not until moving did i realize how much amoeba music really means to me. put it this way to move from ca to ia, with no really indie hip hop music provider around here, my knees buckled when i walked back into the hollywood store. like the saying goes back in l.a....ca,allll ddaayyy!