Dec 2022

rising (LP)

mxmtoon’s second album, rising, is proof that she’s one of the most distinctive voices working in pop today. Maia, the human behind mxmtoon, sings with refreshing honesty, whether she’s reassuring a teen girl she won’t always be lonely (“Prom Dress”) or contemplating where the optimism of youth went (“Victim of Nostalgia”). She deftly blends genres, incorporating elements of pop-punk and indie rock into her pastel-hued pop. Catchy, smart, and likable, rising should win over a slew of new fans to mxmtoon’s eminently relatable music.

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Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble [Gold Vinyl] (LP)

If you dig Primus, well, you’ve got the golden ticket with their latest. Primus & The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble is, yes, Les Claypool’s take on the creepy/fabulous 1971 questionably-made-for-kids movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is, indeed, out on gold vinyl. These tracks are loopy, brooding, and undeniably awesome. Welcome, to the land of pure imagination. It’s about to get weird.

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Two Dreams (CD)

Fans who are gutted by Circa Survive’s announced indefinite hiatus will find much to treasure on Two Dreams. Their swan-song-for-now consists of this year’s A Dream About Love and A Dream About Death EPs packaged together as one comprehensive album. Two Dreams showcases the band’s ability to generate and evolve a mood: the album feels like a journey from the guys’ more experimental sides to their beloved, signature sound. It works. This is an emotional, deeply satisfying album—one so good, it’ll both lift your spirits and make you all the more aware of what you’ll miss from these icons of post-hardcore.

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