This Month's Picks

Femejism (CD)

Deap Vally
"Yes, I am a feminist, but that isn't why I started doing this," sings Deap Vally's guitarist Lindsey Troy on the track "Smile More," which is a good way to describe the duo's latest album, Femejism . There's certainly a message, and plenty of social commentary that is not to be taken lightly, but Femejism is also just a damn good rock album, with guitar riffs and vocal hooks up the wazoo. Sometimes sludgy, sometimes surfy, always rockin', producer Nick Zinner (of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) gets the most out of the seemingly minimal set up of the band. "Little Baby Beauty Queen" features a sinister "Helter Skelter"-like guitar hook, while the vocals invoke glam rock at its nastiest. "Gonnawanna" seems to sum up the band's attitude with the lyric, "I'm gonna do what I wanna, I'm gonna do it 'cause I wanna." More
Genre: Rock

Do Hollywood (CD)

The Lemon Twigs
Get ready for a surreal, collage of pop music past, present, and future. The duo of brothers Brian and Michael D'addario, and producer Jonathan Rado (of Foxygen), have mined the '60s and '70s pop-scape and created a Franken-sound that will, perhaps, remind you of the likes of Harry Nilsson, Pet Sounds -era Beach Boys, ELO, and the Beatles solo work, all squeezed into the erratic mold of Frank Zappa and the Mothers. The musicianship and interpretations of their influences are all expertly done, to an almost Tom Ripley level of impersonation, all while creating a unique sound for what's to come of baroque pop and indie rock. More
Genre: Rock

Here (CD)

Teenage Fanclub
The earnest earworm of opening track, “I’m In Love,” sets the tone for Here , Teenage Fanclub’s tenth album and first in six years. The Scottish quintet has crafted a sincere album about love, life, and all the other things that come to matter with maturity, and it’s catchy as hell. They may have shed some of the noise that gave edgy anchor to the melodious pop of their 1991 breakthrough album Bandwagonesque , but Here seems to prove that it has been Teenage Fanclub’s harmonies, melodies, and hooks that make up their core, keeping them relevant through the passing fashions of rock and roll. More
Genre: Rock

Lonerism (LP)

Tame Impala
If Jeff Magnum (Neutral Milk Hotel) had been born 10 years later and became obsessed with tape loops, this is sort of what it would sound like. Stellar effort, even better than their first LP. Get on it, people.   More
Genre: Rock