Death Note

Dir: Shusuke Kaneko, 2006. Anime Series.
Death Note

We all get bored. Tired of the same things day in and day out. Well, apparently this also applies to Gods Of Death or more specifically Shinigami. Ryuk is a Shinigami (Death God). If you put Billy Idol, Jack Skellington, a crazy clown, and a vampire bat all together in a food processor and pressed "chop" whatever you poured out would look something like Ryuk. He has become so complacent that he has decided to drop his notebook (or Death Note) down to the earth’s surface. His purpose in doing this is because he will find it at least mildly entertaining to watch the result of his Death Note in the hands of a human being.

What does it mean to have a Death Note in the hands of a human being? Well, simply put, just as in the world of the Shinigami, if you write someone’s name in the Death Note and you know what they look like they will die. This is, of course, the simple explanation of things. There are rules which govern the use of the Death Note as well.

One day while at school a black notebook is found on the ground and picked up by a very smart, good looking, popular student named Light Yagami. Once he touches the Death Note he’s able to see the Shinigami Ryuk who owns the notebook. His curiosity leads him to test the Death Note. And it works. He starts out on a mission to cleanse the earth of criminals so he starts writing their names in the Death Note. Criminal after criminal dies at the hand of Light Yagami. To the outside world he is viewed as both savior and serial killer. He is named Kira by the public which is the "Engrish" pronunciation of "Killer."

Even more interesting is that Light’s father, Souichiro Yagami, is a Head Detective in the police department which is investigating the Kira murders. And aiding the police in this investigation is a mysterious master detective known to the world only as "L."

Is Light saving humanity or hindering it? Can "L" and the police department crack this case before it’s too late? Is Light a saint or satan? And why do Shinigami like apples so much?

Death Note is a truly original series and is definitely a cut above the typical anime series. It’s based on a very popular manga (Japanese comic book) of the same name. It’s part supernatural thriller, part police drama, part James Bond, and all good. Made in 2006, this series still has a strong following four years later. It even has a current website where you will find viewing information, story, and character bios. The series has also spawned three live action adaptations.

Posted by:
Joey Jenkins
Sep 10, 2010 1:16pm
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