The Rocky Horror Show 40th Anniversary Concert Tribute, May 10 & 11

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Peaches Christ presents a 40th Anniversary Concert Tribute to The Rocky Horror Show with special rocky horror show san franciscoguest star Patricia Quinn (Magenta!) appearing (and performing!) live and in-person. You don't need to be a Rocky Horror fanatic to know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this legendary musical with one of its original superstars. Enjoy a night of hits from the original stage-show production, as well as an onstage interview with Peaches and Ms. Quinn, audience Q&A, and a post-show meet and greet with Magenta herself.

But that's not all! Peaches Christ would like, if she may, to take you on a strange journey where the X-Factor's Jason Brock is "Frankenfurter" and the Whoa Nellies' Leigh Crow is "Eddie." Joined by a cavalcade of San Francisco musical theatre superstars including Jef Valentine, Trixxie Carr, L Ron Hubby, Dulce De Leche, Manuel Caneri, Cousin Wonderlette, Michael Phillis, and many more - this is a fully realized concert experience and show that will have you all doing the Time Warp again. Peaches and company are not screening the classic cult film tonight, but are instead homaging and celebrating the original stage-show musical that the film was based on and paying tribute to our favorite songs and characters in a gigantic concert theatrical spectacular.

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(In which we bid a tearful goodbye.)

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Today marks the final shift of one of my most favorite Amoebites of all time, the glamorous and enigmatic “Smithy.”

veiled woman
Dearly departed Smithy (artist's depiction)

Smithy is not her real name, though it is one of her nicknames, and that’s about as close to “the facts” as most of us are likely to get. Smithy shrouds herself in mystery, and even if all her acquaintances pooled their knowledge of her past, it would scarcely be enough information to provide a decent Wikipedia entry, to say nothing of a biography. I keep the snippets of personal detail that I’ve acquired in the past four years of working with her like a jealous secret; a precious baseball card that I never remove from its protective plastic.

I don’t even know what she’s going to be doing after she leaves Amoeba Music Hollywood. For all I know she’s gotten a job lion taming, apprenticing to a witch doctor, or going deep undercover for the CIA in Beijing. All seem possible; all would hold some amount of appeal for her.

lion tamingafricaspy
See: Craigslist > job opportunties

One thing we, her co-workers, have been privy to is what she’s keen on in music and film. Even someone as secretive as Smithy has dorked out with the best of us music store geeks when the conversation’s turned to our product. This blog entry will be a brief exposé of some of Smithy’s pop culture paramours. In considering them, we may perhaps glean a little insight into this unknown soldier, but even if not, we’ll still get to hear some perfectly ginchy tunes.