New "What's in My Bag?" Episode with Frank Turner

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Frank Turner Amoeba Music What's In My Bag?

"As a music snob I should of course be morally opposed to...greatest hit compilations, but fuck it," says English punk/folk singer Frank Turner, picking up the Elvis Presley collection, Artist Of The Century. Turner, a two time Amoeba Stage performer, had just finished reading Peter Guralnick's two acclaimed Elvis biographies, Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love, and was inspired to properly delve into the legend's music. Thankfully he stopped into Amoeba Hollywood to do his record shopping, and we got a chance to catch up with him and check out his picks.

Frank Turner began his musical career as a member of hardcore punk bands Kneejerk and Million Dead. Following Million Dead's dissolution in 2005, Turner struck out on his own, inspired by his love for country and acoustic music. His first solo EP, Campfire Punkrock, was released a year later. His debut full-length, Sleep Is for the Week, landed in 2007. Since then he has relentlessly toured the US and Europe with a steady stream of studio releases. Turner's most recent album, Positive Songs for Negative People, was released in the summer of 2015.

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Aging Country Star George Jones' YouTube Message Has Makings of A Country Song

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Country music legend George Jones posted the above YouTube video to his website two days ago in which in the first half he thanked his fans for their continued support and their well wishes during his recent respiratory infection that hospitalized him for a week last month and resulted in him having to cancel concert dates. But then in the second breath the 80 year old singer accused his 41 year old daughter Georgette Lennon and "her new husband" of telling lies and spreading bad rumors about him "on the Internet and Facebook." These "bad things" that his daughter (whose mother was the late country star Tammy Wynette) was allegedly saying about him, and reportedly are at the heart of a two decade old family feud,  were "all about money" he said.

His daughter responded telling the Associated Press that she is "completely devastated" that her father would take their family business public in such a manner.  Indeed the fact that an elderly man at age 80 & facing health issues would be bothered to care about what anyone may or may not be saying on Facebook seems a little silly to say the least. And since the topics he covers in the short video message tackle betrayal, money, family, substance abuse & rehab, and his quote "I am not the person they claim I am" have all the earmarks of a classic country song it's too bad the Country Music Hall of Famer didn't just write & record a song about his troubles instead of posting a YouTube rant. But maybe he still will or else maybe someone will AutoTune it - country style.

The Art of the LP Cover- Trains

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This is my "travel time, part 2" gallery, featuring train themed covers.
Last year I did one featuring aircraft. 
Click here to check it out.