French Electronic Pop Outfit Yelle Publish Video For Completement fou's "Ba$$in"

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Yelle "Ba$$in" video published today

In support of their current album  - Complètement fou that was released by Kemosabe Records back in September in both CD and vinyl formats - the irresistible French electronic pop dance group Yelle today published the perfect accompanying music video (above) for the album track "Ba$$in" - the second cut on the recommended thirteen track full-length.  The colorfully vibrant, unique and surreal retro-feel video was directed by the production pairing of music video maker to the stars Diane Martel (Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce etc.) with Geoffrey Lillemon who is one of the leading artists of the movement. As such Lillemon bases his work on the interplay between the digital and the physical world - an area described as where the real and the imaginary interact. Together, drawing direct influence from music videos of the the decade when MTV was new, they've produced a video that perfectly compliments Yelle's sound and vibe.

Complètement fou is the third album by Yelle who are comprised of producer/percussionist GrandMarnier, keyboardist Tepr, and founding member singer/songwriter Julie Budet (who also goes by the name Yelle herself and is pictured on the latest album cover art - left), individually) who cites as major influences Daft Punk and Cyndi Lauper. Perhaps the best description ever of the group was written by Joanna Ricco for the who accurately described Yelle's specialty as, "Making French lyrics stick in the ears of American kids who maybe took one year of Spanish in high school." And if you visit the discography page for Yelle who will find for sale such Yelle releases as 2008's album Pop-Up, their 2011 full-length Safari Disco Club, the 2012 download single "Comme Un Enfant," and of course their latest album Complètement fou for which the video to the title track appears below that originally was published at the time of release of the album.

Yelle "Complètement fou"

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