New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/13/14 - Bohemian Groove, Jay Daniel, Vincent Floyd and more!

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Bohemian Groove - A Musical Drama

Bohemian Groove

A Musical Drama 12"

Throne of Blood

Awesome, somewhat under the radar EP from the shadowy Bohemian Groove. "BJ Funk" purports to be a mission statement of sorts, using a catchy organ stab before bringing in a deep bassline which brings the deep collaboration between FIT and Gunnar Wendel (Kassem Mosse) to mind. Veterans Posthuman knock their remix of the track out of the park, working from a huge melodic progression to a relaxed acid breakdown. Another original with a Hieroglyphic Being mix on the B-side. Recommended.

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Dj Sotofett Presents Another Bahkti MixDj Sotofett

Dj Sotofett Presents Another Bahkti Mix 12"


New tracks following the first unobtainable Bahkti release. A-side "Trans-Jungle Ride" takes a psychedelic house progression and places it over a dub bassline and breakbeat flourishes. Properly hypnotic. "Cross-Jungle Tide" removes the kick, focusing on the natural rhythmic qualities of the insistent melody and filling the background with creepy synth abstractions.

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Jay Daniel - Karmatic Equations


Jay Daniel

Karmatic Equations 12"

Wild Oats

Banging, Detroit house ep from close Kyle Hall associate Jay Daniel. The influence of KMFH and Omar S is palpable, yet Daniel eschews samples, playing his own tough, compact melodies. "Royal Insanity" is a great example of the benefits of this approach. A bassline that only a human could play is the perfect accompaniment to beatdown drums, a repetitive lead and a far off pad. "Exit No. 1" pares things down even more, focusing on a massive tom, shaker, and minute bass line before bringing in sci-fi pads for just a moment. Getting a lot out of a little, it's the Detroit way and Jay's next.

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Petre Inspirescu  - Talking Waters

Petre Inspirescu

Talking Waters 12"

Mule Musiq

Beautiful, minimal house from the Romanian artist. The title track has a delicate, crystalline feel worthy of it's title. A subtle synth motif is nuanced by wandering toms, windchimes and buried acoustic piano. The b, "Sipot" is more akin to Villalobos' trademark microrhythmic agitations.

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Vincent Floyd - Your Eyes

Vincent Floyd

Your Eyes Feat. Chan 12"

Rush Hour

Reissue of Vincent Floyd's sublime 1990 debut. "Your Eyes" is soulful, catchy and unrefined, the hypnotic atmosphere reminiscent of the of the Burrell Brothers classic, Aphrodisiac "Song Of the Siren". "I'm So Deep" would pave the way for tougher Dancemania productions. A bell synth adds a percussive edge to the insistent bassline, and eventually Floyd implores dancers with a gravelly whisper. Classic tunes.

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Iydes - Phase


Phase EP 12"

Dandelion Lotus Records

Hotly tipped EP from the new UK producer. "Call to Reason" summarizes Iydes appeal to close followers of the 'ardcore continuum: It's a seamless juxtaposition of post-Burial two step with some harder hitting Grime sonics. Elsewhere, Iydes imbues dance forms with low-end menace. "Silhouette" is a fairly traditional house track stripped of its 4/4 nervous system; the breakdown is a skewed, half-time pummeling.

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Edward - Feuerhand


Feuerhand 12"

Die Orakel

Die Orakel follows up their excellent TCB release with more odd forms. The title track is a loose, krautrock inspired jam incorporating horns and far off boxcars into the "breakdown". "Midnight Express" is the most traditional dance jam on the record, fixating on an austere, house synth figure. Even here, Edward manages to use a two note flute line as the song's primary hook. "Symbols of Balea" is most intriguing, a miasmic, largely beatless dirge built around ocean waves and acoustic guitar. Heady stuff.

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