The Cat Man of West Oakland Talks About Today's Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival

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       Since been uploaded a few weeks ago this YouTube video has gotten almost 6 million views

Inspired by and based on a similar event in the MidWest today's  Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival is a fun and worthy event that is bound to delight the masses of cat fanatics out there who can't get enough of that internet preoccupation of viewing cat videos (like the one above) on YouTube and other websites. A co-production of The Great Wall of Oakland and the Walker Art Center and with involvement from (and benefiting) the local SPCA the Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival happens this afternoon and evening (Saturday May 11th) on West Grand between Telegraph and Broadway where the highlight will be an hour-plus collage of dozens of some of the best of aforementioned popular YouTube cat videos all tightly edited together - to be screened onto the "great wall" in downtown Oakland.

Today's event runs from 3pm to 10pm and folks are invited to bring along their own cats to the event where the East Bay SPCA will also have cats up for adoption for anyone who wants to take one home with them.  Supplying cat themed music for the event will be The Cat Man of West Oakland. Yesterday I caught up with said Cat Man - born Adam Myatt - who may not own a cat himself but sure has a compassion for (not to mention a good eye) for dozens of strays in his neighborhood as is evident from the wonderful feline photos in this Amoeblog - all taken by Adam in the area near his East Bay home. When we talked I asked the Cat Man about the event and what music he will be spinning to keep the cat party moving today.

Amoeblog: What is it about cat videos that intrigues most people do you think?

The Cat Man of West Oakland: The fact that it's a fairly wholesome, but still addictive, drug! You can just dive down the YouTube rabbit hole (seemingly) forever, finding cats doing all sorts of fun/strange/mean/cute things. Whatever you're in the mood to see, there's probably a video of a cat doing it somewhere in the internet!

Amoeblog: How did idea for this festival come about and how did you end up becoming involved in it?

The Cat Man of West Oakland: I believe the first one was held last year in Minnesota by the folks from the Walker Art Center. Issabella [Shields], who works for the Great Wall of Oakland, had seen an East Bay Express article about 'The Cat Man of West Oakland' who takes pictures of cats in his neighborhood (dubbed #Hoodcats) and plays music in several bands (James & Evander, Pale Blue Dot, Hoodcats) and thought it might be fitting to have me be a part of the festival. I have some friends who are volunteering for the fest and got us in contact.

Amoeblog: What is the SPCA's involvement in the festival?

The Cat Man of West Oakland: Proceeds from the festival tickets go to the SPCA and they'll be on site for some of the day with cats you can adopt as well as giving out information about adopting and cat-care.

Amoeblog: What is the ultimate goal of this festival and what kind of response are you all expecting?

The Cat Man of West Oakland: To raise money for the SPCA and bring a bunch of crazy-cat-folks out into the wild for a bizarre afternoon/evening of fun.

Amoeblog: Have you made any cat videos yourself?

The Cat Man of West Oakland: No actual YouTube videos - but I have made a vine or two. This one is from the day the founder of Cat Town (a local rescue/foster agency) came over to take a new batch of Hoodkittens in to get checked out, spayed/neutered, and put in homes. As of now two of the five have from this litter have been adopted!

Amoeblog: Can you share your Top 5 favorite cat themed songs: ones that you might be playing at the Festival?

The Cat Man of West Oakland:
                      "If You Rescue Me" - Jean Michael Bernard
                       "Leaf House" - Animal Collective
                       "Our House" - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
                       "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog" - Norma Tangea
                       "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" - The Aristocats


Visit the Hoodcats Instagram page and on Facebook.  Peep The Cat Man of Oakland's Kendrick Lamar's Swimming Pools (Full of Kittens) remix that he just laced up yesterday.  And for more info on today's Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival

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