Bay Area Rapper Killa Keise Shot & Killed On Interstate 80 in Vallejo

Posted by Billyjam, November 11, 2011 06:11pm | Post a Comment
Bay Area rapper Killa Keise was found shot to death last night inside a crashed Pontiac off the side of the Interstate in Vallejo after been fired at several times while driving eastbound on 80. The 28 year old San Francisco rapper, who has an address in Benecia, was born Markeise Henry and started his rap career with care of his brother, Frisco rap legend Cellski. Despite citing as his main influences Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Ice Cube Killa Keise was a Bay Area artist through and through and a prolific one too who will be remembered for recording such projects as Turfed Out,  Killa Squad, Trap City & Talk Of The Streets !

Killa Keise was found at around midnight last night after Vallejo police responded to a traffic collision on the highway shoulder between Tennessee Street and Redwood Parkway. They found the rapper slumped over, already dead with numerous gunshot wounds to his upper body but it wasn't until today that the body was properly ID'ed. As of posting this Amoeblog no suspects have been arrested in the case which is under investigation by both the Vallejo Police Department's Major Case Squad and Crime Suppression Unit. The homicide counted as Vallejo's 13th this year.

Killa Keise "My Block" from
Turfed Out

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