Cake's "Showroom of Compassion" Was Worth the Seven Year Wait

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Cake "Sick Of You" from the Sacramento band's current album Showroom of Compassion

I'm a little late in getting round to fully listening to Cake's newest album, Showroom of Compassion on Upbeat Records, which was released back at the beginning of this year, and can't believe I waited this long to listen to this LP. Wow! What a really great album it is -- one that deservedly went to number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release back in mid January. But chart positions have really never been something that this unique, longtime, Sacramento-based alternative rock band has ever been obsessed with -- far from it. Since Cake formed in the early nineties they have always done things their own way and always gone at their own pace, placing the music they create before everything else...Hence the long 7 year wait for this sixth studio album.

This album, which is completely self-produced, transcends its "alt rock" tag since it boasts so much more than the stereotypical alt-rock outfit. But, to me, what makes this album and Cake themselves so great is their passion for the music and the fact that first and foremost they make the music for themselves. As the band's lead vocalist/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist John McCrea says in the interview piece below: "We hope people like it. But if they don't, it's ok because we like it." And right there, that is the key to any good art!

Cake interview about
Showroom of Compassion

Cake "Federal Funding" from
Showroom of Compassion

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