For KRS-One's "What's In My Bag?" The Teacha Takes His DJ Son Shopping For Some Real Hip-Hop

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 KRS-One's "What's In My Bag?"

The KRS-One "What's In My Bag?" video above, filmed last summer in the hip-hop aisle at Amoeba Hollywood, opens with the hip-hop pioneer also known as The Teacha reading aloud the liner notes' shout-outs off the back of BDP's Edutainment album as his teenaged son (also named Kris Parker) listens intently and asks, sincerely puzzled, why was it then that his his dad gave special thanks to wack radio DJs (who he said fronted on BDP's previous album) and to then President George H. Bush. "I was being sarcastic and giving special thanks to people who just screwed up everything," explained his hip-hop icon dad, who throughout his active quarter of a century hip-hop career has never been at a loss for words.

This video segment was recorded about a week after KRS-One had done an instore reading of his book The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument presented by KRS One for the Temple of Hip Hop (Powerhouse Books), at the LA Amoeba and right around the same time as his son's 18th birthday (August 9th). The primary goal of the Amoeba shopping trip was to get the younger Kris Parker set with some quality hip-hop music before joining his dad as his DJ for the then soon approaching Rock The Bells dates in LA, SF, and NYC. At the time not too many people were aware of KRS-One's son. In fact, most only knew of KRS's other, older (step) son Randy Hubbard Parker, who in 2007 was tragically found dead in his Atlanta apartment at age 23; he was reportedly the victim of an apparent suicide following a bout of severe depression.

Born in 1992, the young Kris Parker, once briefly known as Lil Kris, goes by the DJ/producer name of Predator Prime and has been busy from last summer onwards doing an extended series of live shows with his father both in Europe and here in the US, including one well received concert last month at the Avalon in Santa Clara where he was backing his pops on two Pioneer CDJ players and a mixer. This is why KRS-One was digging in the Amoeba hip-hop CD section back last summer. "Just some of the stuff I am hooking my son up as he gets ready to go out to DJ," said KRS, rightfully noting, "As a DJ you have to be walking around with the classics" as he quickly thumbed through albums like Pete Rock & CL Smooth ("every DJ should be in his collection") and giving a nod to their timeless single "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" and to the late Trouble T.Roy Dixon to whom the song was dedicated. As both a good father & a hip-hop scholar, KRS-One made a point of picking out only quality hip-hop for his seed; much of it was from the golden era of hip-hop when his son wasn't even born -- Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, and House of Pain's self-titled debut ("Look at the cover. Before you even crack it or open it up you can tell they're on some shit").

Holding up and then putting back the more recent J-Dilla's Donuts (an album his son, whose tastes include Exile and Daft Punk, already had in his collection), the older Kris said jokingly, "I wasn't even going to show you this," while saying with a laugh, "Some things don't require explanation," as he held up Nas' God's Son. "Where were you when this came out?" asked KRS, holding up Wu-Tang Clan's debut and, "If this is not in your collection you can forget it," as he waved in hand Gang Starr's landmark 1990 album Step In the Arena.

Giving props to fellow Rock The Bells 2010 artist Snoop Dogg as he held up the Uncut Snoop Dogg Approved EPMD's Strictly Business, he said, "Thank God Snoop Dogg is the president of Priority! Otherwise we would have never seen this record again." He's absolutely right, too, since, amazing as this 1988 debut by the duo whose name is an acronym for Erick and Parrish Making Dollars is, up until its reissue by Snoop in this 2010 remastered version many of the new generation of rap fans were sleeping on this true classic with its infectiously fat beats and thick funky grooves. "Of course, at home I've got the vinyl [versions] of these but we're getting ready to set up for concert, so to avoid skipping and carrying crates," explained KRS as to why they were in the CD section of Amoeba.

Keep on an eye on this website for the soon to be posted video of KRS-One's instore from last July. To see photos of that instore click here. To buy a signed copy of the book from click here. Or check out the official KRS-One website and the KRS/Temple of Hip-Hop site for tour dates and other artist news.

For more on producer/DJ Predator Prime, who in addition to working with his famous father both in concert and in the studio is setting up his own clothing line and a record label called Class-A Productions, check out his SoundCloud page, his YouTube page, and his Facebook page,  where you can find links to various productions of his including his mixtape Frank Sinatra Yesterday.

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