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By James Leon

It was 20 years ago when The Beatles’ discography was first released on compact disc, and since then, they have been left untouched (with the exception of Let It Be…Naked). However, on 09.09.09, their albums have been re-released and remastered individually or in limited edition box sets available in both stereo and mono! All 3 Amoeba stores celebrated this with giveaways, DJs and the support of Beatlemaniacs!

The Berkeley Branch had its leaves shaking with the Fab 4’s music all day long. At 1pm, DJ JoNasty played favorite songs of the Liverpool quartet, as well as some of their solo work and covers by others. At 2pm, the giveaways began with MC Emily announcing each of the trivia questions, at the top of every hour.

berkeley 09.09.09

At 4pm, DJ Ken Kubla took over the decks, playing songs that inspired The Beatles, ones they covered or people covering their material.

Here are the trivia questions:

1)    Who was the original drummer for the Beatles?
2)    Which songs have the word “walrus” in the lyrics?
3)    How many times did [they] appear on the Ed Sullivan Show?
4)    In which song has their one & only drum solo?
5)    What was the working title for “Yesterday?"
6)    Which Beatle met his future wife while filming A Hard Day’s Night? What was her name?

Attendance was good and all the events were well received. Many people reflected on how The Beatles' music affected them, regardless of their ages -- whether it was people who were there when they first exploded in the early 1960s, or the current students who put up posters of Abbey Road and Help in their dorm rooms, or the goth DJ known as Deathboy, who typed this blog! Love them or leave them, the Beatles are not going anywhere. Over 40 years after their career as a group ended, they still are a dominant influence on popular music.

Here are the trivia answers:
1)    Pete Best (that was too easy!)
2)    "I Am The Walrus," "Glass Onion" & "Come Together"
3)    4 times.
4)    "The End"
5)    "Scrambled Eggs"
6)    George Harrison & Patti Boyd

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