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Or, to be more accurate, Wall Street speaks to Mr. NBC

Wall Street Speaks To Chet Huntley 3-LP Box Set Cover Wall Street Speaks To Chet Huntley 3-LP Box Set Back Cover

In the mid 50's, Cronkite was growing into such a force that NBC brought in co-anchors for their nightly news program, to try and tag team the titan. David Brinkley and Chet Huntley were the team and they held their own. The show was quite a success and their signature sign off, "Good night, Chet"..."Good night, David," became a well known catch phrase. 

Chet Huntley came from the Murrow brand of straight shooting newsmen, so who better to explain the stock market on a 3 LP box set? Within the grooves, he gives some sensible advice on the nonsensical world of Wall Street and goes toe to toe with Malcolm S. Forbes. Unfortunately, this copy is extremely molded and toxic, so we threw it away-- something I'd imagine most of my friends with Wall Street investments, under current conditions, would like to do with their current portfolios. Due to the mold, I'll keep my eyes out for another one-- maybe said friends should do the same...

Wall Street Speaks To Chet Huntley 3-LP Box Set BookletWall Street Speaks To Chet Huntley 3-LP Box Set Labels

The label that issued this box set, Four Star Television, was a TV production company started by then frustrated director Dick Powell. After directing a handful of feature films, he saw more opportunities in the fledgling TV medium. Teaming up with Charles Boyer, Joel McCrea and Ida Lupino to create the Four Star Playhouse program, the program lasted 4 years. Four Star Television went on to become a major force in early 60's TV with hits like the Rifleman as well as short lived oddities such as Honey West and the David Niven Show. At one time, Four Star Television owned Valiant Records which was home to hitmakers the Association.
Below, a few related clips. The Huntley discussion of hatred is as pertinent now as it was then. The 2nd clip is from the Conqueror, Powell's golden turkey from 1956. Filming downwind from above ground nuclear testing in Nevada wasn't enough for producer Howard Hughes; he had to have 60 tons of the radiated dirt sent back to Hollywood for re-shoots. Much of the cast, including star John Wayne and director Powell, died of cancer. Legend has it that there are pictures of Wayne holding a geiger counter...

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