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Once again Amoeba Music has been immortalized in song. This time it is courtesy of the brand new album Show You The World by Cali hip-hopper The Grouch (out tomorrow, April 8, when he and the whole Living Legends crew will perform for free at Amoeba Hollywood @ 7PM).   Amoeba Music is name-checked in the song "The Bay To L.A." that features fellow Living Legends crew emcee MURS. The song -- off the 15-song new album from the LA artist with deep Bay Area history, not to mention Amoeba history, since we were the first store to carry the once struggling mid-1990's young hip-hop collective -- includes the lyrics, "the Bay to LA, like Amoeba player" - and with its distinctly Bay Area- flavored, synth-drenched infectious beat and catchy lyrics, "The Bay To LA" is the hit of the summer of 2008 just waiting to happen. I bet money on it. 

Also on the recommended new album from The Grouch is the observantly sharp & witty song "Artsy" (with lots of LA references) which has an equally great video (shot reportedly for just $3000), which you can see above. And the new Grouch album, his first since his collab with Zion I two years ago and his first solo in five years, is influenced greatly by the 2006 arrival in his life of his young daughter Rio, who is featured both on the album's cover art (see left) and on the new release's intro track.  The album and also the Living Legends new hip-hop collective project, The Gathering, are both on Legendary Music and are both dropping tomorrow (April 8th). To celebrate the two new releases, the entire collective will perform a free show at Amoeba Music Hollywood at 7PM which will be streamed (audio/video) live via this website. Don't miss it!

Over the years Amoeba Music and its three locations (Hollywood, SF, Berkeley) have been featured, cross-referenced, and name checked in movies, TV shows, photo shoots, ads, travel guides, a zillion blogs, and (naturally) in song. Other songs that reference Amoeba Music in their lyrics include NorCal emcee Top'R's song "Last Night" which in addition to appearing on his own album was also featured on the Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. V.  

Other Amoeba-related recordings include Paul McCartney, who included the song "I Saw Her Standing There" on the four-song, vinyl-only EP he released late last year (Amoeba's Secret) that was recorded at Amoeba Hollywood at his instore there last June.  That whole experience obviously impacted the former Beatle as much as all the delighted fans who got to see him in the packed store that day, as he was later quoted, "There is nothing as glamorous to me as a record store. When I recently played Amoeba in LA, I realized what fantastic memories such a collection of music brings back when you see it all in one place." 

And more recently noted hip-hop journalist/author & artist Greg Tate had a film crew with him as recorded a segment, shot digging in the vinyl soul crates of Amoeba Music Hollywood, for a VH1 pilot he has just wound up production on.

If you have any, please add your favorite Amoeba Music mentions or inclusions in music or popular culture in the COMMENTS box below. Thanks!

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