(In which brave employees face dire visions.)

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10.30 AM - Time to open Amoeba.

I’ve been working at Amoeba Music for over three years now (although I often still feel like a newbie) but it wasn’t until last Thursday that I had co-workers over to my house for the first time.

The reasons for this are many, and complicated. For one, whenever you have humans over to your house to visit, there’s all sorts of things one must do, like… talk to them… and… well, talk to them. It’s daunting! Nevermind the fact that my cat, Fangs, is only one moment away from figuring out how to eat someone.

My cat Fangs. (It's always hard to get him to be still long enough to get a good picture.)

You’ll remember (unless you won’t) that some time ago I blogged about the film crew of “Alvin & The Chipmunks” using the front of Amoeba Music Hollywood for a shoot, for which I was an extra (cast as a bouncer).

Charlie, who works in the classical music department, and Smithy, who works soundtracks (with me) and pop vocals, and I had tried to goad each other in going to see the movie in the theatres to find out if either Amoeba or I were actually in it, but none of us were willing to pay the huge (if justified) price of an ArcLight Cinema ticket, especially considering the film looked painful.

Me, relating the preview I saw of the movie in question.

We decided, therefore, that when the movie came out of DVD – which it recently has – we would congregate at my apartment, drink enough booze to buffer any psychological damage that watching Jason Lee interact with CGI rodents could have and face the beast.

Jason Lee chides the Chipmunks for messing up his kitchen.

That was last Thursday. Let me just say, there isn’t enough vodka in Russia to prepare you for this movie. It’s excruciating. Like, it should be used to the waiting room at Guantanamo Bay. I normally wouldn’t blog about something if I don’t like it, but I’ve also gotten very good at avoiding things I wouldn’t like. This was a special circumstance.

In case you’re wondering, Amoeba Music Hollywood and I both appear, yes, about forty-five minutes into the film, for about two seconds - you see a crane shot showing our front-side. If you look in front of the doors, two men in black, Amoeba-logo t-shirts, stand. One of the men turns his head. That’s me. WHERE’S MY STAR ON THE WALK OF FAME?!

We stopped watching the film a little after that. Maybe it was only forty-five minutes, but forty-five minutes in a black hole is a long time.

Me, Charlie and Smithy, deciding that next time, we'll just play cards.

Here then, for those of you unfortunates who don't know how wonderful the original Chipmunks were, are some snippets of their original TV show. Note the complete LACK of any "Chipettes."

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