Steroid abuse from baseball to ... music?

Posted by The Bay Area Crew, January 15, 2008 11:53am | Post a Comment
I'm reading today about how the District Attorney of Albany, N.Y., David Soares, is investigating allegations that 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige and "others" have been using steroids. (Thank you Digital Music News for the tip.)

Am I the only one who finds this to be absurd beyond comprehension?

Maybe I'm cynical, but hmmm ... they skipped right over the entire NFL (National Football League) in the 'steroid scandal.'

I have an idea! Here's the proud pigskin man of the NFL back in the early days:


- and here's a later shot of a steroids slammin NFL player:

....and they have skipped over every violent offender on their docket to go after soul singers? Rap dudes? Seriously?! Come in, american justice upholders! Come in! Are you there? Have you been abducted by Aliens? Should I expect Donald Sutherland to walk up and point at me now and make that horrible screaming noise?

Did someone slip some wacky juice into my cereal or is this a clear cut case of someone pathetically going after HEADLINES?

There is a massive difference between using steroids in physical competition and allegedly using steroids to, I don't know, look hot? No one is suggesting that steroids is neato and cool and OK for kids to pour on their cereal! But for the love of God people. Do we not have, in every state of our union, a massive backlog of violent criminal offenders??

I am truly at a loss here. Maybe it's some weird kind of April Fool's joke? I mean when it came to 50 cent, let's admit it ... I always thought his muscles were drawn on:

The amount of CASH MONEY that has already been spent on this story, from the DA's office to the news media to the three bucks (after taxes, of course) I will have clocked by the time I dash off this blog  ....  I am astounded. Someone please tell me that this is a damn joke. Snopes it, please, someone tell me that there is a semblance of decency and a modicum of sanity left in our "criminal justice" system. Honest to God.

Can I just say Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King, Jr. and leave it at that?
- The Insomniac

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