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Question:  Do you own a television?  How about a DVD player?

If you answered "yes" to both questions, you have no excuses.  At your earliest convenience (which is probably now if you're just fucking around and reading this), go get Metalocalypse Season One and WATCH IT!!  Seriously.  But finish reading this first.

Perhaps you've heard of a little thing called Adult Swim?  It's the late night cartoon extravaganza which airs on Cartoon Network.  Such shows as Robot Chicken, Moral Orel and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, oh, but to name a few, have quickly become some of my favorite cartoons ever.  Check out this clip from Season Two of Robot Chicken:

That's some funny shit there. 

But I am here today to tell you about Metalocalypse, the best fucking show on TV.  Premiering last year, Metalocalypse centers around the exploits of the biggest, most metalest band in the world, Dethklok

William Murderface plays bass.  "No one in the world is full of more hatred than him.  And he hates no one more than he hates himself."  Skwisgaar Skwigelf is from Sweden, and plays guitar.  He is the fasted Guitarist alive.  Nathan Explosion is the "brutal vocalist and lyrical visionary of DETHKLOK."  Pickles the Drummer "became the world's most celebrated drummer after fronting LA rock band "Snakes and Barrels."  Toki Wartooth also plays guitar, and he is the second fastest Guitarist alive.

As Dethklok go about slaying the world with their awesome metal, the Tribunal, a group of high-ranking, sinister looking world officials, try to keep reign on the band.  But, try as they might, they always fail.  You just can't keep the fucking bad ass metal band down!


One of my favorite guest characters is Dr. Rockso, the rock and roll clown.  He has a bit of a drug problem, as you can tell.  The Tribunal sends Dr. Rockso into Mordhaus (Dethklok's home) to collect information.

Each episode contains a new song, written and performed by Brendon Small, one of the shows creators.  Silly and fun the show is indeed, but how awesome and technically proficient the music is, the credit goes to Brendon Small: this guy went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, was a stand-up comic, and created other shows such as Home Movies, among a number of other accomplishments

Metalocalypse has gained such popularity, that there are numerous fansites that offer quite a bit of insight.  On September 25, Dethklok's Dethalbum was released, and debuted at number 21 on Billboard's Top 200 list, to make it the highest charting death metal album EVER.  "Thunderhorse," one of the band's songs included on the Dethalbum, has been included as a extra hidden feature on "Guitar Hero II."

There is even an all-star roster of guest apperances including:  Laraine Newman of SNL fame, Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, James Hetfield of Metallica, Malcolm McDowell, King Diamond, Corpsegrinder, and members of such bands as Dimmu Borgir and the legendary Emperor.


So, you really must check this shit out, yo!  It's really funny... like REALLY FUNNY.  It's on on Sunday nights at 11:45pm, and again on Monday mornings at 3:45am.  I recommend putting on the subtitles during the songs so you can understand better what he's saying, 'cause the songs are hilarious.

Buy Season One of Metalocalypse, and then get Dethalbum:

Then check out other Adult Swim shit.  It's always fun to laugh so hard you think you actually might pee your pants. 

--maggie the cat

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