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In continuing my best of lists, here is my list of the best films of the 70s. In case you missed my list of 80s films, you can go back here and check it out. Since I was born half way through the 70s, I did not see most of these films in the theater. But through the magic of cable TV and the VCR, I watched and fell in love with these movies. The 70s still remains my favorite time for film. The style and sound of these films is something that could only be captured in the 70s. Many of these movies have been remade or are in the process of being remade. But they never live up to the 70s originals. Dawn of the Dead, Stepford Wives, The Omen, Superman, Assault on Precinct 13, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, King Kong, Poseidon Adventure, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Black Christmas, The Amityville Horror and The Hills Have Eyes have all been remade. There is obviously something magical about this period in cinema that Hollywood tries to recreate. I am really hoping that Rob Zombie creates a brilliant reinterpretation of Halloween. I know that versions of Logan's Run and The Warriors are already being worked on as well. Nothing can really come close to what these films are and the memories that they have created in all of us.

top 100 movies of the 70s

The Exorcist (73)
William Friedkin

                                                                                             Alien (79)
                               Ridley Scott

Halloween (78)
John Carpenter

                         Carrie (76)
                         Brian De Palma

Taxi Driver (76)
Martin Scorsese

              The Godfather (72)
               Francis Ford Coppola

Over the Edge (79)
Jonathan Kaplan

                       Jaws (75)
                       Steven Spielberg

Dawn of the Dead (78)
George A. Romero

                    Martin (77)
                    George A. Romero

Stepford Wives (75)
Bryan Forbes                      

                         Nashville (75)
                          Robert Altman

Amityville Horror (79)
Stuart Rosenberg

                    The Warriors (79)
                      Walter Hill

Desperate Living (77)
John Waters

                  Pink Flamingos (72)
                   John Waters

Last Picture Show (71)
Peter Bogdanovich

                       Star Wars (77)                        George Lucas

Woman Under the
Influence (74)
John Cassavetes

                Alice Doesn't Live
                 Here Anymore (74)
                 Martin Scorsese

Shivers (75)
David Cronenberg

                           The Omen (76)
                           Richard Donner

Play Misty for Me (71)
Clint Eastwood

                        Dirty Harry (71)
                         Don Siegel


The Muppet Movie (79)
James Frawley

A Clockwork Orange (71)
Female Trouble (74)
Mean Streets (73)
Superman (78)
Network (76)
Klute (71)
Chinatown (74)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (75)
All the President's Men (76)
Deer Hunter (78)
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (71)
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (72)
Five Easy Pieces (70)
Deliverance (72)
French Connection (71)
Dog Day Afternoon (75)
Assault on Precinct 13 (76)
Suspiria (77)
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (70)
Rabid (77)
Looking for Mr. Goodbar (77)
Diamonds are Forever (71)
The Man with the Golden Gun (74)
The Spy Who Loved Me (77)
Moonraker (79)

China Syndrome (79)
Coma (78)
The Conversation (74)
3 Women (77)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (71)
Death Wish (74)
Coming Home (78)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (77)
Three Days of the Condor (75)
Texas Chain Saw Massacre (74)
Rocky (76)
Herbie Rides Again (74)
Airport (70)
Cabaret (72)
The Brood (79)
Deep Red (75)
Four Flies on Grey Velvet (71)
Norma Rae (79)
Rock N' Roll High School (79)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (78)
Piranha (78)
The Eyes of Laura Mars (78)
The Godfather Part II (74)
Annie Hall (77)
Interiors (78)

Abominable Dr. Phibes (71)
King Kong (76)
Mad Max (79)
Lenny (74)
Opening Night (77)
The Enforcer (76)
Foxy Brown (74)
Coffy (73)
The Wiz (78)
The Hills Have Eyes (77)
Monthy Python & the Holy Grail (75)
Life of Brian (79)
Phantom of the Paradise (74)
Logan's Run (76)
Kramer vs. Kramer (79)
Poseidon Adventure (72)
Towering Inferno (74)
Earthquake (74)
Avalanche (78)
Apocalypse Now (79)
Hardcore (79)
Bugsy Malone (76)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes(78)
Sisters (73)
Black Christmas (75)

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