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The '80s List: Part 5

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Psychic TvOne day at Amoeba Hollywood I proclaimed that Aztec Camera's 1983 release High Land, Hard Rain was one of the best records of the '80s. This single statement eventually led to over 200 Amoebites ranking their top 10 favorite albums from the ‘80s.

From the beginning we realized that it was impossible for most of us to condense our favorites from all genres into a tiny top ten list. So, we limited our lists to Rock/Pop and its sub-genres like punk, metal, goth, and new wave. Even so, it was a difficult selection process because not only are there hundreds of amazing records to consider, there is also the added dynamic of time.

The '80s were a long time ago and the music has had many years to gestate. We have a deep sense of nostalgia and sentiment with these albums as our fondest memories are associated with them. These are albums we LOVE.

- Henry Polk

P.S. We'll be posting new additions to the '80s list project from Amoeba staff members on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. See all entries in our '80s list series.

P.P.S. The '80s List Book is available for sale at Amoeba Hollywood.

Aaron Aldorisio
Spacemen 3The Perfect Prescription (1987)
Sonic YouthSister (1987)
The Go-BetweensLiberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express (1986)
Felt – Forever Breathes The Lonely Word (1986)
The FrogsIt’s Only Right & Natural (1989)
The Stone RosesThe Stone Roses (1989)
The FallHex Induction Hour (1982)
Galaxie 500On Fire (1989)
Psychic TVDreams Less Sweet (1983)
The BatsDaddy’s Highway (1987)

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