Gomez & Mari G At Travel Tips For Aztlan

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On Saturday, August 8th, I had the pleasure of guest deejaying on Travel Tips For Aztlan on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles. Travel Tips is one of L.A.'s longest running Latin Alternative radio programs. My co-host, Mari G., and I filled in for regular hosts Mark Torres and Mariluz Gonzalez, who took a much-needed Saturday night off. Hopefully we will do more fill-in spots for Mark and Mariluz in the future, as Mari G. and I have plenty of music to share. So, what did we play? We played lots of Cumbia, both traditional and remixes. We played a boat load of Toy Selectah remixes and Bersa Discos tracks. We played music from Mexico that is sadly not out in the U.S.

Below is our set list from that night. I marked certain releases that Amoeba Hollywood currently has in stock, just in case you would like to pick up a copy for yourself.

[Hour 1]

1. Das Pop - "Underground" (Busy P Remix)
2. Quantic & his Combo Barbaro - "Un Canto a Mi Tierra" (from the Traditions in Transition CD/LP)
3. Banda de Turistas - "Un Verdadero Cajon de Madera"
4. Quiero Club - "Minutos de Aire"
5. Tontelas - "En Do" (from The Greatest Hits Of G.A.M.M. vol II)
6. Sabo & S.O.S. – "Colegiala Dub" (from the Sol Selectas #7 12”)
7. Los Angeles Azules vs. Sonidero Nacional - "Como Te Voy A Olvidar"
8. Grupo Mojado - "Tonta" (Mexican Dubwiser Remix) btw..."Mexican Dubweiser" -- Mix CD coming soon to Amoeba Hollywood!!!
9. Tzochitl Soundsystem vs. Toy Selectah - "Ay Guey" (from The Bersa Discos #5 12") (background music: Sonido Principe – "Cartagena")
10. Dj Lengua - "Cumbia Squares" (from his self-titled 12”)
11. Henry Castro - "Cumbia Colombiana"
12. Rodger Mas - "Cumbia Bonita" (from his 7” on Club Unicornio Records)
13. Devandra Banhart – "Carmensita" (Toy Selectah Raverton Remix) (background music: Poncho Kingz - "Space Cumbia" (Sonidero Nacional Remix)

[Hour 2: ]

14. Dj Panik - "Te Ves Buena" (From the Bersa Discos #3 12”)
15. Santigold - "Shove It" (Toy Selectah remix)
16. Moonra y su Batallon - "Cumbia Moonra"
17. Alberto Pedraza - "Cumbia Sampuesana"
18. La Cumbia Moderna de Soledad - "Cres que soy sexy?"
19. Wganda Kenya - "Pim Pom" (From the AfroCaribe Dance CD)
20. Pate de Fua - "Triste Historia" (background music: Pate de Fua - "Super Mercado")
21. Pate de Fua - "Recontra Aventurisma en Guanatos"
22. Ginga Snaps – "Lloraras" (from the Bstrd Boots #3 12”)
23. Nortec Panoptica Orchestra feat. Javiera Mena- "Complejo de Amor" (background music: Nortec Panoptica Orchestra - "Meet Again")
24. Villa Diamante - "Juana Molina Vs. Mashup"
25. Adanowsky - "El Idolo"
26. Bam Bam - "Sin las patas traceras"

                                                                                                         Mari G in front of KPFK's entrance

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Pt. 2

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Carmen Cosoli- Live @ The Santa Monica Pier (August)

Juana Molina- Sound Checking @ Santa Monica Pier (August)

Son De Madera with Martha Gonzalez & Cesar Castro- MacArthur Park (July)

Gomez Come Alive! Guest DJ Set @ KPFK's Travel Tips For Aztlan (June)

Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah
@ Mas Exitos (September)

Wrong Lyrics Exposed! Transformers Expose Youthful Mistakes

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My friend and sometimes host for 90.7 KPFK's Travel Tips For Aztlan Mari G confessed to mistaken lyrics on her myspace page. Because of all the latest hype about the Transformers, it was exposed that she had been singing the wrong lyrics to their theme song for years. She thought the Transformers song went: “Transformers, robots in the sky!” Rather than “Transformers, robots in disguise!” She also mentioned that her brother thought that "Red Red Wine" went, “Reg-gie White,” maybe because the late great NFL football player was all over the news when that song was out.

Along the same sports theme, when I was a kid I thought the lyrics to The Commodores song "Easy" went, "Why in the world would anybody Wilt Chamberlain?" rather than, "Why in the world would anybody put chains on me?” Don't ask me why, it's just what I heard. When that song was out Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was in L.A. and Wilt had long split the scene and was no longer in the news.
Also, for some reason, in Santana’s version of "Evil Ways," when they sang, “You got to change your evil ways, baby!,” I heard it, "Que hijo de tu (p*nCh#) madre, David!"

Maybe because my pops muttered that under his breathe to me all the time!

Got any mistaken lyrics of your youth you'd like to share?