Thizzler On The Roof Further Expands Its Support of Bay Area Hip-Hop With Its Own Music Festival, The First Annual Thizzler Jam

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"With the end of the Bay Area Freshmen 10, we wanted to do something big to put a spotlight on the local scene. So we came up with Thizzler Jam as something that could showcase up-and-coming and established Bay Area artists that we believe in, while bringing the community together in one place," said Thizzler On The Roof's Matt Werner (aka Em Dub) late last night. The hard-working, founding member of the rapidly growing multi-media Bay Area hip-hop promotional organization, that he launched just five years ago in an attempt to fill the vacuum left in the wake of the hyphy wave in Bay rap, was talking to the Amoeblog as he took a much needed break from all the planning details for this weekend's ambitious Bay Area hip-hop festival. For a young organization born out of a blog written by Werner, Thizzler On The Roof (a play on the famed musical and a Mac Dre phrase) has been doing incredibly well lately. 

Besides its many accolades such as presenting the aforementioned now defunct Bay Area Freshmen 10 (a respected tastemaker series for pinpointing future Bay rap stars begun by collaborator DJ Amen in 2010), the Oakland-based organization that finds and promotes Bay Area hip-hop artists via its website and other outlets recently celebrated its popular video channel reaching a landmark 100 million views!  Hot on the heels of that announcement comes this weekend's first (hopefully of many) annual Thizzler Jam music festival.

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up: 09.07.12: Top 5, Matthew Africa, Love Vibes, Hieros @ Oakllandish, Los Rakas @ Independent + more

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Amoeba Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 09:07:12

1) JJ DOOM Key to the Kuffs (Lex Records)

2) 2 Chainz Based on a T.R.U. Story (Deluxe Edition) (Def Jam)

3) 2 Chainz Based on a T.R.U. Story (Def Jam)
4)  Nas Life is Good (Def Jam)

5) Aesop Rock Skelethon  (Rhymesayers)

The latest top five hip-hop chart from Amoeba Hollywood this week is pretty consistent with the last few weeks at each Amoeba with the top sellers including the highly recommended new albums from Nas ( Life is Good), Aesop Rock, (Skelethon ), and DOOM's (formerly MF Doom) latest outing with producer Jneiro Jarel as JJ DOOM - Key to the Kuffs which I was surprised to hear some DOOM fans were not feeling upon first listen. I really like it and believe it stands side by side in quality with his previous work and that Jneiro's production compliments DOOM - and the other guests - perfectly. My personal favorite tracks are "Banished," "Guv'nor," "Borin' Convo," Dawg Friendly," and the opening sample heavy, album intro track "Waterlogged."  Again on this week's Amoeba chart are both versions of 2 Chainz Based on a T.R.U. Story (regular and the Deluxe Edition) from the ever popular artist who was among those featured performers at last night's MTV's Video Music Awards (VMA).

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 06.03.12: E-Lit, El-P, Killer Mike, J-Stalin, Cadence Weapon, B-Pos, Nio Tha Gift, Hieros, Dopestyle

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five: 06:03:12

1) El-P Cancer4Cure (Fat Possum)

2) Killer MIke R.A.P. Music (William Street)

3) J Stalin The Body Snatchers (CR)

4) Cadence Weapon Hope In Dirt City (Upper Class Records)

5) BPos Pos Tapes Volume 3 (One League)

Thanks to E-Lit at Amoeba Music Berkeley for the latest Amoeba Hip-Hop Top Five chart and new releases overview that include the two El-P albums Cancer4Cure on Fat Possum which is his own first full solo length album in several years which as E-Lit notes in video above, is dedicated to his friend/lebel-mate/fellow band member the late Camu Tao who died four years ago at age 30 from lung cancer (hence the title), and the highly recommended album R.A.P. Music on William Street that El-P produced for Killer Mike - both of which are among the best albums released this year so far. Although technically mostly a collection of previous year releases that new Madlib Medicine Show The Brick box set with all 13 CDs (and nicely priced at $95) is another great new arrival in Amoeba that E-Lit outlines in the video above that compiles all of the super-talented producer's Medicine Show installments - the ambitious once a month release series he unleashed in 2010.  

J Stalin "Ball Hard" from The Body Snatchers (2012)

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A Day In The Life With DJ Amen Begins With a Visit to Amoeba Music, As Captured by Thizzler On The Roof

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Further proof that Amoeba Music is, and has long been, an integral part of the Bay Area's hip-hop culture is this brand new video (just uploaded to YouTube last night) that focuses on Bay Area hip-hop ambassador and KMEL mixmaster DJ Amen who begins his busy day (as seen in above Thizzler On The Roof produced video) by stopping into Amoeba Music San Francisco on Haight Street. The video then follows DJ Amen, who did a great job spinning an exclusive Bay rap set at the recent Hella Fresh Festival at the Fillmore few weeks back, on his event filled day with a burrito stop at Papalote, and then down to KMEL radio and that part of town where he interacts with such artists as visiting hip-hop acts The Cool Kids and Dorrough Music.

Today I caught up with the video's executive producer Matt Werner, who worked on the video piece in conjunction with videographer Left Lane & motion graphics expert Tyler Metzger, to ask him about his company, Thizzler On The Roof, and its mission? It was set up, he said, "In response to the lack of mainstream love the Bay Area hip-hop scene has traditionally received," adding that "Our website was established as way to give local artists an outlet to be heard by as big an audience as possible. In addition to regularly posting the best and most recent releases from the vast talent pool of Bay Area artists, Thizzler started a video interview series and corresponding mixtape series entitled Under The Bay." Many may already be familiar with their collaboration with KMEL: the influential The Bay Area Freshmen 10 as well as with the company's hip-hop productions that include the Under The Bay concert series, The Adidas Earn Your Stipes monthly cyphers, and the Fight Club battle series.

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