Jimmy O'Neill - LA Radio DJ & Host of Shingdig! - Dies

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Jimmy O'Neill hosted short-lived 60's TV show Shingdig!

As reported by the LA Times Jimmy O'Neill, one time top rated Los Angeles radio deejay and famed host of early days rock'n'roll TV show Shindig!, died on Friday last at his West Hollywood home following medical issues that included diabetes and heart problems. He was 73 years of age.  When KRLA AM switched from country and western to rock formats in 1959 the first DJ heard on their airwaves was Jimmy O'Neill. Still in his late teens he was also the youngest DJ at the station. The phenomenally successful rock radio station helped propel O'Neill into television as host of the 1960's rock'N'roll show TV show Shindig!. Although it only ran for one year and three months on ABC TV it included in its relatively short lifespan such performing guests as The Beatles (see video below in which the Hollywood show based producers traveled to the UK to record), the Rolling Stones, Jackie WilsonBobby ShermanSonny & Cher (see video above), and the Righteous Brothers, to name but a sprinkling of its many impressive musical guests. Read the full report by the LA Times' Elaine Woo here.

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