People Get Ready! My Picks for Record Store Day 2012

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All the hype leading up to Record Store Day 2012 is beginning to resemble a giddy night-before-Christmas-ish itch. Thankfully it's on the brink of being scratchable what with the big to-do coming up this Saturday, April 21st. And let me tell you: it's going to be a frenzy! I've put together a little list of titles I'm looking out for - don't forget to compile your own and head on down as early as you can Saturday morning to ensure getting your paws on your prizes. Get more news about the super duper limited Record Store Day releases available at Amoeba Music here, see a full listing of our Record Store Day events here, and check out the winning entries of our first ever Record Store Day t-shirt design contest here, they're so boss!

As for me, my number one pick of the Record Store Day 2012 releases is (drumroll, please):

The Mynah Birds
"It's My Time" b/w "Go On and Cry"

How about a little oldies for your soul courtesy of Messrs Rick James (before he was Rick James, bitch) and Neil Young (way before the Harvest) recorded circa 1966 only to be shelved indefinitely by Motown due to James AWOL U.S. Navy status and subsequent arrest. The remaining Mynah Birds went on to found Buffalo Springfield and play in Steppenwolf. All that rock 'n' roll history aside, this solid single made by some young dudes before superstardom carved them anew is a must have for my collection. Oh, yes - it will be mine!
other noteworthy selections (that, purportedly, do NOT include DNA evidence of their makers) are:

Billy Bragg & Wilco
Mermaid Ave: the Complete Sessions

Limited to 3000, this 3CD set includes the two previously released Mermaid Avenue discs plus a third disc of 17 unreleased songs and Man in the Sand, the 1999 documentary of the Mermaid Sessions. Also, because this is a box set presented by none other than Nonesuch, a 48 page full-color booklet with liner notes by Geoffrey Himes and Greil Marcus, full lyrics, archival photographs, and facsimilesof lyric sheets and sketches by Woody Guthrie are also included. Yippee!

Electric Warrior

Also limited to 3000, you might be thinking, "big deal! everyone has this record", right? WRONG! This singles box contains the full Electric Warrior experience plus the non-album b-side "Raw Ramp" spread across six 7" vinyl singles (cut from the original analog masters). If that adds up to nought for you consider this: how amazing will these 45s play at 33rpm? I bet your bottom Record Store Day-dollar that this sweet baby will render a stoned burner slowed down, just like the classic bleeze-brown on starless & bible black cover art suggests. Same goes for the Fleetwood Mac re-ish. Stevie Nicks slowed down sounds like the most amaaaazing country crooner!

Doomriders / Sweet Cobra
"Girls You Want" b/w "Gates of Steel"

Um, hello!
Devo covers on colored wax: want!

ESG / Las Kellies
"Erase You"

Having covered the timeless enduring classic ESG dance jam "Erase You" on their self-titled album on Fire last summer Las Kellies have reworked their version for this special, limited to 200 7" vinyl single. Yum!

Jimmy Fallon
"Tebowie" b/w "Reading Rainbow"

Limited to 3500, this li'l slice of funny is a peek into the future long-playing Jimmy Fallon comedy album slated to drop via Warner Bros. Records later this summer. Due to high demand and repeated requests the record will showcase never before released content as seen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Pretty excited about this one!

MC5 / Afrika Bambaataa
Side By Side: Kick Out The Jams

Limited to 5000, this two-fer couples the incendiary original with a cover version from the pioneer of The Electro Funk Sound cut on gorgeous red-splattered white wax. Yeah!

Kick out the jams, muthafuckers!

There are a ton of other titles that have me drooling and wide-eyed like a child at an ice creamery, but there's just much to much to cover. I don't know if we'll be getting the Bonnie "Prince" Billy condoms (the "let Bonnie inside you" tagline has left me gagging - in a good way) and/or his very special blend of Kona coffee, but I think that they take the award for most outrageous RSD 2012 items, hands down.
Anyhoo, here's to a very happy Record Store Day this year everyone - it's gonna be a doozy!

Soul Singer Teena Marie Dead at age 54

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Teena Marie
For the past couple of hours, Twitter, Facebook, and other online sites have been abuzz with word that soul singer Teena Marie, who was once known as Rick James' protégé, died today (Dec 26th, 2010). According to several sources close to the singer, the word out there is sadly true. Additionally, such outlets including CNN and Philadelphia soul and R&B radio station WDAS-FM have confirmed the report, saying that Teena Marie died from a heart attack the age of 54.

Born Marie Christine Brockert, Teena Marie released thirteen studio albums. Her debut was 1979's Wild and Peaceful, and her most recent one was last year's Congo Square. Teena Marie, aka Vanilla Child, will be remembered for such solo hits as "I Need Your Lovin," "Square Biz," "Lovergirl," "Cassanova Brown," "Out On A Limb," and "Ooo La La La" (which the Fugees famously sampled on "Fu-Gee-La"). Teena Marie is also known for doing a series of duets with (her producer/mentor) Rick James such as "Fire and Desire."

Teena Marie "Square Biz"(1981)

Rick James & Teena Marie "Fire and Desire"(1984)

Teena Marie "I Need Your Lovin'" (1980)

Teena Marie "Lovergirl" (1984)

The Art of the LP Cover- Hot For Teacher

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A belated back to school post...


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Oh Bondage!

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Of the hundreds of ideas I have for blog themes, bondage has been a fairly simple one to fulfill. There are plenty of people who use the imagery, whether sexual or just in a general corporal restraint sense.

It's amazing how prevalent S&M imagery was in the 70's. Over half of the covers are from that decadent decade. Hell, even Bowzer is flirting with it! I know, I know, I know it's a stretch. 
Then again, it was the 70's...