Trip to Hawai'i: Part 2

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Waking up on a Hawaiian Island is pretty much the radliest, so I was happy to do it; happier still to begin my first full day on Maui. My brain was brimming with ideas for fun and adventurous activities I could postpone in lieu of doing nothing, but for this I first needed calories I wouldn’t burn.

They don’t make better calories than in Hawaii. It’s all about salty, sweet, and fat, with a side of the freshest, juiciest fruit you’ve ever had. Talk about mixed messages: Here you go, tummy, a meal of simple, raw, nutrient-rich papaya and pineapple. Oh, and also here’s some SPAM fried in noodles with sugar gravy, mayonnaise pork and buttery, buttered butter in butter sauce with butter butter salt butter salted sugar butter. Side of butter. (Salt.)

The boyfriend and I decided to put on some clothing (after repeated, negative breakfast experiences without it) and made our way to the buffet at our hotel. We found a table overlooking the Pacific. Between us and it was a walking trek that many people were using for jogging. How… insensitive. Didn’t they know I was trying to punch as many macadamia nut pancakes down my gullet as possible? And their obnoxious exercise routine was bumming my trip, man – reminding me I was a gross slob with nary a single definable “ab”. But this coconut syrup isn’t going to drink itself, people!

As the boyfriend went out in search of an iced soy latte (you can take the Angelino out of LA, but you can’t LA out of an Angelino), I drank my drip and marveled at the simple beauty of the double-rainbow that stretched from the middle of the turquoise water to the clouds above Kauai. How perfect… how poetic…

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coming out today...6/26...sinead...rasputina...

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Out today is the newest album from Sinead O'Connor. She has been busy the last decade or so putting out albums in every possible genre. After her first two amazing albums "The Lion & the Cobra" and "I do Not Want What I Haven't Got," she released an album of standards, "Am I Not Your Girl." The next album "Universal Mother" would be the last of the signature style she had created with the first two. After this was an amazing gospel style album "The Gospel Oak EP" which she had an amazing tour behind. After the mediocre "Faith & Courage" came an album of traditional Irish Songs "Sean-Nos Nau." Her next studio album was a reggae album "Throw Down  your Arms." Not being anything close to a fan of reggae, I actually really liked this album. So now we have her newest album "Theology." The album consists of two discs. An acoustic "Dublin Sessions" disc, and a full band disc "London Sessions." The album does not really fall into any category. But it is for sure a Sinead O'Connor album.

There is nobody really like Sinead. Her amazing voice and style have always been one to make people love or hate her.
I have always been on the love side since I first heard "Mandika." I put it on the first make your own cassette compilation that I bought at the mall in the late 80s.  She has never hidden her political views and has often got into trouble because of it . I would love to see a documentary of her much like the one of the Dixie Chicks. Most artists seem to keep their beliefs to themselves in order to sell more records. Sinead is the second biggest selling artist in Ireland. Next to Enya of course.

This new album is sort of her response to what is going on with the continuing war we happen to be still in. However she says that it is simply a gift of peace to her fans. Nothing angry or political on the album. Her voice really carries all her albums. Her first two albums remain two of my favorites and I have consistently followed her through her every changing musical career. The new album is mostly new material but has 3 covers including Curtis Mayfield's "We People Who are Darker than Blue." Sinead is also amazing live. I have been waiting and waiting to see her again and was very excited to get tickets for her last reggae tour. It would have been strange, but unfortunately the tour got cancelled. Hopefully she tours for this new album. This new album may not blow you away like her earlier albums. However, it is still worth it, if you are still a fan of hers. Her voice is still amazing. And the album if very peaceful and beautiful. Not in a new age Enya kind of way. But in a peaceful Sinead kind of way.

Also out today is the newest from my favorite gothic classical band Rasputina." The new album is "Oh Perilous World." Much like Sinead, Melora Creager, has a very unique voice and style. This is what first got me into this band. The band has seen many members come and go but it has always been Melora's band. Rasputina released two album on Columbia followed by two on Instinct. The first two, although on  a major label, remain the best. This new album is Melora's reaction to the crazy current events of the last couple years. She basically reworked news stories into the traditional Rasputina songs that we have come to expect. Melora plays cello and sings on all the albums. She always creates little stories with her songs.

 Rasputina is also a favorite of mine to see live. She is hilarious and tells stories between all her songs. But she is also really friendly and affectionate with her fans in the crowd. It is really hard to explain to those who have never seen her. They really remain a band with very few bands to compare them to. The albums are not all nice and beautiful like you might expect from a chamber style band. They really are awesome female fronted rock bands. They just happen to use cello's and sings songs about ancient times that have long since passed. This new album easily stands up to any of their albums of the past. But once you sort of fall under Melora's spell, you really tend to think that she can do no wrong. Just one trip to one of Rasputina's live shows will quickly put you under her spell. "Draconian Crackdown" seems to be my favorite track on the new album so far. It is always fun to put on their new records and let yourself in to their magical little world. It is easy to forget who you are or even what period in history you are living in. It is possible that even watching a Rasputina video will get you hooked. I hope so....