Pick Up Some Hip-Hop & Other Cool Posters at Amoeba's Back To School Supersale This Weekend: August 18th & 19th

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For that back-to-school vibe, the above video featuring a very young Busta Rhymes along with
former LOTNS (Leaders Of The New School) members Charlie Brown and Dinco D rap about
their school’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association) from the 1991 album A Future Without A Past.

Hard to believe that the summer, which seems like it only just started a couple of weeks ago, is already winding down and it is almost -gasp - back to school time again. Time to make plans for hitting the books and adjusting to new class schedules. We here at Amoeba Music are trying to alleviate the pain associated with leaving the beach for the books, so to help make that transition from summer vacay into Fall semester a little smoother this weekend we are throwing our Back To School Supersale on Saturday and Sunday, August 17th and 18th, at each Amoeba Music location.

In his Back To School Supersale post, Amoeblogger Billy Gil suggested a variety of items on sale at Amoeba (and at hella good prices too) such as headphones, DVDs, music, and fashionable T-shirts. Billy also noted how Amoeba Hollywood will have DJs spinning, a caricaturist, balloons, and the famed Amoeba Prize Wheel in full effect.

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Happy 40th Birthday Hip-Hop - Today Big Concert In Central Park With Founding Father Kool Herc and Other Icons Of The Culture

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Rapido - The History Of Hip Hop Part 1

Today, August 10th 2013, the 40th birthday of hip-hop - the culture born in the Boogie Down Bronx four full decades ago by Jamaican born, Bronx raised (from age 12 on) DJ Kool Herc - is being celebrated in New York City. (Note however that, according to Kool Herc the officially recognized founding father of hip-hop, that August 11th is the actual date that it all began but all summer in NYC including at 5Pointz hip-hop is enjoying a 40th birthday celebration with weekly events including one tomorrow - the actual birthday, August 11th). 

But today is the big hip-hop birthday bash when Kool Herc and many other icons will be celebrating this momentous occasion in a concert starting in about an hour here in NYC at Central Park's Summerstage.(near 72nd Street). Other hip-hop icons on the bill will include Grand Wizzard Theodore, Kool DJ Red Alert, Marley Marl, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Premier, Roxanne Shante, and more. I am heading up there now and (provided I get into this sure to be well attended free show) will report on it here in the Amoeblog in the coming days. More concert info, that runs till 7pm EST, in flyer left or online here.
Meantime above and below are a series of "History Of Hip-Hop" video clips that honor the culture comprised of DJing, MCing, B-boying, and graffiti/writing that so many people, myself included, love with all our collective hip-hop hearts. Interestingly they were all made by non American producers - indeed like with jazz and blues before it hip-hop as an incredibly important culture gets the least respect in its homeland. Hip-Hop Central Park Summerstage.

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 08.02.13: Crooked I, Tech N9ne, Pete Rock & Camp Lo, B-1, Ricky Rude, Z-Trip & Jazzy Jeff

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Top Five Week Ending 08:02:13

1) Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail (Def Jam)

2) Diplo & Tripledouble Aeiou Two (no label)

3) Tech N9ne Something Else (Strange Music)

4) J.Cole Born Sinner [DeLuxe version] (Columbia)

5) Crooked I Apex Predator (Empire Dist)

The above latest hip-hop top five chart from Amoeba Hollywood includes some current releases like Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail on Def Jam and the deluxe version of J.Cole's June release Born Sinner on Columbia. The re-entry from sometime back is Diplo & Tripledouble Aeiou Two.  The chart also include includes a couple of brand new releases including Slaughterhouse rapper Crooked I's solo album Apex Predator via Empire Dist. which fans seem to really digging since it dropped Tuesday this week. The album a real varied production sound too thanks to the numerous producers lending their talent including Cardo, Denaun Porter, Jonathan Elkaer, Luxe Beats, Sarom, Snaz, Street Runner, and Tabu - not too mention the guest mic wreckers that include K-Young, Tena Jones, and longtime Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne whose latest release Something Else (on the artists Strange Music label) is also among the new chart entries this week. The album features such tracks as the single "So Dope" with guest shots from Wrekonize, Twisted Insane, and Snow Tha Product. See the video below for this song along with a video trailer for Crooked I's album that offers a nice flavor of the recommended new release. Also below, along with a quickee review of the Pete Rock and Camp Lo mixtape release show in NYC the other night,  are a couple other new hip-hop music videos worth checking out that include B-1 (aka One) and Ricky Rude, as well as (in case you missed it) the must see latest What's In My Bag? video featuring DJs Z-Trip and Jazzy Jeff.

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Mistah FAB & Honor Roll's Tap.10 Play Free SF Concert @ GAMH Tonight With Open Bar

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Mistah F.A.B. "Ghost Ride It" (2007)

Bay Area folks can check out Oakland rapper Mistah FAB (aka Mistah F.A.B. - the Yellow Bus Ridah) plus a DJ set by Tap.10 of the Honor Roll Crew playing a free show tonight (Thursday July 25th) as part of the MGD Get Fresh Tour at the Great American Music Hall on O'Farrell Street in San Francisco - thanks to the sponsorship of an American beer company who are offering tickets to those to RSVP in advance (I.E. right now) by visiting and logging to Facebook and saying you like their beer. You can tell a lie too about liking the beer or, if by chance you never tasted it, you can at the accompanying open bar with free booze all night at tonight's event. While North Oakland rapper Mistah FAB, who was one of the key players in the Bay Area hyphy movement some years back, may not be near as hot a commodity as he once was back in the mid to late 2000's (many blame the delay in his major label national release to his fall from popularity), he is still a talented artist with a fat back-catalog of songs to draw from such as "Ghost Ride It" above or the Traxamillion produced hit he made with Too $hort "Sideshow" (below) from that same period - at the peak of the short-lived Bay Area hyphy movement. Insiders have also been tipped FAB to make a bit of a comeback with his music being included in the soundtrack to the new movie Fruitvale Station about the killing of Oscar Grant. Doors for tonight's show are 8:30pm but show up early as a line is expected to form before then. The Great American Music Hall is located at 859 O Farrell Street (near Polk) in San Francisco, CA 94109. More club info here. And to ensure admission to tonight's show RSVP here now.

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 06.21.13: Kanye West's Yeezus, Mac Miller, J. Cole, Quasimoto/Madlib, The White Mandingos

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five: Week Ending 06:21:13

1) Kanye West Yeezus (Def Jam)

2) J. Cole Born Sinner (Columbia)

3) Mac Miller Watching Movies With The Sound Off (Rostrum Records)

4) Quasimoto Yessir, Whatever (Stones Throw)

5) The White Mandingos The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me (Ingrooves/Fat Beats)

Thanks to Amoeba's E-Lit for the above latest top five hip-hop chart and the video below with the Amoeba Berkeley staffer running down all the newest CD and vinyl hip-hop releases this week.  And a lot of good stuff too - from small indie to big major label releases - including the ever topical latest from Kanye West, Yeezus on Def Jam with the simple cover artwork. Some love the album - many hate it, while others are too caught up in the  public persona of the artist to show true objectivity. But they have a point too since the artist himself is seemingly so far up his own arse that it is hard to separate the person from the artist. I liked the review that accompanies it that sums up Yeezus as, "a response to everything Kanye West has previously recorded — and to hip-hop, and popular music, in general. In short, it sounds like nothing else around, a fusion of harsh industrial production and some of West’s most aggressive lyrics to date." Agreed! Many listeners, true rap/hip-hop fans especially, are balking at the out-there experimental rock/industrial leaning production value (thanks to Daft Punk) of this new album but to me that is what I love the most about it and commend Kanye as pop artist for not serving up what he could get away with merely follow the cookie cutter rap template that so many others of today churn out.

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