Interview with Discogs' Corey Burmeister

Posted by Billyjam, February 6, 2014 12:32pm | Post a Comment

A couple of months back in New York City at the WFMU Record Fair, I ran into the folks from Discogs who had a booth distributing info. I have known of Discogs for some time now as a go-to, reliable website and database of some of the most exhaustive lists of nearly every release out there (including lots of electronic and hip-hop). With just under 5 million releases listed on its site, Discogs provides a wonderful resource just a click away with its seemingly endless lists of recordings and releases (including promo and rare non-label releases). Discogs is owned by Zink Media Inc. and based in Portland OR. I followed up with Discogs staffer Corey Burmeister to ask him some questions about what the site does overall, the music that it covers, its history, and where it is going. 

Amoeblog: When did Discogs come about and when it first formed did it envision becoming what it is today?

Corey @ Discogs: Discogs was the result of Kevin Lewandowski's love of electronic music.  It was started in 2000, and he had no idea it would get this large.

Amoeblog: I understand that users upload content on releases but what percentage of that data has to be edited? I have heard of folks not putting in upper case when it is supposed to be that way etc.

Corey @ Discogs: The database is built and edited by our users. I don't have the percentages off hand, but the number of submissions that are not edited after they go into the database is small. We believe in a process of continual improvement, much like the way open source software is developed. Get the data out there, get as may people to see it as possible, and let them update it to make it more correct or to enrich the data.

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