This Year's Oscar-Nominated Soundtracks

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Oscar Nominated Soundtracks

On February 26th, the Oscars will take over Hollywood -- not to mention the TV screens of cinephiles around the globe. This year there's a bumper crop of exquisite soundtracks and enjoyable tunes to discover, so we're shining a spotlight (get it?) on what sets our hearts aflutter about the nominees in both the Best Original Score and Best Original Song categories.


Mica Levi - Jackie OST

The immensely-talented Mica Levi first got on our radar via her Micachu & the Shapes project, but her work as a film composer is equally vital. Her first foray into scores was 2014's highly-acclaimed work on Under the Skin.

La La Land

Justin HurwitzLa La Land OST

New "What's in My Bag?" Episode with Legendary Songwriter Diane Warren

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Diane Warren at Amoeba Hollywood

"If you won't die if you don't do it, don't do it," Diane Warren, the GRAMMY, Oscar, and Golden Globe nominated songwriter told us on a recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood. As a teenager growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Warren was determined to become as respected a name in songwriting as Carole King or Jimmy Webb. In 1983 she found that success when she penned Laura Branigan's "Solitaire" and has since become one of America's most prolific and esteemed songwriters.  

Over the course of her career Warren has worked with luminaries such as Whitney Houston, Cher, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Elton John, Faith Hill, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Barbra Streisand, and Mariah Carey. She has also worked with some of the biggest names in the modern pop music arena, including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, LL Cool J and Keyshia Cole, and has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, and thirteen GRAMMYs. Diane Warren and Lady Gaga's "'Til It Happens To You" recorded for the documentary The Hunting Ground has been nominated for Best Original Song at this year's Academy Awards on February 28.

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Oscars Do-Over: How We'd Change the Awards

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Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in Creed

Brad: Some of us take the Oscars very seriously. Probably more serious than they should be taken. But The Academy Awards really do mean something.

They validate actors and actresses and make them feel special. But they also reward the films and roles that we as fans find important. It really does mean something to see somebody who looks like you win an award. Or to have somebody play a role that looks like you.

It was important for Brokeback Mountain to get a best picture nomination in 2005. It really did mean something as a gay man to see a movie like that get nominated. I am certainly not a gay cowboy. But I will take what I can get.

Billy: Are you sure you’re not a gay cowboy? But yes, I agree. Of course Crash ended up winning over Brokeback Mountain, and that movie was just so-so, but we digress.

Brad: I still remember when John Singleton got nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay in 1991 for Boyz n the Hood. I remember thinking back then that times were changing! This was 25 years ago, and times have still not changed much. They have changed a bit. But in the last couple of years, we seem to be going backwards.

Billy: It’s a lot like what has happened this year with Straight Outta Compton. The film landed on several year-end top 10 lists, including coming in at No. 6 on Rolling Stone’s. That list also included Tangerine, a film a lot of people loved that was shot on iPhones and starred two transgender actresses. But I guess Tangerine getting nominated would have been a miracle.

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2015 Oscar Nomination Predictions by Brad & Jackie...

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We are right in the middle of Oscar season right now. Here are some dates to be ready for. The Golden Globes just took place on Sunday 1/11. Boyhood & Birdman won the big awards at the globes as expected. Oscar Nominations come out this Thursday 1/15. The Oscar ceremony takes place this year on Sunday 2/22. The SAG Awards are on Sunday 1/25. So you still have some time to catch up and watch some movies. So see these movies in the theater if you can! But some of these movies are already out on Blu-ray and DVD. Guardians of The Galaxy is out now. It will for sure get some technical nominations and maybe some how sneak into the best picture race if miracles happen. The Grand Budapest Hotel is also out now and this movie will most likely be nominated for Best Picture. Boyhood is also out now and will for sure be nominated for everything and maybe win Picture, Director, Best Supporting Actress & Screenplay. I will be so very happy if Boyhood wins everything. The movie was awesome and my favorite of the year. I have loved Linklater for a long time now and I think about this movie almost every day since I saw it. Gone Girl is another of my favorites this year and I will not be totally shocked if it is left out of the best picture race but I am hoping it gets in there. I also am really hoping that Nightcrawler sneaks into the best picture category in the place of Whiplash or Foxcatcher. But I don't think it will. Gone Girl comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on 1/13. Whiplash comes out 2/3. Force Majeure Nightcrawler come out 2/10. Birdman, Foxcatcher, Life ItselfTheory Of Everything all come out on 2/17 the week of the Oscars! Interstellar comes out 3/10. Selma and Imitation Game do not have release dates yet.

Interstellar was another of my favorites this year. But I know a lot of people had some problems with that movie. But I seriously will never understand how Foxcatcher and Birdman are better films than Interstellar. I was so very disappointed in both those films. They are really the Gravity and American Hustle of this year. The movies were fine but don't really belong in the best picture race. I just have no desire to see those movies ever again. That is my criteria for what makes a best picture. You got to want to watch it again and relive the experience. But of course this is not my Oscars. This is not Jackie's Oscars. Below are our annual Oscar nomination predictions. These are what me and Jackie think will be nominated on Thursday. Not what we necessarily want to get nominated. Jackie and I both loved the Canadian film Mommy. It is absolutely one of my favorites of the year and should be in the Foreign category at the very least. But for some reason it did not make the foreign film short list. We are very similar in our predictions expect for one or two in some categories. I highlighted our different predictions below.

Here you go. And good luck to all these movies on Thursday morning...

Best Picture

brad jackie
Imitation Game Birdman
Theory Of Everything Imitation Game
Theory Of Everything
Grand Budapest Hotel Whiplash
Gone Girl
Grand Budapest Hotel
American Sniper
American Sniper

Best Director

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2014 Oscar Nomination Predictions by Brad & Jackie...

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Our favorite time of year is here once again. The Oscar nominations come out on this Thursday January 16th. The Golden Globes ceremony took place on this last Sunday. The Oscars will take place on Sunday March 2nd. So if you have not seen some of the movies we will be listing here you still have some time to see them before the Oscars. I really think that 12 Years A Slave is the best made movie of the year. It is a beautiful film to look at. It might be a difficult movie for some to watch. But I found American Hustle much more difficult to sit through. I am still not fully sure why the Academy loves David O. Russell so much. I will admit that I was worried going in because of how much I disliked Silver Linings Playbook last year. But American Hustle is a much better film, I will admit. I just wanted it to be better than it was. I really think it should be between Nebraska and 12 Years A Slave for the big award this year. I enjoyed watching Gravity, but I just don't think it holds up against the other movies out this year. But you really need to see all these movies to make up your own mind. Her, Gravity, 12 Years A Slave, Nebraska, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers ClubBlue Jasmine are the movies you absolutely must watch if you like movies. And if you want to prepare yourself for the Oscars.

I am not really expecting any big shocks this year in the nominations, but I always hope that there will be. I hope that this year David O. Russell will be left off the Director list like Ben Affleck was last year. Or that a movie like Lone Survivor or The Spectacular Now sneaks into the best picture race. Her was another one of my favorites of the year. I was so happy it won Best Screenplay at the Globes. I think it has a good chance at the Oscar for that category. And I hope it sneaks into the Director and Acting categories.

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