Discover A World Of Sounds!

Posted by Miss Ess, July 6, 2007 10:48am | Post a Comment
Well, TODAY is indeed a special day.

My dear Andrew Dupuy has at last launched his eagerly anticipated website/podcast: Discover A World Of Sounds

Yes, the site is incredible and I am not afraid to say I am biased.  I daresay Dupuy is one of my favorite people in this great big world.  He's a Southerner in origin, and thus carries with him that particularly Southern sense of ballsy/cutting humor and deliciously gross charm, but most importantly and like me (perhaps why we get along!), he's a total pop culture whore.  His new site is many things, but it's mainly an exploration of how music relates to memory.  And trust me, Dupuy's memories and comments are HILARIOUS.  You can listen to his first podcast here.

Just push play!

This first podcast is an amalgam of childhood memories, setting the scene for what's to come.  Dupuy's gonna post a new radio show every two weeks, and just trust me here, dude's got it down!  His production is seamless and layered, but more importantly his detailed tales of growing up in Louisiana as well as living in the now here in San Francisco are quality entertainment.  He's not shy.  There will also be constantly posted blogs related to music and memory on the site.

Portrait of the artist as a young man.

Perhaps I will have to interview him sometime soon for this site.

Among the reasons to love him (and that make him an excellent, never-dull podcaster), Dupuy shares my affinity for lemon jelly filled powdered sugar covered Bob's Donuts.  (Of course, being Southern, he adores all fried food....though lately he's gotten all yoga mat on me (!)....I guess that's what happens when Southerners hit Cali.  I still love you, Dupuy.  We can get through this together.)

His favorite form of television is the infomercial.  Yes, this man can make even watching QVC an exciting experience!  This is something we have enjoyed together many a time, and is an interest which he discusses at length in an interview by the fabulous Peaches Christ.

He is also obsessed with Elizabeth Berkley and Showgirls.  While in his teens our young Dupuy created and bound a laminated book of all the articles he could find about anything regarding the film:  he'd find em, cut  them out, arrange and glue them on colored construction paper, laminate each page and finally bound them all up into one fascinating piece, a true tribute to creativity and obsession.  This book arrived in San Francisco with Dupuy after fleeing Hurricane Katrina.  It now resides safely in his Castro apartment.

Remember this?  "I'm so excited!"

And we both love Debbie Gibson.  And YM magazine.  And Dollywood.  And Richard Simmons.

At about the 46 min mark of the podcast, Dupuy's stories about his unbelievable Southern grandma "Maw Maw" begin, including their fabled trip to see Milli Vanilli in Lafayette, LA.  She and Dupuy are true partners in crime!

I adore this man, and you will too.  Quick, go check out Discover A World Of Sounds!

Also, come see Dupuy in action as he DJs Amoeba's own Tura Satana of Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill Signing next